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Posted on Nov 1, 2013 in Canada |

Canadian Visa questions from our customer services assistants

19:16:21  Shane: Hello 19:16:21  Kenn: Welcome to the visa first live chat! How can I help you today? 19:16:54  Shane: I am currently debating getting a work visa for Australia for late next year 19:17:10  Kenn: Great 19:17:23  Kenn: Do you hold Canadian passport, Shane? 19:17:23  Shane: I was just wonder what are the requrements and how long it takes to process the application and get the visa 19:17:32  Shane: Yes I do 19:17:47  Kenn: Can I have your surname and date of birth for quick age assessment? 19:18:09  Shane: Schrey 19:18:14  Shane: and Oct, 23, 1988 19:18:20  Shane: Just turned 25 Last week 19:18:34  Kenn: Thanks 19:18:45  Kenn: As long as you hold Canadian passport and you’re under 31 years old 19:18:52  Kenn: You meet all the requirements for the visa, Shane 19:18:58  Kenn: So apparently you do qualify for one 19:19:20  Shane: Really? Thats all? 19:19:40  Kenn: Correct 19:19:52  Kenn: The working holiday visa is the basic work visa for Australia 19:20:00  Kenn: The easiest and the cheapest one to get 19:20:16  Kenn: So in your case I believe it will be the best option 19:20:19  Shane: And my lease is up on my place November 1st 2014. So I was wondering how far in advance I would need to apply to be able to at that time 19:21:09  Kenn: You can apply for the visa within 12 months from your expected arrival date 19:21:28  Kenn: Once you have your visa approved – you have 1 year to enter Australia just to activate the visa 19:21:36  Kenn: And the then 12 month visa period will start running 19:21:38  Shane: Oh, so I could even start applying now. And set my departure for November 19:21:39  Shane: Fantastic 19:21:52  Kenn: Yes, Shane 19:21:57  Kenn: It is always better to apply in advance 19:22:06  Kenn: Especially before booking any flights 19:22:25  Shane: And say I have friends in Australia that I can live with. The working visa will allow me to work generally anywhere as long as the company thinks I will be a valuble candidate? 19:22:39  Kenn: Sure 19:22:49  Kenn: You can work for the whole year, any kind of work, anywhere 19:22:53  Kenn: The only condition is 19:23:03  Kenn: To work for one employer for up to 6 months 19:23:16  Shane: Thats not a problem 19:23:29  Shane: And after the year is up, I have to return to Canada? 19:23:40  Shane: Or can I renew my visa while still in Australia if I choose? 19:24:02  Kenn: There is an option for 2nd working holiday...

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Posted on Aug 1, 2013 in Canada |

Canada wants to attract more immigrants

The Canadian Government wants to attract a lot of new skilled workers such as plumbers, pipefitters, electricians and others from the U.S. and elsewhere. For this purposes there is a new type of visa which began in January and whose aim is to address current labor shortages that exist on the local market by easing the visa path for skilled tradesmen. It has been forecasted that during 2013 the new program will attract more than 3000 new applicants. There is a global competition for professionals who have background in various skilled trades and it is expected that the some counties such as Canada will profit at the expense of other countries like United States. In year 2012 alone more than 37 000 skilled immigrants have gained Canadian residence under the various immigration programs that are run by the government. The country is trying “to build a fast and flexible immigration system that is responsive to the needs of Canada’s economy,” Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said in a press release Jan. 2. Employers “have long been asking for ways to get the skilled tradespeople they need to meet demands in many industries across the country.” One of the biggest problems is that the Canadian labor market is very unbalanced. The four westernmost provinces have unemployment rate of 3,9% which is much less than the national average of 7,9%. At the same time Ontario has jobless rate of about 12,5%. The efforts that the government has put to increase the internal migration of people have not paid so far. The country has one of the biggest immigration rates in the world and has welcomed more than 250 000 new immigrants during the last year. US is the fourth larges source of immigrants for Canada after Philippines, China and India. Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your Canadian visa fast and hassle-free today. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on May 29, 2013 in Canada, Guest Posts, Living Abroad |

Stay In A Unique Lodging While You Explore Canada

From coast to coast, Canada is full of wonders that can leave you astounded and can awaken your inner explorer. Canada has massive stratum of wildlife, and has vast and diverse geographical territory which makes it second largest country. There are so many amazing places to visit in Canada. Each city from Ontario to Nunavut and from Quebec to Yukon, has some thing in unique to exhibit and explore. Skier who is looking for the best experience of skiing can look up to Whistler; travelers will fall in love with the road trips and the Trans Canadian Trail. Wild life lovers can see killer whales near Vancouver and polar bears of Churchill. See the gigantic Canada from Niagara Falls of Ontario, to Canadian Rocky Mountains of Alberta.  Pump your adrenaline rush by rafting, bungee jumping and unique sky jumping from CN towers in Toronto and the list goes of places to visit in Canada goes on. Visit Canada with no worries of stay in the country.  But it’ll be little hard for you to choose a few out of wide options of lodging it offers.  You can choose a stay amid Spectacular wine country which has historic country inn to visit. Or you can seclude yourself  by the seaside and sleep to the lullaby of the ocean waves. The guest range in the mountain foothills and snuggle ups in Famous Ice hotels, from lake side resorts and campgrounds to fly-in wilderness lodges and grand hotels, Canada has endless list of options for stay. Let us explore some really unique options- Quebec Ice Hotels – It is Cathedral like Hotel Made solely of Ice and snow. It is as cold as 28° to 23° Fahrenheit Cold inside protected by 4 feet thick walls. Visitore enjoy Drinks and stay overnight. Spherical Tree House – These are pods like hanging from the thick forest treeson Vancouver Island. There you can even learn how to built one of these Yurt – In Ontario Park you’ll find yurts, they are great alternatives for tents, especially for harsh whether or for those who are with...

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Posted on May 20, 2013 in Canada |

Almost one fifth of Canadians come from abroad

The results from a recent survey show that almost 20% percent of the Canadian people are born outside the country and have become citizens by naturalization. This makes Canada the country with the highest percentage of immigrant citizens in the world. The National Household Survey was completed in 2011 by around 74% of the Canadian population. About 6.3m people out of Canada’s population of about 33,000,000 were born citizens of other countries. In addition to that the mass immigration has significantly changed the ethnical makeup of the country. More than two-thirds of the Canadian immigrants are non-european. Immigrants are reported to have arrived in Canada from 200 countries. 6.3m Canadians, 19% of the population, now say that they come from ‘a visible ethnic minority’. The most prominent minorities in the country are Chinese, Black and South Asians. According to the survey more than 1 million immigrants settled in Canada between 2005 and 2011. Most of them (56.9%) came from Asia, including the Middle East. During the 1970s, only 8.5% of Canadian immigrants came from Asia. Between 2006 and 2011, 13.1% of immigrants or 152,300 people came from the Philippines alone. 10.5% (122,100) came from China and 10.4% (121,400) came from India. In addition to that the survey shows that decreasing number of new immigrants move to Toronto the capital city of Ontario. The new Canadians are more likely to settle in other large cities in provinces such as Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and elsewhere. 13.7% of the migrants arriving between 2006 and 2011 came from the entirety of Europe, only just more than the number coming from the Philippines. In the 1970s, 75% of immigrants were Europeans. 12.1% of immigrants over the five year period between 2006 and 2011 came from Africa. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Apr 9, 2013 in Canada, Guest Posts, Living Abroad |

Prepare For Life in Canada

Moving abroad is quite big of a change, there is no doubt about that. Especially for those people, who have never left their home country for more than a week in order to go on vacation. So, a life in a foreign land will most probably come as a shock to them. Certain things you did not pay that much attention back at home will surely have a big impact on you once the scenery changes. And not to mention those aspects of life that didn’t even exist in your homeland. In a way, you are bound to experience a culture shock. However, if your transition will be to Canada, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Canada is truly one of the most pleasant places you can move to and here is what you can expect once you settle there. 1.Nature and its importance It is a universal Canadian belief, and a quite firmly held one, that nature is really important. And this is obvious from the countless people who enjoy themselves outdoors – hikers, joggers, photographers, artists, etc. It is a reminder to all people that every now and then one has to disconnect from the frenetic pace of life and fully appreciate the world that surrounds us. And don’t worry about the snow, there is plenty to do during the cold months too. In Canada, it is a natural custom to escape to a holiday home whenever is presented with such an opportunity. Canadians realize quite well that spending time in the nature is a source of refreshment and inspiration and that is why they visit it so often. 2.Different perception of distance To many newcomers, there is the strange and unfinished feel at the edge of the populated areas in Canada. In most countries, there is a distinct beginning and end and also each square kilometer is accounted for, even in wilder bits. However, Canada’s enormous size (Canada is the second largest country in the world, Russia being the first) forces you to acquire different perspectives of ‘far’ and ‘near’. In Canada, a hundred kilometers...

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