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Posted on Apr 24, 2014 in Australia |

Large mine projects attract a lot of foreign workers in Australia

One of the largest mining projects in Australia is attracting a lot of skilled foreign workers for certain positions which are difficult to fill from the local job market. The Roy Hill iron ore mining, rail and port project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia has received more than 5,500 applications for work since December, according to chief executive Barry Fitzgerald. Currently around 2500 people are employed on the project and it is expected that the number reaches 3600. After the construction is ready the permanent staff will be nearly 2000 people. During a period of global uncertainty, Royal Hill offers opportunity for new job creation and a lot of the benefits for the mining and construction related industries. The employment opportunities that are available fall broadly into two main categories – operations and constructions. During the construction phase which is taking place until 2015, some 8,500 temporary construction jobs will need to be filled, while during the operational phase of the project from 2015 around 2,000 permanent Australian jobs will be created. The construction work on the project has already begun, but it is expected that it will accelerate during the next 12 months when large scale contractors will start executing their work and the mine and on the affiliated infrastructure. Another large mining company – BHP Bilton has also begun to work on its latest project, the Jimblebar iron ore mine, 40 kilometres east of Newman in Western Australia. The company is also planning to build the largest underground coal mine in Australia near Gunnedah, New South Wales. The large project show the confidence that BHP Bilton has in the global economy and in the Australian iron ore industry in particular. Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your Australian visa fast and hassle-free today. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Apr 16, 2014 in Australia |

Most of the new immigrants in Australia are happy with their life

Most of the time newly arrive immigrants in Australia are happy with their new life, but from time to time there are occasional racism and discrimination. The latest Mapping Social Cohesion Research report, which is Australia’s largest study of attitudes to immigration and cultural diversity focuses on skilled and highly educated immigrants who arrived between 1990 and 2010. The report was written by the Monash University Professor Andrew Markus and is the most detailed study of the social cohesion in communities outside Sydney and Melbourne. The report that specifically looks and the level of integration of immigrants in their new communities, has shown that more than 80 percent of the newcomers are happy with their life in Australia. At the same time, however four out of ten immigrants that do not come from English-speaking countries, have reported that they have been victims of some form of racism, based on their skin colour, ethnic origin or religion’. This number represents double the national average. Professor Markus said the immigrant experience had been transformed by the communication revolution brought about by low cost mobile phones and the internet. The new technologies allow immigrants to communicate regularly with their relatives, so that they do not feel isolated and unhappy. Similarly to many Australians, immigrants embrace multiple cultural identities. Most of them identify themselves with both – Australia and their country of birth. At the same time they consider themselves citizens of the world. People living in Atherton Tablelands in Queensland were most positive about life in their neighborhood, with 75% agreeing multiculturalism had been good for Australia. However, 59% said the current immigration intake was too high. The conclusion of the survey is that in general Australia remains a nation that is socially cohesive and the government prioritizes immigrants with skills and professional experience currently in demand by the economy. Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your Australian visa, fast and hassle-free today. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Apr 15, 2014 in Australia |

Australia Broadcasting Corporation is ranked as Australia’s best employer

Australian Broadcasting Corporation has been named as a top employer in Australia according to the annual Randstadt awards. It has been followed by Virgin Australia and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The purpose of the survey is to give a better idea of those people who want to live and work in Australia, which companies they should work for. They are voted for by 9,500 potential job seekers. The awards have been attended by top executives of more than 150 companies in Australia and took place in Doltone House in Sydney. Steve Shepherd, group director of recruitment and HR specialists Randstad said that the ABC should be extremely proud to be recognized as Australia’s most attractive employer for the second consecutive year. ABC was seen as equally attractive by both men and women. At the same time it was an especially valued employer for workers that are older than 30 years of age. ABC was however not the best in terms of the wage competitiveness, but was among employers that offer interesting and varied job content, high job satisfaction and pleasant working atmosphere. In addition to that Australian Broadcasting Corporation offered the best work life balance and strong commitment to the society and the environment. Further accolades went to the Commonwealth Bank who took home the Award for most attractive employer in Banking and Financial Services, beating ANZ and NAB. And Coca-Cola Amatil won most attractive employer in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector, ahead of Nestle and Lion. Federal Government Department were also prominent in this years employers ranking. The reason for this is that employees rank very highly the job security, the excellent training programs and the social benefits that the public organizations provide. Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your Australian Visa fast and hassle-free today. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Apr 8, 2014 in Australia |

Australian Immigration department will not give free advice for illegal immigrants

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has announced that it will end taxpayer funded immigration advice for people, who come illegally in the country on boats. This move is part of a broader campaign which aims to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in Australia and is expected to save at least 100 million Australian dollars from the current government expenditure. According to Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the responsibilities that Australia has towards illegal immigrants, do not include providing them with free immigration advice after they have arrived in the country. ‘If people choose to violate how Australia chooses to run our refugee and humanitarian programme, they should not presume upon the support and assistance that is provided to those who seek to come the right way, and they should certainly not receive additional assistance, as they did under the previous government,’ Morrison said. Nevertheless the removal of the free visa assistance will not mean that illegal immigrants will not be able to seek legal assistance. There are many who are able such kind of advice on a “pro bono” basis. In addition to that the government will still provide clear and multilingual instructions to the newcomers on what they are supposed to do after having illegally crossed the borders of the country. Moreover they will be given information that will help them to submit and asylum applications as fast as possible and will show them the different options that they have if the want to remain in Australia. Last but not least all of the persons, who are currently on the Australian territory and are affected by those changes, will be notified and all of the legal advice that is already commenced will be finished. Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your Australian visa fast and hassle-free today. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Apr 4, 2014 in Australia |

Australia and Poland will sign a Work and Holiday Visa agreement

Young people from Australia and Poland will soon have the option to work in each others countries with the signing of a reciprocal Work and Holiday Visa agreement. The agreement was made in Warsaw and the Australian minister of foreign affairs – Julie Bishop commented that it represents the growing importance of the relationships between the both countries. There will be an yearly quota of 200 people from Poland and 200 people from Australia, which will be able to participate in the program. Poland joins a number of other countries in signing a reciprocal work and holiday arrangement with Australia, including Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Turkey, the United States of America and Uruguay. The difference between the Working Holiday Visa and the Work and Holiday visa is that the latter requires that all applicants must study towards their tertiary educational qualifications and must have the support of their government in order to be able to take part in the program. In additional to that they need to speak, English at least on an higher-intermediate level, so that they are able to easily find a job in Australia. After the signing of the argument, both Poland and Australian will start working together in order to implement the necessary administrative and legal processes that are needed for the new Work and Holiday Visa to come into effect. The Work and Holiday Visa is one of the most popular youth exchange programs in the world today. It allows young people from more than 20 countries worldwide to travel and work abroad. The can gain important international work experience, and improve their foreign language skills. In this way they may significantly boost their CV, which will help them finding better jobs when returning to their home counties. Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your Australian Working Holiday Visa, fast and hassle-free today. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Apr 3, 2014 in Australia |

Australia might introduce premium visa processing service

Tourism Australia has proposed that there should be premium visa processing to people that come to Australia and are ready to pay extra for it. This means that such kind of customers will be able to skip long queues and receive their visas much faster. It is expected that such a move will encourage big spending from visitors that come from all over the world and especially from Asia. There are numerous Australian business executives within the tourism industry who are encouraging such a move. ‘Premium processing is a great opportunity to deliver a quicker process for visitors willing to pay more. This could include shorter turnaround for the approval process and a VIP experience on arrival in Australia,’ said TTF chief executive Ken Morrison. At the same time the speeding up of the process will not reduce the scrutiny with which the applications are processed, so there are not any significant negatives attached to it. So far it has not been agreed what the price of the new visa processing service will be, but it is believed that it will be with around 95 AUD more expensive that the standard processing service. The new change is a part of the larger plan which aims to provide preferential treatment to people that pass through immigration.  The TTF has also proposed online visitor visa processing for tourists from vital visitor markets such as China, and producing visa application forms in Chinese and other key Asian languages. In addition to that it has been proposed that simplified visa procedure should be made for Chinese visitors since they are one of the main customers for the Australian tourism industry. Similar simplified visa processing was recently introduced in EU and this has increased the number of Chinese tourists with 1,3 million.   Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your Australian visa fast and hassle-free today. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Mar 20, 2014 in Australia |

More foreign students choose Australia as their destination

More than 74 000 international students have applied for Australian visas during 2013. This is the highest number in the last five years and show that Australia again has become a preferred destination for international students, after  the country suffered a temporarily decrease in the popularity. Australia became extremely popular as a destination for international students during the first decade of the 21st century. In 2002, 274,000 international students began study in Australia. In 2009 there were more than 500 000 students coming from abroad. This was in general welcomed by many Australian citizens by at the same time created worries that some of those people might use their student visas to access the Australian labor markets. At the same time Australian government report showed that there are some educational institutions in the country have been designed not to provide quality education, but to collect fees from foreign students, providing them a pathway to immigration. As a result of this the then-prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard increased the student visa fees and made the application process more stringent and restrictive. In addition to that the global financial crisis in the combination with the rising Australian dollar led to further increase of the incoming foreign students to Australia. The Australian government however tried to reverse the trend. In October 2013, the Australian immigration minister, Scott Morrison, and the education minister Chris Pyne announced that students from a number of key markets would be able to apply for a student visa with up to $A40 000 less in the bank’. Greg Evans of Universities Australia told that the number of students coming form India is up with 7% in 2013 and the number of applications from Nepal by 29%. And from Vietnam by 49%. He said that he believes that the sector can recover to reach the level it was at before 2009. Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your Australian visa fast and hassle-free today blog.visafirst.comMore...

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