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Posted on Mar 20, 2009 in Australia Working Holiday, Migration News, Working Holiday Visa |

Australian Backpacker or a Trekkie?

Well, if you are both than be sure you are near Sydney in April. The reason is no other than the world premiere of the latest Star Trek movie. Australian trekkies sure are lucky to be the first to see the latest addition to Gene Roddenberry’s universe. According to BBC the upcoming movie will have it’s premiere in the Sydney Opera House on the 9th of April. Leonard Nimoy, who originally starred as Spock had joined a cause for the movie to hold it’s premiere in a small Canadian farming town called Vulcan, however that initiative did not go far, partially due to the fact Vulcan has no cinema. Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Feb 15, 2009 in Migration News |

$900 handout for Australian residents amended

Australians will get the $900 cash bonus they had hoped for after all. Senator Nick Xenophon joined with the Coalition to scuttle Prime Minister Rudd‘s stimulus package. Subsequently, this Thursday, Australia became the first country to vote down a stimulus package, designed to head-off a recession during the economic crisis. The Prime Minister immediately reintroduced his emergency economic plan into Parliament and the package passed in a rare Friday sitting. The amended package will leave low-income workers and single income families $50 short. They will not get the promised $950, but $900. Those earning less than $80,000 will too receive $900, while people on incomes of between $80,000 and $90,000 will receive $600, and those earning between $90,000 and $100,000 will get a $250 bonus. The savings on this package will go to aid the jobless. Children from low and middle income families will too receive $900. Students and people outside of the workforce will receive $900 to spend on learning and training. The current plan is expected to boost the economic growth from 0.5 to 1.0 point in the next two years. If you still have questions about the stimulus payment or if you want to find about getting yours, I’d like to direct you to contact a team of tax speciallists on or talk with the staff live online . Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Feb 11, 2009 in Migration News |

Australians face discrimination

As bizarre at is may sounds, Australians have hard time with discrimination in their motherland. Recently, there have been several cases where Australians are not allowed to enter a club or sleep over at hotels and hostels. Some hotel owners and publicans favor backpackers and international travelers over Australian citizens. According to a Alex Bushnell,  The Tin Bar (located in Brisbane) recently refused entry to him and two friends on a “Backpacker Night’’ because they did not have international passports. He had to  head back to the Down Under Bar & Grill on Edward Street. The Tin Bar’s manager, Brad, comments “Australians can come in any time they want” adding “On our backpackers’ and students’ nights we throw a bunch of parties and you need an international student card or passport to get in’’. Bunk backpackers’ hostel will welcome anyone to drink in its bar, however they have a strict “no backpack, no dorm room” policy, allowing only travelers to stay in for the night. Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland commissioner Susan Booth clearly states that it is against the law publicans to refuse entry based on nationality. She admitting that this is not a precedent and it’s been going on for a while. According to Ms. Booth, Queensland’s Hotels Association will be reminded of the law if complaints continue. Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Feb 11, 2009 in Migration News |

Thieves blew up an ATM earlier this morning

At 1:15AM, this morning, thieves blew up an ATM device and the better half of a ANZ bank at Latrobe ( Northern Tasmania). The police are searching for two people who are believed to be involved. One of them is believed to be injured from the explosion and in need of urgent medical attention. The plunderers got away with a considerable amount of cash. Police are reaching out to people who might have information about the robbery. Crime Stoppers are available on 1800 333 000 to take any related phonecalls. Now, prospective backpackers, don’t get any funny ideas about raiding unprotected ATM devices. You might be better off finding a decent job 😉 Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Oct 6, 2008 in Migration News |

Traveling to Australia with Vanvisa Mahavichai

First time in a foreign country can prove quite challenging for most people. If you plan to stay for a while, you need to consider many factors – employment, a place to stay, social life, etc. Vanvisa, or just Visa, is a traveler. She is from Thailand, however she loves to travel and meet new people, so you can easily say she is a citizen of the world. Back in 2005 she went to Australia to take a study course and travel for a while. Visa was more than kind to share her experience in Australia , with me and all of you, by answering a few of my questions. Svet: Hey, Visa, can you name 5 things you can’t imagine your stay in Australia without? Visa: Can it be emotions, or qualities as well? I would have to say – a brave heart, patience, hope, friends, and money. Svet: How did you finance your travel to Australia? Visa: I’ve worked so long before I went to Australia. The  trip from Thailand to Australia didn’t cost that much, so I was able to afford it. You just need to plan when and how much. I like to do it when I go with friends. I take full responsibly for planning, calculating the costs, etc. Svet: Have you had any trouble finding accommodation? It can be hard to find a place to stay, if you don’t know anyone. Visa: Hmm yep, but I was lucky to meet nice people and we came to be friends, so it was OK. First, I stayed with Homestay for a month, then moved to live in the city and share accommodation with Indonesians and Thai people. Afterwords I moved to live with Korean and Japanese people. It was an enriching experience, to get to know other cultures. It was a lot of fun too. Svet: So many cultures, with their different ways… I can only imagine the things you’ve learned form your encounters. Tell me, did you have any problems with your employers in Australia? Visa: I’ve worked there only part time, so I...

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