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Posted on Aug 7, 2014 in Backpacking, Migration News, New Zealand, New Zealand Working Holiday, Working Holiday Visa |

Reciprocal Working Holiday Scheme between New Zealand and Croatia Announced Today

The Croatia Working Holiday Scheme will allow 100 young Croatians annually, age between 18 and 30 to study, work and holiday in New Zealand for up to 12 months. Croatians under the New Zealand Working holiday visa are not allowed to be involved in permanent job contracts with New Zealand employers or work with one and the same employer for more than three months. They can enrol in one or more educational courses or trainings for up to six months. Croatia is a member of the European Union and this program is compliant with the similar schemes already available for other EU nations. There are over 100,000 New Zealanders of Croatian origin living in New Zealand and approx. 2,550 Croatian nationals living in New Zealand today. This scheme will open on 11 Aug 2014 for the first time, so hurry up and submit your registration for New Zealand Working Holiday visa with Visa First today. Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Aug 4, 2014 in 2 year Australian Working Holiday visa, Australia, Australia Working Holiday, Backpacking, Migration News, Working Abroad, Working Holiday Visa |

The Conditions under the Australian Working Holiday Visa to be revised

Today, the Australian Fair Work Ombudsman announced that the conditions under the Working Holiday 417 visa are going to be revised because of some allegations that the working holiday makers are used as a free labour in regional areas. The working holiday 417 visa is granted to people under 31 to holiday and work in Australia for up to 2 years. Those who want to qualify for the second year working holiday visa, need to provide a proof that they’ve been undertaking work in a regional area and in certain industry for 88 days during the first year. The review of WHM visa will check the issues reported in the specific regions where many workers take temporary job. There were about 2000 requests for help from working holiday makers in the last 2 financial years addressing underpayment in sectors like hospitality, accommodation, agriculture, forestry and fishing. In addition, the Australian Fair Work undertakes investigations in other sectors known to hire a significant number of overseas workers such as horticulture, cleaning and retailing. The purpose of the current review of WHM visa is to ensure all those who work in Australia are treated fairly and that all overseas workers have the same rights as any other worker in Australia.   Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your working holiday visa fast and hassle-free today. Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Jul 25, 2014 in Australia, Backpacking |

Tips for Backpackers

Going to Australia on a working holiday visa is not like a walk in the park. You might need to consider a few things beforehand. Look at the tips below: 1. Don’t try to organize everything too far in advance. It’s not needed to buy all possible guidebooks and to carry them along with you all the time. 2. Keep in touch. With so many internet cafes and handheld devices, you can Skype and Twitter from almost anywhere in the world. Remember when you are thousands of miles away from home, you should not stay off the grid for a long time. You can get an Australian mobile number before you go so you can give it to family and friends. 3. Be alert! Fear is never good, but it’s no harm to beware of anything or anyone suspicious. 4. Keep your valuables at home. No need to bring your favourite jewellery when backpacking. Don’t take anything that you will really miss, you only need to have the basics on hand. 5. Keep track of all local emergency numbers. Here are some of the important emergency contacts that you may need: local police and fire stations, local hospital, local cab company. 6. Once you are ready with everything else, it’s time to pack your baggage. Some useful pointers to make it easier: – Don’t forget your passport and tickets! – Safety first! The safest weight for a backpack is a third of your body weight. – Try to keep your luggage to a minimum. Take only the stuff that is most important to you, anything else you can buy it in Australia. – Check your baggage limit – if over the limit, you’ll be charged extra. – If you travel with a mate, you may pack half your clothes in their bag and carry half of their luggage yourself. This is just a prerequisite measure in case one of the bags is lost. – Put your checks separate from your visa cards. This will ensure you have limited cash in case you’re the victim of theft or lose an...

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Posted on Jun 19, 2013 in Backpacking, Guest Posts |

Backpacking The American Southwest

There is never a shortage of outdoor activities to satisfy anyone’s thirst for the great outdoors while enjoying the sunshine and serenity of the American southwest. Always surrounded by controversy to determine which states are officially included as part of the “southwest,” most experts have concluded that Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas make up this breathtaking region, and prized destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Able to satisfy both the adrenaline junkies in search of their next strenuous workout and the families looking for an afternoon day hike, the southwest possesses an endless amount of natural treasures just waiting to be discovered. While backpacking these days still often refers to the rugged terrain, oversized backpacks and days surviving the wilderness; the southwest also offers a tremendous amount of amazing day hikes for the everyday hiker. Regardless of the research done before arriving to your destination, you will find that the locals have all of the best-kept secrets, and are always very eager to share every last detail. When preparing for your own excursion, it’s important to also refer to the experts so that you are well informed of the region, weather, trails and wildlife, such as rattlesnakes and more; leaving yourself with a detailed plan of attack. Of course, we have apps for everything today, so a few to consider downloading would be: Backpacker Checklist, GoToAid, US Army Survival Guide, Park Maps and GPS Trip Journal. What To Pack Before hitting the trails, several items need to be packed without fail… even those times you think it will only be a short hike. Though obvious, having plenty of water packed is first and foremost. Energy-loaded foods are also important, especially when you need to replace the electrolytes lost when sweating in the heat (yes, it can be hot and dry in the desert). Dried fruit, nuts, granola bars and fresh fruit are always great options. Don’t forget to also toss-in your sunglasses, sunscreen and a small first aid kit before you zip up your bag. I’m always amazed when I see people out on the trails in sandals, especially knowing...

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