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Australian Working Holiday Visa

Australian Working Holiday Visa – The Complete guide

There’s a lot of information on the Australian Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417 visa) everywhere on the web and we understand it’s really difficult to find the right way throughout all this. We’ll try to put all the information you need to know about this visa in one article, highlighting each step to take in your great journey to the sunny land Down Under. Take a cup of tea, relax and enjoy this complete step by step guide about the Australian working holiday visa.


Why Australian Working Holiday Visa?

While most of the people want to go to Australia because of the better payment and job opportunities, others want to travel and meet new people. Whatever your reason is, the Australian Working Holiday visa is the most popular visa in the world and it’s one of the easiest to get.

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The average salary for harvesting jobs is AU$15/hour, while if you work as a bartender on hospitality job you can get up to AU$23/hour.

Working holiday visa allows you to work for up to 12 months with only one restriction – you should not work with one employer for more than 6 months in Australia. However you are free to work whatever you want as there are no restrictions on the job you take. There is no obligation for a maximum or minimum time you should spend working on this visa, so if you don’t want to make some money – you are not obligated to seek a job at all.

Another great thing about the working holiday visa is the possibility to leave and enter the country without any restrictions for the validity of the visa. This means you could make trips to New Zealand, the South Pacific, even the Southern Asia, as long as you want. The visa validity is 12 months, starting from the day you enter Australia, and you could do that in up to 1 year after you are granted the visa. The visa also allows you to study in the country for up to 4 months!


Visa requirements

The requirements to qualify for this visa are pretty straightforward – you must be between 18 and 30 (inclusive), you must not take any dependent children with you, you didn’t enter Australia on a Working Holiday Visa before, you don’t have any serious criminal convictions and medical issues and you should be from one of the eligible countries below (Australian Government is expanding this list almost every year):

Belgium Canada Republic of Cyprus
Denmark Estonia Finland
France Germany Hong Kong SARegion
Ireland Italy Japan
Republic of Korea Malta Netherlands
Norway Sweden Taiwan
United Kingdom


In some cases you might be required to provide a police certificate as a proof that you don’t have any serious criminal records; or you might be requested to pass a Chest X-Ray or medical examination as part of your visa application but you don’t need to provide any of these in advance.


Applying for the Australian Working Holiday Visa

Applying for the Australian working holiday visa is actually quite simple. You can choose to call us today, or apply online – each way will take you only a few minutes.

Apply for Your Australian Working Holiday Visa Here

How long does it take to process an Australian working holiday visa?

The processing time for the Australian working holiday visa is almost instantly – up to 48 hours. In some rare cases you might be asked for additional documents which could slow down your application, so you’d better not book a flight before your visa is granted.


Finance requirements

You must have an access to at least AU$5000 upon arrival in Australia under the Working holiday visa. A lot of people are concerned about this particular requirement; however, you don’t need such amount in order to apply for the visa. You just might be asked to prove that you have an access to such amount at the port of entry.


Before/After you arrive

Australian Job

Most of the working holiday makers prefer to have a job secured before leaving their home country.  Visa First partners with the leading Australian working holiday jobs search company focused solely on providing you with all the essential guidance and tools to find the most suitable job for you. Contact us to start your job search process now.

Tax File Number

One of the most important things to do when you arrive Down Under is to get aTax File Number (TFN). You need to have a TFN in order to work in Australia or you will pay tax at the emergency rate of 48%. With our Tax Saver Pack we start organizing your TFN before you leave home so you’ll be able to start work immediately in Australia and pay tax at the normal rate of 29%.

As part of the Tax Saver Pack, we also organise your Australian tax refund with a 5% discount on the fee when you head home, or after the Australian tax year ends on June 30th. Ninety-nine percent of working holiday makers in Australia over pay tax and our customers get average refunds of AU$2500! Our tax expertise means you’ll get the maximum amount of tax back from your time in Oz.

Apply for Your Australian Tax File Number Here

Australian Bank Account

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You also need to open an Australian bank account as soon as possible because you’ll need one when you start working. While applying for your visa we can also book a bank account for you with Traveltowork. Traveltowork open bank accounts in just 4-5 days. You will then have your bank account open before leaving for Australia and will be ready to work as soon as you land as your Australian employer will insist that you have an Australian bank account. For more information email or phone one of the Visa First team for assistance.

Apply for Your Australian Bank Account Here

 Australian SIM card

It’s great to have an Australian number before you go and be able to stay in contact with your family and friends back home.  We can provide you with an Australian mobile SIM card along with instructions for unblocking your phone.


Apply for your Australian SIM Card Here


Kickstart Arrival packs

Once you arrive safe in Australia, we can help you get off the best start possible Down Under with our Kickstart pack. It includes an airport pick-up, accommodation and breakfast, information orientation.


Apply for Your Arrival Pack Here

Extending your stay with Second year Working Holiday Visa

One of the best parts of the Working Holiday visa for Australia is that you have an option to extend it for another year. If you’ve loved your stay there you could apply for your visa for another 12 months. The only requirement for the second year visa is that you’ve done 3 months harvest work in regional Australia during your first working holiday visa.


 Apply for Your Second Working Holiday Visa

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  1. I understand the requirement to complete specified work in a regional area to gain a second year visa. However, after being ripped off by a company paying for a job that did not exist. Being taken advantage by paying absurdly expensive rent in a working hostel and working for 7 hours for just 16 dollars. I am seeing a system fraught with complications.

    After 7 hours of picking peas I earned just 16 dollars.. of which I never managed to retrieve from the farmer.

    However, putting this down to a bad, unlucky or even under researched experience. I have been again completing the regional work somewhere else. This time accepting I shall earn almost nothing and pay expensive rent. Whilst there are great things: the friends and the change of lifestyle the promise of a second year visa…..

    Now my question if anyone has any answers, due to leaning over and bending and twisting so much, I ruptured a disc in my back. I have since been out of work and am now mending but in no means physically fit to perform such work.

    I have contacted immigration and spoken with many people, who suggest there is no alternative than what is essentially physical labour.

    My experience of getting a second year visa so far… unregulated, tough and despite being genuinely incapable of performing such work … totally unflexible.

    I can put my injury down to bad luck, which makes me very sad. But what of those with disabilities?

  2. Hey, Betty, i know what you mean. It happens, not everybody is good out there, but if we must be honest – it’s like that everywhere. There are a lot of rip off farmers in Australia, however there are tons of great families too, it’s just kinda luck. About the problem you have with your back – i am really sorry. That’s huge dosage of bad luck. unfortunately there is no other option except the kind of jobs you need to get it. I don’t know about people with disabilities tough…

  3. Hi Betty,
    really sorry to hear about your bad experience. We heard a lot about this type of people getting advantage of working holiday makers, as Bobby says, there are both types there. You just need to be careful and don’t give up.

  4. Hi
    my fiancee and I are looking to get working holiday visa’s starting in December 2013. I have read that you must have 2200 GBP in your account or a return ticket. We are both british citizens but we currently live in Spain so we would have 2500 euros each in our account’s. would this be enough? how long does the process take to complete?

  5. Hi Savana,
    Actually you need 5000 AUD for there. Anyhow, if you have a return ticket won’t be a problem. If no – again it won’t be such problem, often nobody check if you have the money and there are a lot of work-arounds. The processing time of the Australian Working Holiday visa is just several days (usually 2 days with us), except if there is no complications and the immigration office want to do an interview, which is very rare case.

  6. I applied direct with and it has been 2 weeks and i still havent heard anything. Is this normal??

  7. Hi Betty, The processing time of the Australian Working Holiday visa is just several days ??? thanks

  8. ive been waiting 2 weeks 🙁

  9. I won the free Australian/New Zealand Working Holiday Visa. How do I claim my prize? I called Visafirst but the service rep didn’t know about the contest…?
    FREE Australian/New Zealand Working Holiday visa

  10. oops. I copied and pasted that end entry from the giveaway page. Didn’t know it was still there and I don’t know how to edit my comment. Sorry!

  11. Hi Brad,

    You should have been contacted by our team so far.

  12. It happen often when you apply directly with the government.

  13. hi, I would like to have some more information on this speech that you must have an initial fund of 5000 Australian dollars, equivalent to about 3600 euro .. I come from Italy .. can you tell me if you can not join even reaching the budgeted amount? thanks..

  14. Hello Brad,

    I applied for a working holiday visa three weeks ago, but had to get a medical exam at a certified doctor office here in Boston, US. I passed the exam, just fine, and the results were reported to the Australian authorities two weeks ago. They say the delay is now in evaluation of exam. Is there any way to speed this up?

    I have an invitation to help set up a Virtual Reality lab at Curtin University, a prestigious three-week job, that has to get done before the end of the year. Much longer delay, and I’ll miss my window.

    I would be happy to hire your help in this.

  15. Hi is it allowed for someone on a 417 visa to work two jobs in one day eg Chef for four hrs then agricultural for six Thanks

  16. Dont Wait long enough to meet your loved ones in australia, Secure your visa from being rejected. Be with your loved ones forever

  17. Amanda, cant’ disagree with that 🙂

  18. Do you need to print your visa grant and take it with you in order to enger or is it already in the systeem like in the u.s?

  19. Hi Suzanne, yes, you need to print your visa grant and take it with you.

  20. Hi! I’ve been waiting 16 working days for my first working holiday visa. I applied through the government website. Has anyone else experienced this?

  21. Hi Robyn, the delay might have been caused by various reasons and you should contact the immigration for an update. We at Visa First might also be able to assist you to finalise your application. Give us a call on 01 878 3329 for Ireland/0207 659 9180 for the UK or emails us at

  22. Hi, my husband is still waiting to hear back if hes been approved but we are flying into melbourne in 2 weeks. Will there be an issue if we arrive before being granted his holiday work visa?

  23. What did should I mark on my immigration arrival card for the WHV. Your main reason for entering in section B It says check one: work or holiday. Which one should i choose

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