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Do you Know Your Working Rights in Australia?

Posted on Oct 7, 2015 in Australia | Viewed 17 times

The 10 basic rights all employees in Australia are entitled to are: Maximum of 38 hours working week for standard week plus additional hours Annual leave – four weeks paid leave Parental and adoption unpaid leave of 12 months with an option to request another 12 months Personal / carer’s leave of 10 days Request flexible working arrangements...

Australian Skilled Migration Update – September 2015

Posted on Oct 1, 2015 in Migration News | Viewed 49 times

Applications for the old skilled visas, subclass 175, 176 and 475 visa that are no longer eligible under the new General Skilled Migration Program have been capped and taken to have never been made. The Australian Immigration will issue refund of the application fees, but could a refund compensate people waiting for their applications to be...

Update on the Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs

Posted on Sep 24, 2015 in Canada, Migration News | Viewed 31 times

Alberta The Alberta Nominee program announced they will not accept new applications before 27 January 2016. The pause in processing new applications will ensure current applications are assessed on time. Alberta has been granted 5,500 nominations for 2015 by the Federal Government. As of September Alberta has issued 3900 nominations. British...

5 Tips for Working in Australia

Posted on Sep 11, 2015 in Australia, Work in Australia, Working Abroad | Viewed 107 times

If you are looking for a career challenge in a country of almost unlimited opportunities, Australia should be your first choice because the demand for qualified overseas workers in most Australian sectors is really strong. The average working hours in Australia are 38 per week and the employees are entitled to four weeks annual leave. 1. Working...

Living in Australia After Graduation

Posted on Sep 7, 2015 in Australia, Australian Immigration, Living Abroad | Viewed 55 times

If your study in Australia is near to its end and if you are not ready to leave Australia just right now, then you have no other choice but stay and look for a job! There are a number of options for those of you seeking a job in Australia. Job Opportunities for Graduates in Australia There are a lot of job opportunities for graduates from...

Changes to visa law could help address skills shortages in Ireland

Posted on Sep 1, 2015 in Migration News, Press Releases | Viewed 24 times Changes introduced today by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI) regarding the eligibility of certain occupations to apply for work visas, will go some way to addressing skills shortages in the country according to visa experts at  Manager and Migration Expert with, Edwina...

Top 10 Things to Do in Melbourne

Posted on Aug 28, 2015 in Australia | Viewed 56 times

Melbourne has recently been ranked the most liveable city in the world for the fifth year in a row. And we absolutely agree with this! The city is home of great number of attractions and plenty of surrounding destinations. Look at the top 10 places that you should visit in Melbourne according to us: National Gallery of Victoria The National...

Canadian vs U.S. Immigration Policies

Posted on Aug 26, 2015 in Canada, Living Abroad, USA | Viewed 44 times

Canada and the United States have very different immigration policies. One of the biggest difference between the migration systems of both countries is that Canadian immigration is based on employment and qualification while the U.S immigration is based primarily on family ties. Canadian migration policy is an example of employment-based system...

Labour Agreement will Lower the Income Threshold for 457 Chefs and Cooks in Australia

Posted on Aug 13, 2015 in Australia, Migration News, Work in Australia | Viewed 55 times

There is a shortfall of 56,000 Chefs, cooks and restaurant managers on Australian market according to Restaurant & Catering Australia. Employers say these are among the most difficult vacancies to fill. Cooks, chefs and restaurant managers were in Top 15 of the nominated occupations for 2014-15. And the sector demanded easier conditions from...

New Zealand Immigration Rule Change

Posted on Aug 11, 2015 in Migration News, New Zealand, New Zealand immigration | Viewed 219 times

From 1 November 2015, points awarded for New Zealand Skilled visa to people with a job offer outside Auckland will be increased from 10 to 30. Under the current immigration requirements the applicants who can get 140 points get residency. Kiwis will still be given priorities for jobs but if there are no locals to fulfill the places, it will be...

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