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Posted on Jun 9, 2016 in Brazil |

Rio Olympics 2016 – What You Need To Know About Brazil

People usually have one of two images of Brazil in their heads: beautiful beaches with beautiful people, maybe playing soccer, drenched in sunshine or a somewhat third world country with a lot of crime, corruption and poverty. Like with most stereotypes, the truth lies somewhere in the middle and there are good parts and bad parts of Brazil. However, in general, Brazil is a great place to vacation. Like so much of South America, Brazilian culture is widely diverse and the country itself contains many places to visit which are all a little different. This year, all the talk is centred on the 2016 Olympic Games. Only two years have passed since Brazil hosted the football World Cup when 1.35 million tourists visited and this year, almost half a million visitors are expected to descend on Rio alone. If you’re heading to the Games, here’s what you need to know about Rio and Brazil. Visa & Passports If you need a visa for Brazil, sort this well in advance. Residents of most countries require a visa to travel to Brazil though exemptions have been made for certain countries for summer 2016. Also, make sure your passport is valid and in date. It should be at least six months left before it expires. Money Make sure you have your Brazilian reals ready. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted if you prefer to cash free though it’s recommended to carry some cash. Foreign cards are also accepted by some ATMs in Brazil if you need to withdraw some more cash. Language Many, many people believe that Spanish is the national language of Brazil when it is actually Portuguese. Foreign languages are not widely spoken in Brazil though you may find some Brazilians who speak a little German English or Spanish. It’s pretty easy to carry phrase books these days – there are plenty of apps available for downloading but try to pick up a few key phrases like ‘Bom dia’, ‘Desculpe!’ and ‘Obrigado’. Weather It’s warm in Brazil and visitors to Rio for the Olympics should prefer for temperatures in...

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Posted on Jun 26, 2014 in Brazil |

7 Tips for the World Cup Travelers to Brazil

If you think you should take part in the biggest event in the world called the World Cup in Brazil, you should head now while it’s still up and running. It’s expected that more than 600,000 international travelers are already there or will head to the 12 host cities across Brazil before July, 13. Here are some tips for making sure your trip goes well: 1. If you need a visa for Brazil, try to sort this well in advance. 2. Check the expiry date of your passport – it should be at least 6 months left before it expires. 3. Give your itinerary details such as flights, accommodation, hotels and dates of travel to your family and friends. It’s good if you have copies of your passport and credit cards with you. 4. Learn some key words in Portuguese – there’s no way you can learn the language in a week but you’ll find it extremely useful to know some basic Portuguese phrases like ‘Bom dia’, ‘Desculpe!’ and ‘Obrigado’. 5. Ensure your Medical Insurance covers your international trip, if not you will need to purchase one. 6. Take care and use the basic precautions to stay safe – be aware of what to watch out for! 7. Enjoy it! Brazil is a wonderful destination and it’s a great chance that you can examine the country through your stay there for the World Cup game. Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Sep 13, 2013 in Brazil, Presentation, Travel |

Great holiday package options with Beach Class Resort

Holiday planning has become very vital part in the present society. People are frustrated from their daily hectic schedule and thus, want some sort of recreation to chill out. Holiday planning must be done very carefully, and proper steps must be taken prior to the booking of a ticket. There are various kinds of locations all around the world, which can help to relax and get proper insight of the nature’s beauty. Brazil is one such location, which is well endowed with flora and fauna. The culture of Brazil is very unique, which helps the visitors to spend their vacation in a very perfect manner. The luxurious beach of Brazil as well as scenic beauty remains to be the best attraction to the visitors. It also provides some of the world-class resorts for the visitors. This has indeed become one of the common choices of people visiting Brazil. Accommodation is a very important factor, which must be taken care prior to visit a certain place. After a long recreating environment, it is very necessary to relax and take a rest. With the Beach Class Resort, which is termed the most luxurious kinds of resorts, it becomes very easy to relax and avail proper accommodation. The Beach Class Resort is also regarded as one of the best resorts that cater to the exact need of the people. A holiday can be peaceful with a proper kind of accommodation. The entire facilities of the Beach Class Resort are structured as per the need of the visitors. This has become the most often visited resorts in Brazil. Brazil is well known for its unique culture along with food and fun. All these factors are well maintained by the Beach Class Resort at the same time. The location of this resort is favorable for many visitors. It saves much of the time, which can be rather used for entertainment. This resort provides a complete package for visitors, who visit Brazil in order to spend their vacation. Thus, with the natural beauty of Brazil along with accommodation facilities of Beach Class Resort can attract...

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