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Britons Leaving Australia?

A great number of Britons are leaving Australia recently, but the same activity is seen among the Australians who live in the United Kingdom– they are returning home as well.

The strong bound between Australiaand theU.K.has been a well-known fact for many years now. As a result, thousands of Britons have immigrated toAustralia, and a huge number of Australians have been coming to the U.K. Recently, however, both sides are massively returning back to their home countries. What could be the reasons for this phenomenon?

Britons in Australia

Britons are attracted mainly by the weather inAustralia– many dream of an outdoor life, sunny days, barbeque with friends, more space, as well as relaxed lifestyle. Another major fact that looks very appealing is the Australian thriving economy in contrast with the economic downturn inEurope.

According to statistics, however, for the period between 2009 and 2010, over 7,000 Britons have left Australia and returned back to the U.K.This is considered “the largest emigration” in recent years, as per statistics from theAustralia’s immigration department.

Experts say the reasons for this occurrence is that British people, just like most immigrants anywhere in the world, feel homesick. They simply miss home and are willing to sacrifice the sunshine, the ocean view, the high living standards, in exchange to the feeling of belonging and  feeling at home with friends and family.

Australians in the U.K.

Apparently, everyone wants what they can’t have. Australians, in contrast with the British people, are attracted by the U.K. for its history and historic surroundings, and mostly the proximity with the rest of the European countries. The fact that Australiais too far away from the rest of the world, encourages many natives to move away and settle somewhere closer to other countries. And, U.K.  seems to be the most logical choice due to the language and close relationships the two countries have.

In recent years, however, the rough economic situation in Europe makes sunny Australia more attractive for the Australian immigrants in theU.K. Many of them have trouble finding jobs in U.K. which, on top of the rainy days, is no longer so appealing.

Despite the trend of Britons and Australians returning home for good, for many going to other country is still a dream and instead of moving in completely, they just leave for a short period time. This is enough to explore and to enjoy whatever they are missing back home.

Usually, Britons leave to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, while Australians visit the U.K. via the Youth Mobility Scheme.

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