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Aussie’s Population Growth

Aussie’s population has been progressively growing since the mid-2000s to reach 22 million people in September 2009.

In recent years the fast growth of population became a major topic of discussions about the effect of immigration over the population and its future size.

The tendency is crucial to consider because infrastructure, services, economy and environment need to be adjusted in order to fit the larger population.

“The recent growth rate of around 2% per year is faster than at any other time in the past several decades, and faster than nearly all other developed countries,” the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported.

According to ABS, two components cause the population growth – the natural increase, which is the number of births minus the number of deaths, and the net overseas migration. The number of births has increased in recent years, but this is not the main driver of population growth – t is the overseas migration causing the growth.

“In the three years to December 2009, NOM made up almost two-thirds (64%) of population growth,” per ABS.

People find better opportunities in the more developed countries and they emigrate from the less developed ones. Also, the communications and travel have become more affordable and thus more appealing for prospective migrants.

“Recent increases in immigration reflect Australia’s relatively strong economic growth as well as the engagement of Australia in the wider global economy, and especially the provision of education services to large numbers of overseas students” says the Bureau.

“Between 2005 and 2010, the world’s population was projected to grow by an average 1.2% per year. Australia’s growth between 2005 and 2009 averaged 1.9% per year, faster than most other developed countries and many developing countries.”


Reference year Annual average growth rate(b)

Australia 2005-2009(c) 1.9
Canada 2005-2010 1.0
China 2005-2010 0.6
France 2005-2010 0.5
Greece 2005-2010 0.2
Indonesia 2005-2010 1.2
Italy 2005-2010 0.5
Japan 2005-2010 -0.1
South Korea 2005-2010 0.4
Malaysia 2005-2010 1.7
New Zealand 2005-2010 0.9
Papua New Guinea 2005-2010 2.4
Singapore 2005-2010 2.5
Sweden 2005-2010 0.5
United Kingdom 2005-2010 0.5
United States of America 2005-2010 1.0
Vietnam 2005-2010 1.1
World total 2005-2010 1.2

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