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Posted on May 29, 2013 in Canada, Guest Posts, Living Abroad |

Stay In A Unique Lodging While You Explore Canada

From coast to coast, Canada is full of wonders that can leave you astounded and can awaken your inner explorer. Canada has massive stratum of wildlife, and has vast and diverse geographical territory which makes it second largest country. There are so many amazing places to visit in Canada. Each city from Ontario to Nunavut and from Quebec to Yukon, has some thing in unique to exhibit and explore. Skier who is looking for the best experience of skiing can look up to Whistler; travelers will fall in love with the road trips and the Trans Canadian Trail. Wild life lovers can see killer whales near Vancouver and polar bears of Churchill. See the gigantic Canada from Niagara Falls of Ontario, to Canadian Rocky Mountains of Alberta.  Pump your adrenaline rush by rafting, bungee jumping and unique sky jumping from CN towers in Toronto and the list goes of places to visit in Canada goes on. Visit Canada with no worries of stay in the country.  But it’ll be little hard for you to choose a few out of wide options of lodging it offers.  You can choose a stay amid Spectacular wine country which has historic country inn to visit. Or you can seclude yourself  by the seaside and sleep to the lullaby of the ocean waves. The guest range in the mountain foothills and snuggle ups in Famous Ice hotels, from lake side resorts and campgrounds to fly-in wilderness lodges and grand hotels, Canada has endless list of options for stay. Let us explore some really unique options- Quebec Ice Hotels – It is Cathedral like Hotel Made solely of Ice and snow. It is as cold as 28° to 23° Fahrenheit Cold inside protected by 4 feet thick walls. Visitore enjoy Drinks and stay overnight. Spherical Tree House – These are pods like hanging from the thick forest treeson Vancouver Island. There you can even learn how to built one of these Yurt – In Ontario Park you’ll find yurts, they are great alternatives for tents, especially for harsh whether or for those who are with...

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Posted on May 29, 2013 in Guest Posts, Ireland, Living Abroad |

Don’t Get Gobsmacked: A Guide to Irish Slang

Technically, Ireland is an English-speaking country. So why is it that so many visitors feel like they are speaking a foreign language when trying to communicate with the locals? Much like in the U.S., there are different regional accents throughout Ireland, some of which are incomprehensible to American ears. But beyond the different ways of speaking, the abundance of Irish slang can make you feel like you have no idea what’s going on. Before you run out and take a foreign language course to successfully check into hotels (see a large selection of them at Venere) or order a meal at a restaurant, check out this guide to Irish slang. That way, when you hear someone talking about their “heavin’ gaff” (packed house), you won’t be tempted to take them to a doctor. Headed to the Pub Let’s start with the first place you’re likely to head: the local pub. Since this is the place where you’ll encounter plenty of locals and hear a whole lot of slang, it’s best you go in knowing what everyone’s talking about. First, you may hear about the “craic,” pronounced “crack.” This is a good thing. The craic is a local term meaning a good time — everyone getting together and joking, laughing and gossiping. You might hear something like, “The craic was 90!” That just means that it was an exceptionally good time; no one really knows why it’s described as 90. If the barkeep asks you if you would like a few scoops, he’s not referring to ice cream. “Fancy a few scoops” is slang term for “Would you care for a drink?” If you’re in a pub, the answer is most likely yes — but be careful. You don’t want to hear anyone say “Merciful hour, look at the state of him!” which is a good indication that you’re going to have a headache tomorrow. In fact, the Irish have more than 100 words to describe someone who has perhaps indulged too much. Among the more common terms are bollixed, langered, locked and, inexplicably, elephants. If you have imbibed too...

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Posted on May 29, 2013 in Australia, Guest Posts, United Kingdom |

Greatest Cultural Differences Between the UK and Australia

There has always been a history of cultural differences between Australia and the UK and many of the stereotypical observations are light-hearted and humorous, such as how good or bad our national cricket team is, depending on which side of the world you originate from. There is also a long history of people migrating in both directions to seek a new life, so what really are the greatest cultural differences that people will encounter when they venture onto foreign soil on the other side of the world? Individualism There are many ways of measuring how Australian cultural attitudes vary in comparison to the UK and one of them is to look at how independent thinking and individual the nations citizens are compared to other countries. The UK and Australia are considered quite similar when it comes to having an individualistic culture which roughly translates into a high self-image and a loose-knit society when people generally look after themselves and their immediate families. If you are seeking work in Australia, you can often achieve promotion based on merit of what you can do rather than relying on qualifications. Masculinity and Femininity This is an area where a lot of stereotypes can be found but despite the heavily biased beer advertising that you see in the UK relating to Australia, the general consensus is that Australian men are indeed highly masculine with good work values and Australian women do like to exhibit feminine attributes. Overall Australia could fairly be called a more masculine society and environment than you would generally find in the UK. Free-Spirited If you are one of the many campers who travel Australia then you will almost certainly agree with the observation that many Australian citizens are free-spirited and love the great outdoors, displaying a sometimes high-risk or adventurous profile. This is certainly a cultural difference that perhaps some Australians who come to the UK for work, are most surprised to witness when they encounter a generally more reserved outlook developed from a hierarchical history embedded in the DNA of past and present citizens of the British Isles....

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Posted on May 27, 2013 in Australia, Guest Posts, Travel Destinations |

Make Your Vacation Memorable with a Beach Holiday in Broadbeach

Located by the side of the Pacific, Broadbeach is an ideal destination to spend your holidays in Gold Coast, Australia. The suburb of Broadbeach has plenty of local attractions, something that give travellers a village like feeling during their stay in this place. Along with the scenic beauty, it is the wide range of cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues that have made this place a favourite with travellers all over the globe. The accommodation facilities in this area include an excellent selection of hotels, motels, holiday apartments and resorts to suit every type of budget. Be it the expensive ones or the economy ones, this place has it all. These Broadbeach holiday accommodations will perfectly suit all your needs by providing you with all the basic and luxury facilities. As you stroll along the streets of Broadbeach, you will witness several musicians and buskers performing to entertain the tourists and local people. This is something that definitely gives life to this place. Apart from these, this place also has numerous shopping complexes that are of absolute delight to shopaholics. The Oasis Shopping Centre and Pacific Fair are places that people must not miss out for they have clothes and jewellery of unique designs that you would like to add to your wardrobe. Even if you are looking for art works to decorate your home, these shopping complexes have plenty to offer you. Also you will be able to pick some of the choicest gifts and souvenirs for your close ones. While shopping for all these, you must not forget to pick up some of the quality local foods and produce. In case your family wants to go for a movie in the evening, you can easily go for it as there are plenty of movie complexes that play a mix of commercial and alternative cinematic productions.  The best part about these complexes is that they have plenty of restaurants around them. Most of these restaurants serve multi-cuisine food and therefore, you and your family will have ample choices. From street food, bistros, bars to top class restaurants, Broadbeach has everything....

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Posted on May 22, 2013 in Guest Posts, Travel Destinations |

Top 3 Most Relaxing World Destinations

If you are on a holiday and you really want to enjoy a nice, relaxing time away from the craziness of most tourist destinations, but you still don’t want to be too far away from people, you can do something about it. There are quite a few locations of that kind around the world, however we will only cover a few of them here as the possibilities are rather large. It only seems that there are a few places on the planet where one can relax and simply let go of heir troubles and worries, listen to the natural world and simply forget everything. There are still quite a few places like that around the world, covered in mystery or tranquil as a garden. If you feel the need to travel someplace else to let go of your worries, this article will help you make that choice with a few destinations. We begin with the following: St. Vincent And The Grenadines If you want to find peace and calm, combined with all the amenities of a civilized location, then this small island in the Caribbean is a place you will absolutely love. Located not too far away from Barbados and to the south of St. Lucia, the weather there is just wonderful. It is a relatively expensive place though, because of its quiet exterior and that also helps keep the place quiet due to the fact that not many people stay here for extended periods of time. You will experience crystal clear seas, lovely blue sky a and respectful and friendly locals. If you ever decide to visit this place, you will absolutely have a great time. Easter Island Located in Chile, the island is a great place to go as far away from the flocks and large groups of tourists which frequent popular areas. Although the Easter Island monuments are well-known, the island itself sees a relatively reduced amount of foot traffic. The monuments are shaped like huge heads, sparkling a historic debate as well as many theories, some logical and others quite outlandish. In the end very...

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Posted on May 22, 2013 in Australia, Guest Posts, Travel |

Under 21 campervan hire in Australia

A commonly asked question by young travellers taking or considering their first on road holiday trip concerns campervan hire to ‘under age drivers’ due to the varying driving laws across countries. As most countries allow young people to pass their driving test at 17 or 18 years old, it would seem logical that it would also be easy to rent car and drive abroad at this age. Unfortunately that’s not usually the case. Even though some rental companies place a ban on some young drivers because of being more at risk, generally speaking, most rental companies will hire out to “Under 21s” if they cover all the necessary requirements. Travellers Autobarn provides a list of some the legal, road rules and campervan hire requirements to first timers under 21, so that you can make the most of your on road travel holiday in Australia. 1. We all should know the golden rule when driving in Australia: left side, right side – wrong side! In simple terms, the age-old saying of ‘stick to the left’ certainly comes in handy on the long distances around Australia. 2. Most campervan companies will offer different vehicle classes, ranging from basic beds on-the-go, to luxury homes on wheels. Campervans come in a large variety of sizes, vehicle styles and sleeping arrangements. 3. If embarking on an on-road Australian travelling adventure, you can begin checking out the smallest campervan (2 berth) which sleeps 1-2 people, through to the largest (6 berth) which sleeps up to 6 people. Most of the larger campervans as well as some of the ‘2 berths’ will include bathroom and shower facilities. And if you have a baby on board, certain vehicles are equipped with anchor points for baby seats.  So, guys, before choosing a campervan hire in Australia consider the number of passengers travelling, your anticipated sleeping arrangements, and the facilities you believe that are required. 4. Once working out those requirements, your next objective is picking up your vehicle. Once this is done, you will be asked to pay a security bond. A credit card is usually required, so...

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Posted on May 21, 2013 in Guest Posts, Living Abroad, Travel |

Just Over the Line: US-Canada Border Towns That Make Quirky Vacation Destinations

Currently, about 80 percent of Canadian residents live within 80 kilometres of the U.S. border so vacationing in another country is almost literally, a hop, skip and a jump away. Canadians can easily find travel hotel deals and step their toes over the line to enjoy a quirky vacation in a U.S.-Canada border town. Travelling into the U.S. over land requires a passport, NEXUS/FAST card, enhanced driver’s license or Secure Certificate of Indian Status. Most experts recommend that travellers give themselves 30 minutes to cross the border and additional time if they have children. Once you’re in the states, three great border towns to visit include Derby Line, Vermont, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, and Eureka, Montana. Derby Line, Vermont Derby Line nestles near the Quebec border directly over the line from Stanstead in Canada. In fact, Derby Line and Stanstead share a number of streets. For example, Canusa Avenue is in Canada, but the houses to the south of the street are in the U.S. On Canusa Avenue, people who pull out of their driveways on the south side have left the U.S. and must report to a border post. The Haskell Free Library and Opera House, a historic building that opened in 1904, straddles the U.S./Canada border. In fact, a thick black line crosses the library’s hardwood floor, marking the strictly enforced border that separates the two countries. Library patrons from either side of the border can use the building without going through security. Visitors who want to travel further into the U.S. can find many things to do in Northern Vermont. Burlington, Vt., is less than 160 kilometres from Montreal, and visitors can enjoy the Echo Aquarium, dine in a restaurant on Lake Champlain or milk a cow at Shelburne Farms. Vermont also has a number of elegant wineries including Shelburne Vineyards and the Grand View Winery, which is in Waterbury. Near St. Johnsbury, visitors can enjoy skiing at Burke Mountain in the winter. For kids or kids at heart, a quick trip across the border to Jefferson, New Hampshire, leads to Santa’s Village, a theme park...

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