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Posted by on May 4, 2010 | 0 comments |

Immigration & the UK General Election 2010

A lot of issues are being discussed and a lot of promises made. No doubt, there are a lot of important topics to mention, however we decided to stress on what effects people traveling to the UK. One of the biggest problems UK has is the immigration. The country has been trying to cope with the chaos among immigrants and more specifically, the lack of effective rules on who, why and for how long can stay in the country. Lenient immigrant rules have led to rise in crime, people trafficking, etc. The new candidates from the Conservative, Labour and Liberal democrat parties have proposed their solutions on the problem, all promising one—to restrict and better control the immigrant flow. Here is what the parties stand for:


  • Conservatives on Immigration – The Conservatives say that for the past 12 years there has been nothing but a chaos in the immigration rules…

  • The Labour Party on ImmigrationThey promise that by the end of 2010, in addition to the 100% biometric visas and ID cards for foreign nationals, they will start electric border controls to count people in and out of the country…

  • Liberal Democrats on ImmigrationThe Liberal Democrats see immigration as beneficial for Britain, thus they will support legal immigration and promote integration, but will not allow uncontrolled border passing…

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