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Posted on Mar 2, 2017 in Road Trip |

Travel Trends 2017

Every year more people are traveling internationally. This is a trend formed by many reasons. The global economy is improving and the financial crisis is behind us. The average household can put aside more money for travel and free time. In the same time, more low cost travel companies are starting to operate. The old and big low cost carriers are opening new lines and destinations, which gives more opportunities for adventurers to explore. Each year the governments are improving travel and visa regulations in order to make their countries more accessible for global tourism and business visitors. Of course, there are exceptions but in general the trend is in favor of the world travelers. Emerging market trend is the so-called “Bleisure”, meaning combining business and pleasure in one trip. Nowadays more travelers are combing both and more companies are willing to give a few extra days to their employees when they are on business trip to spend some time for pleasure and bring their families on the business trip. This way employees save money and in the same time are more happy on the casual business trip when they can have some fun in the same time doing sightseeing. Local travel – More people are starting to value experience over different places and events around them. It could be the next state or the neighbor country or close by region that has some experience or adventure to offer. It is not necessary for the trip to be a far remote destination sometimes we could have great moments very close by. Another emerging trend is the solo tourism. It gains more speed and popularity each year. Reasons for that could be many but mobile technology and easier bookings are making it more accessible and people are not feeling so lonely having all the channels of communication provided by the new technology and social media. For many this experience is more of a self-exploring and enriching experience. Ecotourism was something new and strange years ago. Today it is very popular and people are more and more conscious about the nature...

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Posted on Jul 17, 2013 in Road Trip, Travel, USA |

5 of the Most Classic West Coast Drives

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking the ultimate road trip, the western coast of the United States has some of the most scenic beauty the country has to offer. From the North to the South, you can soak in majestic mountains and pristine coastlines or take in some of the history of the area. The only problem you may encounter is in determining which route to trek. Here are a few suggestions for the ride. 1. The Pacific Coast Highway Stretching 123 miles along the central coast of California, the Pacific Coast Highway is routinely voted as the most beautiful drive in the country.  The Highway starts just south of San Jose in a town called Monterey. Be sure to visit the nearby town of Carmel which has shopping, historic buildings, and restaurants. If you keep traveling north, you’ll arrive in Big Sur, which is where the mountains meet the sea — this is simply a stunning scene. Keep traveling and you’ll hit the other scenic points, including the much-photographed Bixby Bridge, before you finally arrive in Morro Bay. 2. Route 66 Beginning along the Arizona-California border, the final stretch of Route 66 takes you through some of the more barren stretches of the famed road, but provides you with some interesting scenery. The first two stops from the Arizona border are the towns of Needles and Barstow, which are now in heavy decline, but worth checking out if you’re a photographer. Past Barstow, you’ll finally start to emerge from the Mojave Desert towards Victorsville, Pasadena, and then finally, Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. Ultimately, you’ll see a dramatic change of scenery and people in a short distance. 3. The 405 Perhaps the busiest and most traveled stretch of Interstate, the San Diego Freeway, or the 405, links the northern and southern parts of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. While the drive isn’t nearly as scenic or historic as some of the other options in the West, it has its place, particularly in music culture. So, the next time you hear Tupac talking about the 405, you’ll know...

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