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4 Activities You Must Do When Visiting England

Are you planning a holiday visit to England? If you answered “yes” to this question, then it’s time to start deciding what sites you’ll want to see and what activities you’ll want to take part in. Your options are limitless. If you have a well-organized plan, then you may even find yourself being able take in more of the beautiful country.

4 Activities You Must Do When Visiting England

4 Activities You Must Do When Visiting England

Blue Planet Aquarium

Once noted as being the largest aquarium in the United Kingdom, the Blue Planet Aquarium is still the largest aquarium in North West England, and the perfect spot for all ages. Shaped like a crashing wave, this establishment offers many attractions, such as: marine and freshwater fish, sharks, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Here, you can spend the day having fun and gaining knowledge about the marine environment.

Earnse Bay

Do you enjoy going to the beach? England has plenty of beautiful beaches to choose from; Earnse Bay is just one of the hot spots to choose from. Home to Furness Golf Club, the North West Kitesurfing surf school, and a holiday and residential complex, the area stretches some eight miles along the coastline. Views of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man, and the Lake District mountains are also available. During the summer months, Earnse Bay is noted for being popular amongst walkers, sunbathers, and kitesurfers.

The Cheltenham Festival

If you enjoy watching horse races, then the Cheltenham Festival is for you. Noted for the large crowds and noise levels generated by spectators, this event offers British and Irish trained horses racing during the month of March. During the four-day long festival, large amounts of money are gambled. In fact, the amount of race prize money that is generated is only second to the Grand National.

Different events that take place within this festival include Champions Day, Ladies Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Gold Cup Day. Champions Day begins on the 11th of March, followed by Ladies Day. Ladies Day is a chance for different women to show off their fashion senses, drink, and enjoy themselves. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated early, as a huge Irish presence usually takes over the festival. And finally, the festival closes with Gold Cup Day. Considered to be the biggest day of the entire event, this day is when the most prestigious race of the festival takes place.

The Higgins Art Gallery & Museum

If it’s art and culture you’re interested in, then considering spending a day at the Higgins Art Gallery & Museum. Known as the principal art gallery and museum in Bedford, this establishment is situated within the Castle Quarter. The Quarter offers a long list of attractions, including: the Castle Bailey Gardens, the Castle Quay development apartments, numerous restaurants and shops, and the Higgins Art Gallery & Museum. Many different works can be viewed, such as those done by William Burges and Edward Bawden.

If you’re visiting England, then it’s important to make a list of the different attractions and events you want to see or take part in. Because there is so much to do and see on your vacation, optimizing your time and having a plan or schedule could result in you and your family enjoying your holiday experience even more!


About the author: This is a guest-post by George Watts. George is a freelance writer and an occasional guest-blogger interested in travel, food and health related topics. When he is not working he likes to travel and discover hidden places around the globe.

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