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Posted on Dec 16, 2016 in Migration News |

Top Immigration Destinations – Australia, Canada and United States

Australia, Canada and United States are amongst the top economies globally. Having reputation of a country with high living standard and stable political environment attracts many people – workers and investors. The business environment, government programs as well as social programs are very well developed and welcoming for immigrants. There are many reasons for choosing to migrate to a certain country but certainly numbers are showing that financial and political reasons are with very high importance. Australian government has designed a program to meet their economic and social needs. Being developed economy, the country has huge potential and needs workforce. Annually the government accepts about 200 000 permanent migrants. There are several streams – skills, family and special eligibility stream. Visas are granted to the applicants after a specific point based system. According to official data in Australia about 22% are foreign born. About one in every four is born in UK. The top five countries immigrants come from are – UK, New Zealand, China, Italy and Vietnam. Those countries hold 45% of the foreign born in Australia. In Canada over 6 million people are foreign born. This is about 19 percent of the total Canadian population. The top 5 countries of immigrants in Canada are: UK, China, India, Philippines and Italy. Canadian government also has a government program for attracting skilled workforce in order to support its economy and business needs. The target for 2017 is to accept about 320 000 immigrants through economic, family sponsorship programs, provincial nominee programs and others. The high demand of the economy drives the higher visa quotas for the upcoming year. The vast territory of the country needs many people to support the local provincial business as well as the big cities. In United States about 40 million are foreign born. 30% of those immigrants are from Mexico. Other top immigrant nationalities are India, Philippines, China, Vietnam. As UN report says the high income countries host more than two thirds of the world migrants. If you need more information about those countries and their visa programs follow the link.   Sources:

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Posted on Nov 17, 2016 in Migration News |

International Money Transfer Services

Make it Easy, Fast and Secure Transferring money abroad is always a delicate and very important step of your overseas trip. It has to be handled with attention to details, especially when the amount of money is significant. VisaFirst offers money transfer services which can ensure a safe transfer of your money to the desired destination by providing a hassle free service. Speed We know how important it is to have enough funds when you need it. Usually clients need their funds to be transferred in a very short time. That is why we process all transfers within 24-48h so you will have the money waiting for you in your desired bank account in no time. Fees Minimizing the fees and handling costs is always important to consider, especially when you know that you will be transferring funds regularly. The average backpacker travelling under the Australian Working Holiday Visa transfers funds over 6 times within the 12 months they spend in Australia.  VisaFirst charges a flat fee of 15 EUR per transfer. You also have the option to sign up for an annual subscription for just 49 EUR. This service will allow you unlimited transfers for the next 12 months, regardless of how much and how often you transfer (there will only be a fee for your first transfer of 15 EUR and all the rest will be covered by the annual subscription fee). Currencies and countries VisaFirst can provide money transfer services, mainly to Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Canada and USA.  In order to ensure maximum flexibility for our clients, there is no minimum amount required for the transfer to be processed. There is dedicated agent who will handle your requests, answer all your queries and organize your money transfer in a timely manner. Same account for your relatives Your friends or relatives can also transfer funds to your account when you need it. Our money transfer agents will handle everything on behalf of you and your friends/ relatives, so your funds can hit your account as soon as possible.  This way we provide more flexibility by saving...

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Posted on Oct 26, 2016 in Canada, Ireland, Migration News |

Canada Needs Young and Qualified Workforce

How to get Canadian visa and work in Canada Canadian economy Canadian economy is one of the leading economies globally. The country holds the 10th place in the top economies and is member of G7. The leading sectors of the Canadian economy are logging and oil industry. The entire economy is described as service driven or in other words ¾ of the work force is involved in. Big part in the GDP is assigned to the automotive and aircraft industry as well as the engineering, seafood and technology industries. Great advantage for the country is the close trade relations with USA and its huge market potential. Sectors in need Having one of the wealthiest economies has its demands and hot needs. The government has encountered huge need of highly qualified young people to fill the gaps in the propelling economy. In order to keep its demographic and economic growth many regulations have been adjusted to welcome more people from abroad. The country welcomes each year more than 300 000 people on different Canadian visas. The policy and requirements for the immigration are favoring the younger and qualified people. Sectors in high demand of workforce are technology, engineering, healthcare and many others. Canadian visa programs There are many visa programs designed to attract young professionals in Canada. One of it is the Canadian Working Holiday/IEC program. It allows young people up to 35 years to visit, work and travel in Canada. Other visa that grants access to the country and the right to work there is the so called Canadian work permit. It gives the opportunity the applicant to work for the time of his/her contract with an option to be extended. Canada young professionals  visa is granted to post graduated Irish citizens who would like to get further experience with prearranged contract with employer from Canada. The stay could be up to 24 months. If you want to apply for Canadian visa you need to identify what requirements and documents are required for that purpose. Usually the process of preparing the needed documents is not so simple and it...

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Posted on Oct 19, 2016 in Migration News |

Canadian Working Holiday Visa Program is Now Open

The new quota for the Canadian Working Holiday Visa is now open. The applicants must be between 18-30 (up to 35 if you are an Irish passport holder) years old. The approved applicants has the right to work and travel within Canada up to 24 months with the IEC program. For more information about the requirements and new quota please contact VisaFirst – Canadian Working Holiday Visa Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Oct 14, 2016 in Ireland, Migration News |

Corporate Ireland in Seek of Critical Skills Employees from Oversees.

  Healthcare, Technology and Business sectors are in high demand for Irish highly skilled employment permit card holders   Since the Irish economy has been kick-started back into action, Irish businesses in certain sectors have experienced difficulty in sourcing certain skills for their business from the skills pool here in Ireland. They have been forced to look further afield to attract highly skilled employees for their operations. Sectors in need of highly skilled employees Businesses of all sizes across a range of sectors have experienced the need to bring in foreign skills (from outside the EEA area) under the General Employment Permit and the Critical Skills Permit. The most recent statistics from the Department of Jobs, Employment and Innovation show requests from Irish companies for employment permits in the following sectors: Engineering, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, IT sector, Biotechnology, Chemical & Material sciences, Telecommunications, Business and Financial project management, International Business and Marketing executives, Global Audit Data analysis International Cuisine Irish Work Permit options to bring in skilled labour There are two main types of permit that companies can use to bring in skilled foreign workers into Ireland (from outside the EEA area): General Employment Permit Critical Skills Employment Permit These permits allow the applicant to work for the Irish employer for a period of up to 2 years initially. The applicant may then apply to stay longer after the 2 years. There is a minimum salary requirement of EUR 30,000. If the salary is in excess of EUR 60,000, then the applicant can apply for a critical skills. General Employment permit There is no specific occupation (exceptions) that can apply for the general employment permit (previously known as the Work permit). The employer must carry out a labour market test to prove that there is nobody suitable from within the EEA area that is interested and can fill the role. Family can join the permit holder after 12 months. Critical Skills Employment permit or Irish Green Card – is geared at highly skilled applicants that are required by Irish employers. The applicant needs to hold a relevant degree qualification or higher and has a job offer in an occupation listed on the eligible occupation list. If the salary is above EUR 60,000 the applicant can apply for the critical skills permit regardless the occupation. Family...

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Posted on Sep 27, 2016 in Migration News |

Need Canadian Work and Holiday Visa? Last Chance September 30th!

If you need Canada Work and Holiday visa, it is better to hurry up. The quotes for 2016 season are going to be closed. The deadline for that is September 30th. It is important to submit your application within last  few days of September because you are going to wait for a while before next quotes. The new quotes are expected to be  opened mid October 2017. It looks like a big break so better speed up. If you want to apply now please visit Canadian Work and Holiday Visa. If you want more information about Canadian visas please visit –   Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Sep 10, 2016 in Migration News |

How to Find a Job Abroad

Finding the right job is not always an easy task. Even more difficult is trying to find it when you are not in the given country. There are many reasons for pursuing a career abroad. Many find it better option to try working abroad or it is kind of an adventure and challenge to try different way of live, new experience, culture or better environment for their skills and professional path. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are the challenge is always good and could come in different forms. So everyone needs the right approach, tools and partners to help him achieve his goal. One of the most important things to bear in mind is to know the local language or if this is not an option at least to speak good English. This will give you advantage when speaking to locals and trying to find your place under the sun. Internet has always something to offer and that is why it is recommended to use social media. There are many channels online where you can find relevant positions for your career.  A lot of companies publish openings in their public profiles. Professional groups in social media could be also a very smart move to be frequently checked. Local groups in different industries also are publishing openings or HRs are looking for prospects in such groups. Networking is also another way of finding good place to work. Knowing the right people is always key for reaching your goals. Creating good network of professionals in your field is vital for exchanging useful information and being informed about the latest openings and trends. Finding a job abroad is not easy task at all. That is why having relevant work experience is crucial. This is a good sign for the employer that you have knowledge and skills that could benefit to the company. In the same time it will give the confidence to start working right away. Having a degree always helps. In some countries it is recommended to have one, like in China. It is not the case in Europe. In...

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