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Posted on Jun 7, 2012 in Living Abroad, Migration News |

United Kingom’s History of Immigration

As the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, we think that it is a good idea to take a brief overview of the history of the United Kingdom immigration in the past six decades. The country has been a subject of turbulent changes since 1952 when Queen Elizabeth was crowned. United Kingdom has continuously implemented stricter and stricter immigration rules.  Nevertheless the inbound migration has dramatically grown. The post-war immigration to UK commenced in year 1950. Many workers from outside Europe and their families immigrated to UK at that time. However with the rising tide of immigrants, racial tensions in the United Kingdom society began to appear. The Commonwealth Immigrants Act was introduced in 1962. Before that all of the Commonwealth citizens could enter United Kingdom without any special restrictions being applied to them. After that they were subject to standard immigration control. During the seventies, UK implemented even stricter immigration restrictions. Commonwealth citizens could settle in the country only after they prove that they have British ancestors, or only if they are eligible for other kind of UK visa. Despite the limitations 82 000 Commonwealth citizens came in Britain in the period between 1968 and 1975, most commonly through work permit, or through obtaining permission to join their UK relatives. With the decline of the manufacture during the eighties it became even harder to obtain a work permit for UK. Only highly skilled workers, who possessed advanced specialist knowledge and training in a particular professional area, were able to obtain a work permit. In year 2004 EU expanded, when ten new states from Central and Eastern Europe were accepted into the Union. UK did not impose regulations for citizens of Cyprus and Malta, so they could work in the country without any specific restrictions. People from one of the other eight new EU members, must register on the Workers Registration Scheme. This is however a very simple process. When Bulgaria and Romania entered EU in 2007, Britain imposed heavy limitations on workers from these two countries, which are to be lifted in 2014. The immigration policy of Britain continues...

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Posted on Jun 6, 2012 in Australia Working Holiday, Migration News |

Small number of incidents may give a negative image of the Irish Working Holiday Makers

Small number of Irish working holiday makers, who were involved in several shoddy incidents may give a bad name to the vast majority of young Irish people, who are coming to Australia on a working holiday visa. Currently there are 21,753 people from Ireland in Australia under the working holiday visa program. This is an absolute record number, which is 50% higher than the same period of the previous year. Nevertheless it is expected that even this number will be surpassed when the new statistics is released in the end of this year. There is also a record 20% increase in the number of Irish people, working in Australia with a 457 Visa (Australian Sponsorship Visa). This visa is usually given to professionals in areas such as engineering, medicine and computer science. During this year however a small number of working holiday makers were involved in a set of incidents that may hurt the image of the Irish community in Australia. In January for example a group of Irish people were charged with working illegally on a building project in New South Wales and were consequently deported. In February in the same province there was a similar incident registered. In Queensland, small number of bitumen-layers was requesting payments of several thousand of dollars for a low-quality work. During April and Irish man was convicted for using stolen credit cards. Michael Hegarty from County Meath, together with to accomplice from Australia, bought stolen credit card numbers from internet and managed to spend 35 000 Australian dollars from them before being caught by the police and convicted to 90 days in jail and 150 hours of unpaid community work. The money was mainly spent for limousines, luxury hotels, and expensive meals at local restaurants. In May a group of Irish Working Holiday Makers in Perth were warned by the police, that they may be deported if they do not stop with their antisocial behavior. The police was seeking help from various GAA clubs to spread the message. In one email that was sent by one such club to its members it...

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Posted on Jun 5, 2012 in Australia Working Holiday, Migration News |

Working Holiday Visa Lottery in Germany

Australia is a top choice destination for a lot of young people from Germany, who want to travel. Many students visit the country after high school or after university in order to gather valuable working and international experience and to improve their English language skills. In order to let young people to fulfill their travelling dreams, the government agency Tourism Australia organizes a working holiday lottery in cooperation with several Australian states. The prizes are 12 working holiday visas together with exciting jobs. As an additional stimulus will serve the fact that the winners will have a possibility to take a friend with them so that they can travel and work together. All Germans between 18-30 years can participate. An additional requirement is that all participants involve their friend in the game. Later they can choose one person from their Facebook community and travel with him/her in Australia. In Queensland there are two exciting jobs that the winners can take. The first possibility for the winners is to work as a Reef Guide on the biggest coral reef in the world. The employer will be the leading Great Barrier Reef tours and cruising company Quicksilver. The participants will have the opportunity to gain experiences in different touring tasks as well as to participate in the local program for supporting and promoting sustainable ecotourism in the area. The second winner will also have the opportunity to work as a Reef guide, but with different company – Cruise Whitsundays. He will have to work together with marine biologist and divers. Their tasks will be to learn as much as they can for the current state of the reef and then to transmit this knowledge to the tourists. The jobs will take place between September this year and March next year. There will be also a possibility for a weekend work. The salary will be the usual for the sector (around 18 dollars per hour) Visa First is one of the leading independent Working Holiday Visa consultants. We can help you arrange your Working Holiday Visa and your journey to Australia. Find...

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Posted on May 30, 2012 in Migration News, Working Holiday Visa |

How to apply for a second Australian Working Holiday Visa in 2012

Since 2005 Australia made it is possible for Working Holiday Makers to apply for a second visa. There is however one very important requirement. People who want to become a second visa must prove that they did a “specified work” in an “eligible regional Australian area” for a minimum of 3 months. How is “specified work” defined and what kind of activities it includes? Prospective working holiday makers can check this on the Australian department of immigration and citizenship website. The list of specified work for a Second Working Holiday Visa originally consisted of only agricultural types of work, but it was later expanded The current list has five main categories of work. Here is the current list with the approved categories for year 2012: plant and animal cultivation fishing and pearling tree farming and felling mining construction People, who want to apply for a second visa can use as a proof the so- called Form 1263 (Working Holiday visa: Employment verification). It is crucial that all of the provided data is correct. It is a common procedure that Australian immigration authorities contact third parties in order to check the veracity of the information in the application documents for a second Working Holiday Visa. Another important requirement for prospective working holiday makers is that they need to have done work in an eligible regional area. According to latest regional postcode list published by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship eligible areas are the following: State/Territory Postcode Australian Capital Territory The Australian Capital Territory is not classified as part of regional Australia. New South Wales 2311 to 23122328 to 24112420 to 24902536 to 25512575 to 2594 2618 to 2739 2787 to 2898 Note: Excludes Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Wollongong. Northern Territory All of Northern Territory is classified as part of regional Australia. Queensland 4124 to 4125413342114270 to 427242754280 4285 4287 4307 to 4499 4510 4512 4515 to 4519 4522 to 4899 Note: Excludes the Greater Brisbane area and the Gold Coast South Australia All of South Australia is classified as part of regional Australia. Tasmania All of...

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Posted on May 28, 2012 in Migration News, Working Holiday Visa |

Taiwan and France negotiate for Working Holiday Agreement

The Taiwanese ministry of foreign affairs said that Taiwan will continue its tries to establish Working Holiday Agreement with France. The country will propose the new French government a mutual Working Holiday Program after a new French cabinet has been elected. Taiwan has been trying for long time to sign a Working Holiday Agreement with France. Now the French Foreign Ministry finally supports the idea, but it will be ready to discuss the proposal only after the elections have finished. France currently has Working Holiday Visa agreement signed with numerous countries among which are: Canada, Japan, South Korea, the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Germany. Foreign graduates that are graduating in Taiwan currently face a lot of restrictions if the y want to stay an work in Taiwan. They must have two years of related working experience and job offer, with a salary of at least NT$47,971 per month. There is currently a discussion in the Taiwanese government about loosening these restrictions in order the country to be able to attract new foreign talent. Lu Hsueh-chang, a legislator form the Chinese Nationalist Party, also supports this idea. The Taiwanese director of the Department of European Affairs James Lee said that the fact that second place that Sarkozy had on the recent elections, signifies the fact that the French nation is worried about rising economic issues such as high unemployment rate. Lee however argues that the working holiday visa will not contribute for increasing the unemployment rate in France, because the two countries will have an equal quota of Working Holiday Visa available to be issued each year. Visa First is one of the leading Working Holiday Visa consultants for applicants from all over the world. If you are interested in applying for one of the numerous Working Holiday Visa programs that we offer please visit the Working Holiday Visa section of our site in order to apply. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on May 23, 2012 in Living Abroad, Migration News |

Surge in Australian Working Holiday Visa Applications from Hong Kong

A growing figure of working holiday makers is currently choosing OZ as their destination. The combination of Australia’s strong economy and high wages seems very attractive for young people, who are willing to work abroad. During the 2012 11 percent increase of working holiday visas that are granted to people, who want to work in areas such as fruit picking, tourism, hospitality and mining has been registered in comparison with the same period during the previous year. In addition to that, according to new statistics that were released from Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship there exist an even larger increase of around 30% in the number of total working holiday visas that are issued. Young people, who are coming from Hong Kong and Taiwan, are the biggest contributors for the growth. Hong Kong working holidaymakers rose by nearly 55 per cent, while Taiwan rose by 43 per cent and Italy by 30 per cent. Nevertheless the largest portion of Working Holiday Visas is still granted to visitors from Ireland, UK and South Korea. The strong economy of Australia was pointed out as the main reason for the attractiveness that the country has for foreign Working Holiday Makers. Australian Tourism Export Council managing director Felicia Mariani issued the following statement concerning the growth of foreign applicants. “There’s not a whole lot of options to go to Europe and work at this time,” she said. “Many nations in Europe are experiencing high unemployment rates, particularly in the youth sector. “If you’re sitting in Asia then all of a sudden Australia looks like an attractive option. “It has low unemployment and a high rate of pay.” Her main point is that the Australian touristic industry is gaining a lot from the working holiday makers, who are bringing their foreign language skills in to help tourism. Therefore ATEC has demanded the regional classification to the tourism industry extended to allow working holidaymakers to extend their visa by one year after completing 88 days of work in a regional area. Visa First is a leading provider of Working Holiday Visa for young people...

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Posted on May 21, 2012 in Living Abroad, Migration News |

An increased number of Irish nationals apply for an Australian Visa

The European economic crisis has forced a lot of Irish workers to apply for Australian Visa in order to escape to OZ. The resource boom which Australia currently experiences serves as a catalyst for the demand for new skilled working positions. Many of those new positions are currently filled from foreign workers. The Irish ambassador in Australia has commented that Ireland ranks on third place, only behind Britain and India, among countries, whose nationals are being granted skilled migrant visas. Western Australia is usually the most popular destination for the new Irish immigrants, because there are the best working opportunities for newly arrived immigrants. There is also an increase in the number of people who are applying for a Working Holiday Visa. Australian Department of Citizenship and Immigration expects that during 2012 the Irish Working Holiday Visa applications will exceed the applications that have been registered during 2011. “We have a very high unemployment rate; we’re going through a very difficult time economically. Australia has a booming economy; within that, WA has a booming economy. Quite clearly, there is space for our needs and your needs to complement one another.” Ireland’s ambassador to Australia, Noel White, said. The resource boom, which Australia is currently experiencing, is the main reason for the flowering economy of the country. It is centered mainly in Western Australia, but has created labor shortages throughout the whole country. Attracting skilled migration is the most reasonable solution that is being proposed for resolving the problems that appear on the job market due to the lack of working force. Only during the last month, the skilled migration program of Australia has been expanded to include 190 00 places on total. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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