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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 | 0 comments |

Australia gives visa to Mike Tyson

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship decided to grant a visa to the former boxing heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson. He was however warned to behave well during his stay in Australia. Tyson speaking engagements in Australia included a similar visit to New Zealand, but last week, he was denied a visa to New Zealand shortly after it has been initially approved. The main reason for Mike Tyson’s problems is that he is a convicted rapist, sentenced in 1992 to six years in prison for raping the 18 years old socialite Desiree Washington. The New Zealand youth charity which invited him to speak on an event called “Day of the Champions” has recently withdrawn his support.  Consequently Mike Tyson promoters applied for a second New Zealand Visa after a second community group promised to back his application if he speaks on at-risk-youth event.


After weighting all the pros and cons the Australia Department of Immigration and Citizenship allowed him to enter in the country on an entertainment visa. The Australian immigration officers reminded him that having the right to enter in Australia is a privilege and warned him that he must abide by the laws and be careful about his behavior. Tyson will arrive in Brisbane on November 16, before travelling to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Mike Tyson, who was undisputed boxing champion at the end of the eighties became notorious for his rape conviction and for biting the ear of his opponent Evander Holyfield in a title defense match in 1997. As a consequence he was temporarily suspended from boxing. In 2003 he declared bankruptcy and three years later completely retired from professional boxing

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