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Posted on Feb 28, 2013 in Australia, Australian Immigration, Guest Posts |

Potential Reasons for Australian Student Visa Refusal

The decision to study abroad for a time period is one that a growing number of students make, and some of them elect to go to Australia. Student visas generally need to be procured. What are some of the reasons that they might be denied? Past Problems/Issues While many individuals really want to study in Australia, others exist who are just looking for an easy way to get there. They have no plans to actually attend school, and they might have conned their way into other countries before. If this case is the one present, then it’s quite possible that the application will be denied (Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship). The person will be unable to continue participating in these dishonest acts and plans. The Requirements According to the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship, a few other requirements exist to be allowed to obtain a student visa. Some of these include financial requirements for the costs associated with studying, a demonstrated proficiency in the English language and successful completion of the GTE. The GTE stands for the Genuine Temporary Entrant. In order to be admitted into the country, the student will have to successfully complete this requirement. If any of the aforementioned requirements are not completed, then the person might be refused a the usage of a student visa to come into Australia. Improper Documents When you are applying for a student visa, you are going to have to submit a lot of documents. Some people include information that is not quite accurate. They might do so because they are trying to sneak their way into Australia, or the inclusion of such material might be a genuine accident. In any case, the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship notes that such an application will likely be denied. If you just include the wrong information by mistake, find out if it is possible for you to apply again. Of course, you want to check the application over multiple times before you actually submit it. What to Do Now that we have covered the reasons that...

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Posted on Dec 3, 2012 in Australian Immigration, New Zealand immigration |

Australian and New Zealand featured in the global labour market report of Hays

The global human resources consulting company Hays has published the Hays Global Report 2012. The report features 27 countries around the world and its purpose is to identify skill shortages and their effects on average salaries. Its sections about Australia and New Zealand have found out that both countries face various sector-specific labor shortages. In Australia the current resources boom is causing a lot of demand for skilled professionals who have an experience in the mining sector. Furthermore there are other shortages throughout a number of industries including accountants, accountants, marketing professionals, and managers. According to Hays these shortages may get worse as there are a lot of large scale resource projects that are scheduled to start during the next year. Australia is given a good mark of 3.8 (against a global average of 5.4) for its flexible labour market and its willingness to grant visas to appropriately skilled foreigners to work in the resources sector. In the New Zealand the rebuilding of the city of Christchurch after the earthquake in 2011 is causing a lot of demand in the construction industry. The shortage is noticeably higher for positions such as quantity surveyors, residential project managers, senior commercial project managers, machine operators and project managers with drainage experience. The restricted supply in combination with the increased demand has led to significant increase in the salaries for those positions. In order to find enough personnel for the rebuilding of Christchurch, New Zealand has created  a new system to enable international workers to register for jobs in Christchurch known as the Christchurch Skills and Employment Hub. The system will give right to workers will allow foreign workers to receive New Zealand working visa for such positions for which no local labour candidates exist Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for visa for Australia or New Zealand fast and hassle-free today. Please visit our site for more information blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Nov 19, 2012 in Australian Immigration |

Skilled immigrant workers are playing important role in Australia resource regions

Skilled workers from abroad are one of the most important factors for the success of the Australian resources industry according to a new research made by the Central Queensland University. Foreigners provide a vast range of essential workers and are needed beyond the resource sector such as in medical care and mechanics. For example a report made in the Gladstone, South Australia, found that 51% of the dentists in the town are foreigners. Dr Ros Cameron  from Central Queensland University who leads the Gladstone Skilled Migration Research Report said that for the first time it becomes clear how important are skilled migrants in resource regions. According to him foreigners are providing around one third of the health services in the city. In addition to that they are delivering a lot of important skills such as chefs, welders and motor mechanics.   Cameron said the Gladstone example showed the importance of solving issues such as spouse isolation and the adequacy of cross cultural training. One of the most important findings of the study is the need for settlement assistance for spouses and families of the skilled immigrants. Businesses need to tap into existing immigrants organizations and communities in the region and to help with the integration of the skilled workers’ families in the region. Dr Ross Cameron Pointed that “Strategies to combat racism through cross cultural training, public celebrations of diversity, building inclusive schools and inclusive workplaces would go a long way towards assisting in retention She added that Up until now a lot of work has been done in this direction but there is need for more involvement from Gladstone industry and businesses Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your Australian visa fast and hassle-free today. Please visit our site for more information blog.visafirst.comMore...

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