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Posted on Jul 9, 2010 in Migration News |

Aussie’s Population Growth

Aussie’s population has been progressively growing since the mid-2000s to reach 22 million people in September 2009. In recent years the fast growth of population became a major topic of discussions about the effect of immigration over the population and its future size. The tendency is crucial to consider because infrastructure, services, economy and environment need to be adjusted in order to fit the larger population. “The recent growth rate of around 2% per year is faster than at any other time in the past several decades, and faster than nearly all other developed countries,” the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported. According to ABS, two components cause the population growth – the natural increase, which is the number of births minus the number of deaths, and the net overseas migration. The number of births has increased in recent years, but this is not the main driver of population growth – t is the overseas migration causing the growth. “In the three years to December 2009, NOM made up almost two-thirds (64%) of population growth,” per ABS. People find better opportunities in the more developed countries and they emigrate from the less developed ones. Also, the communications and travel have become more affordable and thus more appealing for prospective migrants. “Recent increases in immigration reflect Australia’s relatively strong economic growth as well as the engagement of Australia in the wider global economy, and especially the provision of education services to large numbers of overseas students” says the Bureau. “Between 2005 and 2010, the world’s population was projected to grow by an average 1.2% per year. Australia’s growth between 2005 and 2009 averaged 1.9% per year, faster than most other developed countries and many developing countries.” ANNUAL AVERAGE POPULATION GROWTH RATES OF SELECTED COUNTRIES(a) Reference year Annual average growth rate(b) % Australia 2005-2009(c) 1.9 Canada 2005-2010 1.0 China 2005-2010 0.6 France 2005-2010 0.5 Greece 2005-2010 0.2 Indonesia 2005-2010 1.2 Italy 2005-2010 0.5 Japan 2005-2010 -0.1 South Korea 2005-2010 0.4 Malaysia 2005-2010 1.7 New Zealand 2005-2010 0.9 Papua New Guinea 2005-2010 2.4 Singapore 2005-2010 2.5 Sweden 2005-2010 0.5 United Kingdom 2005-2010 0.5...

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Posted on Jul 9, 2010 in Migration News |

An Island Made Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Dutch scientists are working on a unique project – to create an island from plastic bottles. The island will be the size of Hawaii and it will be completely made of recycled plastic waste that is currently floating around in the Pacific Ocean. The scientists will need 44 million kilograms of plastic waste to build the Recycled Island. The even more impressive part is that the island will be self-sufficient as solar and wave energy will proving food and work for its 500,000 residents. Here’s what a spokesman said of the project: “The proposal has three main aims – cleaning our oceans from a gigantic amount of plastic waste, creating new land and constructing a sustainable habitat. Recycled Island seeks the possibilities to recycle the plastic waste on the spot and to recycle it into a floating entity.” The scientists plan to create the island close to Venice, Italy, and will be recycling the plastic on the spot into floating blocks which will be also the foundation of the island. According to a research, the Pacific Ocean is currently the most polluted with plastic waste in the world. The waste is extremely dangerous to the sea life because fish and birds see it as food and eat it. “Recycled Island should be seen as a unique opportunity to create a new floating habitat from scratch, yet at the same time the ocean is cleaned from a huge part of its plastic pollution,” according to the spokesman. Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Jun 29, 2010 in Migration News |

Extraordinary Way to Explore Western Australia

“Sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride…” Whether you are a native or a foreigner, the new way to explore Western Australia is equally appealing to all as you are taken on a trip…in a taxi. The Extraordinary Taxi Ride service offers 11 different routes, and every one of them is completely unique. You can choose between “Vines, Forests and Beaches,” “Great Southern Explorer,” “Perth Lifestyle,” “Coast and Nature Spectacular,” “Ningaloo Reef Adventure,” and many more travel deals. A taxi literally picks you up and drives you around on the route you choose upfront. The trip lasts for days during which the cab driver makes sure you have fun and learn something new on the way. The man whose mission is to provide an enjoyable and unforgettable ride is Doug Slater. He has been a taxi driver for over 11 years now, and he loves people and their travel stories. Here are some facts about him: · Doug was able to assist a passenger in his taxi, who had a mild heart attack, helping to save his life. · Doug thinks the Bungle Bungles are WA’s most extraordinary place because of the impressive landscapes, and especially the caves. · When asked what he loves most about WA, Doug said it’s his home town of Bunbury, because of its vibrant atmosphere and abundance of tourists. · Doug once picked up a passenger who had won at the casino and shared his winnings with him. · If chosen to be the driver for the Extraordinary Taxi Ride, Doug would be most excited about being able to promote WA as an extraordinary place and show his commitment to WA’s taxi industry.” To learn more and/or sign up for a trip, visit Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Jun 25, 2010 in Migration News |

New Zealand – The Most Peaceful Country

New Zealand is ranked the most peaceful country in the world for a second consecutive year, shows the Global Peace Index. The Global Peace Index is conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace for 149 countries. According to the survey, peace is determined by factors such as income, schooling and level of regional integration. Also, the peaceful countries demonstrate high levels of government transparency and low corruption. The smaller and more stable countries, part of regional blocks, are most likely to score higher spots in the index. Countries ranking right after New Zealand are Iceland on 2nd place, Japan – 3rd, Austria – 4th, Norway – 5th, and Ireland – 6th. Australia was far below New Zealand as it took 19th place for a second consecutive year. It was not a surprise that Iraq was placed last – 149th place, after last year it was slightly better – with 5 places up. The United States is at 85th, which is far better than previous years as in 2008 it was ranked 97th. Germany is in the top 20% of most peaceful countries and is 16th; UK is at 31st; France – 32nd, and Russia – 143rd. The index suggests that the world has become less peaceful compared to a year ago, when the previous survey was taken. Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Jun 17, 2010 in Migration News, UK Working Holiday |

UK Employment Update

The UK unemployment rate worried economists as it rose from 7.8% to 7.9% from February through April.   The difference is only 0.1% but it equals 23,000 jobless people, which increased the total unemployment number to 2.47 million.   In addition, official statistics also showed that those out of work and not seeking employment also rose with 29,000 during the same period – or 21.5% of the working age population.   Experts say that the UK’s austerity measures will increase unemployment even more because part of the spending cuts will affect the public sector employment.   John Walker, national chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), said: “The FSB believes that while it is important that the government cuts the deficit – something that over 90% of FSB members agree with – it must not be at the expense of the recovery or mean a hike in taxes for small businesses.” TUC general secretary Brendan Barber also added, “The worst possible response would be to slash spending, which will cut demand in the economy and send hundreds of thousands of public and private sector workers on to the dole.” Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on May 10, 2010 in Living Abroad, Migration News |

Immigrating to the UK might become harder

On May 7, the Conservative party won the elections with the majority of the votes—10,706,647. If the conservatives keep their promises about better immigration control, they will tighten up the rules for everybody who wants to enter and stay in the country. They will supposedly start monitoring closely immigrants from outside the European Union coming in for economic reasons; introduce stricter rules for UK student visas; apply English language test for non-EU immigrants entering the country to get married, and reduce illegal immigration. It will soon become obvious whether the plan will work out or not. We only hope for clarity and fairness. Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on May 4, 2010 in Living Abroad, Migration News |

Labour Party on Immigration

The Labour party believe that controlled immigration has a positive effect on the country. Based on the years of experience, they are confident they have done a lot of positive changes in the immigrant rules. They are implementing “a new Australian-style points-based immigration system,” which will help to let only the skilled immigrants in the country—to help build a stronger economy, per   They promise that by the end of 2010, in addition to the 100% biometric visas and ID cards for foreign nationals, they will start electric border controls to count people in and out of the country. In order to gain positive results from the new strategy, there will be a points-based system for permanent residence and citizenship, with clearly stated rights and obligations of the candidates—“…because we believe those who look to build a new life here should earn the right to do so.” Such requirements will be to learn English, pay taxes, obey the laws.   “Our Earned Citizenship plans for newcomers, together with the points-based immigration system will reduce overall numbers of economic migrants coming to Britain and the numbers awarded permanent settlement,” say the Labourists. Visa FirstMore...

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