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Posted on Aug 1, 2019 in Business Travel |

15 Travel Hacks to Streamline your Business Trip

Anyone who’s been on a business trip knows that it can be exhausting. Unfortunately, most professional situations require you to remain super calm, cool and collected – which is exactly why you should avoid unnecessary stress by fool-proofing your travel plans. If you want to know how to guarantee that your business trip runs like clockwork, then check out these 15 business travel tips to help you stay on top of your game.   1. Keep everything in one place with an app Apps like Tripit and Google Trips keep all of your travel documents and bookings in one place, allowing you to easily plan and navigate your business trip. These apps also provide information on things like neighbourhood safety and general tourist information. Avoid fumbling around looking for your boarding pass when you’re trying to board your flight and look forward to no more scrolling through endless emails to find your booking information – these apps maximise efficiency.   2. Got a problem? Tweet it! A bumpy journey isn’t always caused by bad turbulence; you can run into all sorts of problems before you’ve even taken off. It’s no secret that air travel comes with its ups and downs; with each journey, you face the possibility of getting bumped from your flight, lost luggage, missed connections, and unexpected delays. If you do find yourself in a frustrating situation at the hands of an airline, remember that there’s no better way of grabbing their attention than tweeting about your experience. As a professional you’re probably aware of the implications of being named and shamed on social media – that’s why most businesses try to be helpful when confronted via Twitter. Even if it’s an inconvenience that you’re responsible for like a missed connection, for example, there’s a good chance tweeting will result in an instantaneous response and more often than not the airline will try to accommodate you.   3. Minimise time spent in the security check That dreaded airport security check will go a lot faster if you avoid wearing; Belts A coat or jacket Hats and scarves Accessories...

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