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Posted on Dec 19, 2012 in Travel Destinations |

5 Christmas Destinations for Honeymooners

A guest post by Cormac Reynolds The long Christmas break and the romantic and intimate feeling that’s associated with Christmas really makes the festive season the perfect one for both a wedding and honeymoon. Fortunately, thanks to modern travel you can decide on whether you wish to visit a destination that’s aptly seasonal or choose to go somewhere warm and sunny for your honeymoon. Some prefer the palm trees and sun, whereas some would be lost without the snow, warm clothes and the decorated pine trees. So, whether it’s for practical reasons or romantic ones, where are the most idyllic places to go for December or January honeymoons – here are some suggestions. New York It’s hard to think of a place that seems more Christmas like than the US’s most infamous city. We’ve all seen Home Alone, Miracle on 39th Street and the Santa Clause – so a New York Christmas is often the thing of childhood dreams. Whether you want to go skating in Central Park, relive those childhood film memories and visit FAO Schwarz or take a trip out to beautiful New York State, you’ll be more than delighted. Of course, take in all the usual stuff too, a limo from the airport, a yellow taxi ride and a trip to a Broadway show to ensure it’s a honeymoon never to forget. Iceland Another cold country and another one that has a certain magic at Christmas time; Iceland is the home of geothermal waters, geysers and a great place to see the Northern Lights from. Why not take a romantic husky ride and stay in some of the country’s grand hotels. It’s a wonderful place to visit at Christmas and most especially for a honeymoon. South Africa A little bit of heat is no harm during the winter and South Africa provides a comfortable degree of warmth with temperatures around the 20 degree Celsius mark. The country provides a whole host of wonderful thrills. Whether you wish to go on a safari, chill out beside your luxury hotel’s infinity pool, or take a trip to the...

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Posted on Nov 8, 2012 in Guest Posts, Travel |

Planking it is…

A guest post by Denis Roberts I bet you have already heard of planking. No?! Here’s the story behind this fun activity… Planking is known as “playing dead” in South Korea, “on one’s belly” in France, “Extreme lying down” in Australasia, “facedowns” in USA and Ireland, and “planking” in Australia and New Zealand. Planking was first introduced by the comedian Tom Green in 1994, or at least that’s what he claims. He was caught by cameras lying face down in incongruous locations in different states in the U.S. Planking quickly turned into a trend gaining popularity first in North East England and then spreading out to the rest of the world. The game is especially popular in Australia mainly because it received huge media coverage. People pose lying face down in the weirdest places and then post them on social networks such as Facebook. Planking, however, is considered dangerous at times as some people are way too careless and strive to get that one shot of unique planking regardless of how dangerous it is. Death cases have been reported already, and even the Australian prime-minister, Julia Gillard, has agitated for an end to this activity after a man died in an attempt to plank on his balcony on the seventh floor after which he fell. “There’s a difference between a harmless bit of fun done somewhere that’s really safe and taking a risk with your life,” Gillard said.”Everybody likes a bit of fun, but focus has to be on keeping yourself safe first.” Regardless of its dangerous side, however, planking is gaining even more popularity nowadays as people massively seem to love it.   BoyanaMore Posts Follow...

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Posted on Nov 1, 2012 in Guest Posts, Travel |

Visit the world, sleep on couch

A guest post by Elen Collins Elen is a brand new travel junkie. Ever since she visited her friend in Turkey, she has become fond of travelling. She likes the sense of freedom while on the road, and prefers to blend in with the locals in order to experience the authenticity of the place. Her story is about the Couch Surfing project… She is to soon join that society  of travelers and adventure-seekers. I recently traveled to Turkey and stayed at a friend’s apartment. When I first told him I was to visit Turkey, he said, “Hey, no need to couch surf, you can stay at my place anyway.” This was the first time I heard about Couch Surfing, and of course I researched it right away. CS appeared to be one of the biggest travelers’ communities in the world. True travelers really, really love the CS experience simply because it’s free of vanity; it’s unadulterated. It’s a pure adventure where you enjoy the moment, the place and the strangers with every bit of your body and mind. And makes you appreciate the value of a …vacant couch… Couch Surfing in general is a Web site for travelers and more specifically for those who have a spare room/couch/bed/spacy floor at home and also have the courage to invite strangers to sleep over for a day or two. In order to be part of Couch Surfing, you also need a good introduction of yourself so people would actually be interested in inviting you at their home. Ever since I got interested in CS, I found out that many of my friends and colleagues have been participating in CS for while now. Here’s what a colleague of mine went through after he and his roommate registered at CS: He invited their first guests from Poland. A man and a woman were supposed to come. To their surprise, however, four people arrived at midnight…yeah, four people instead of two. Somehow they found space for all of them and all went great. They took them on a tour around the city, did some...

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Posted on Oct 5, 2012 in Travel |

Gap Year Jobs

We haven’t talked about gap year in awhile now. And we love gap year! This is possibly the best time one can have in a lifetime, and you are to find out why… Imagine yourself pouring drinks on an expensive yacht while sailing around exotic islands, and getting paid over $3,000 per month. Or, maybe you see yourself as a ski instructor in the Alps, or maybe you’d prefer to teach English in Thailand…or be a white-water rafting guide in New Zealand… These all will bring some memorable experiences in your life especially since you are probably not going to be able to gain such when you start a full-time job and have a family. Gap year is the time after high-school or college when young people wonder which path to take further. The time after school is a confusing period for youngsters as now they have to make important decisions as to where they’d like to live, what they’d like to work, what kind of life they’d like to pursue…During this period, young people are quite vulnerable and are likely to take steps that society, family or friends expect them to, rather than such that truly make them happy. So, instead of rushing into taking serious decisions at a moment when you feel insecure and unprepared, you can simply take advantage of a gap year job. These jobs will bring you some adventure and work discipline. They will also enhance your social life and they will create valuable connections and relationships which later can play a significant role into your life. Not to mention you will have the chance to travel, see the world and get paid for it. Here are some popular gap year jobs among young graduates: In Australia Australia and New Zealand are probably two of the most popular gap year destinations – backpackers love these countries as they seem exotic, distant, economically stable, with beautiful nature, wide beaches, exotic animals, and loads of things to do and places to go. The biggest advantage of all, however, is that people over there speak the world’s...

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Posted on Aug 14, 2012 in Guest Posts, Travel |

How can you benefit from health insurance while on the road?

Guest post by Simon Clark Author bio: Hi this is Simon John Clark.  My passion is to write on Finance, Insurance, Travel, Home Improvement and Home appliances, you can reach me @financeport. These days, without a health insurance plan you will end up paying lot on medical bills for illness or injury. Because of the increase in medical cost everyone is trying to protect themselves by acquiring a medical insurance policy that suits them best. These insurance policies cover your medical emergencies, but have you ever thought about what happens in regard to major medical expenses when you are on holiday? Will your health plan cover those medical charges? Answering these questions will let you think about the importance of having a travel health insurance while on the road. No matter how well you plan your holiday if some unfortunate or unforeseen situation rises, you may often worry about the situation. You can avoid such situations by having travel health insurance or by making sure your health plan covers medical expenses even while you are on the road. Travel medical insurance covers emergency expenses, medical evacuation, and many more issues related to health. There are many benefits of having travel medical insurance; here are some of the benefits explained as follows: Medical assistance: It covers medical evacuation costs, doctor’s visits, hospitalization charges and so on, during your holiday; this reduces overall medical costs. They transport you to the nearest hospital by providing ambulance or other transport services and also cover the cost of your return after having your medical treatment. Financial recovery: Since in some countries medical treatments are very costly the person may have to pay more on medical bills if they sustain serious injuries, accidents and illness; insurance helps to cover those expenses. They cover stolen or lost luggage, in case of flight cancellation because of some emergency or delayed flight, delayed trains or any other form of transportation. Money refund: Another benefit with travel insurance is you may be protected against any trip interruption or cancellation. When some emergencies occur you would cancel your trips during...

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Posted on Jul 11, 2012 in Migration News |

Dads Down Under

As worries on the euro zone debt crisis are growing while Australia’s construction and mining industries are booming, more dads travel now to Oz alone to settle, and then pull their families with them. According to Edwina Shanahan, manager of Visa First, “In our experience, the primary breadwinners in these situations are often men – they usually travel out four to six months before their family members to look for accommodation, schools, child-minding facilities and so on.” To read the full article, go to BoyanaMore Posts Follow...

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Posted on May 31, 2012 in Living Abroad |

Emigration hopes dashed

Irish Daily Mirror, Irish Daily Star and Irish Independent  published an article revealing how unfortunate some Irish people who have been wanting to immigrate to Canada are. The country has recently changed its immigration and visa policy and loads of foreigners who have applied years ago, would not be able to finally leave or even reapply. See the full article from Irish Daily Mirror: “Thousands of desperate Irish jobseekers have had their dreams of a new life inCanadadashed by a visa backlog. The country has been hailed as the newAustraliabecause of its shortage of skilled workers and thousands of Irish families emigrated there. But a huge backlog in skilled visa applications means 300,000 peple across the globe will be left high and dry – and recession-hitIrelandwill be amon the countries worst affected. Anyone who applied for a Federal skilled visa before February 2008 can now expect to have their case closed. But devastatingly, most won’t be able to reapply because of changes introduced byCanada’s government.’s manager Edwina Shanahan said: “The eligible list of occupations is now so limited there is no question that Irish visa applicants will be affected. However, we won’t know to what extend until some time around the end of July. “Overall it is estimated that more than 300,000 cases will be closed”. “ BoyanaMore Posts Follow...

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