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Posted on Dec 16, 2014 in Success Stories |

Working in Australia – Another Happy Visafirst Client

Hi guys, my name is Adam Brook, I am 22 and I have started my new life in Australia! 1. Where did you live in the UK, and where do you live now? I lived in Halifax Yorkshire, and I now live in Albany, Western Australia. 2. Why did you want to live in Australia? I did my first working holiday when I was 18, over 4 years ago and ever since then have really missed the place and made it my goal to do everything possible to live in this beautiful country. I feel there is better work and life prospects here and much more opportunities in every walks of life here. 3. Were you very familiar with Australia before you left? Not at all the first time but its all part of the adventure and your only every a days travelling away from your home and family. 4. What is your story from when you first left the UK to where you are now? In terms of this year I was lucky enough to do lots of travelling around WA and live in many different places and that enabled me to be offered my sponsor and get to know if I would like to live in this area. I now am much more stable with my own house and full time job working towards my residency. 5. What were the costs? I think all up the working holiday was around $300, and the sponsor $4000-$6000 it sounds a lot but I think it is an investment in my future and will be well worth it in the long run. 6. What’s the housing market like at the moment – i.e. Cheap? Scarce? Overvalued? Booming? I am only renting at present and was very fortunate to find a very nice, modern unit for $200 a week that is close to town and to my work so it is ideal for my current needs. 7. How do the food, nightlife and leisure activities compare? In the place I’m in there is some night life and many leisure activities to do...

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Posted on Aug 27, 2013 in Success Stories |

Asian countries take measures against international trafic of people

Thirteen countries in the Asia Pacific region have declared their intention to better tackle the problem of illegal people smuggling across the borders. There will be tougher rules for criminal gangs and better search and rescue operations. The sweeping three-page declaration, issued after a day of meetings in Indonesia’s capital, came just weeks before elections in Australia, the destination for thousands of people fleeing primarily South Asian countries, many of them in rickety boats, whose fate has become an emotional issue for Australian voters. During the last month the Australian Government announced that it will send the refugees without visas to Papual New Guinea, which has greed to welcome them. The discussions in Jakarta brought Australia’s foreign and immigration ministers together with officials from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and other countries that are a source of migrants or that are waystations on the long route, such as Thailand and Indonesia. The participants in the meeting said that they will work together in order to create an early warning system and to improve the ability of their military and police unites to deal with the issue in such a way that loss of life is minimized and the traffickers are punished according to the law. The reason for the new agreement between the countries is that the illegal migration by sea has become a crisis in the region. Earlier Tuesday, five people were thought to be dead after a vessel foundered north of Australia’s Christmas Island, while the remaining 106 people were rescued, Australian maritime authorities said. In Thailand, authorities were searching Tuesday for dozens of asylum-seekers from Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority who broke out of a detention center. The Rohingyas have been at the center of more than a year of sectarian violence in Buddhist-majority Myanmar that has killed hundreds of people and left more than 100,000 people homeless, most of them Muslims. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Apr 25, 2013 in Australian Immigration, Success Stories |

State Sponsored Visa Granted for Derek in Melbourne!

Who are you? I’m Derek Doyle, this is my wife Catriona Doyle & our little boy Sam Doyle Ages: 35, 36, 2 What do you do? I’m a Manufacturing Engineer Where do you come from and where are you now? We traveled from Galway to Melbourne. Why did you want to live in Australia? We wanted a better lifestyle for our family with better job prospects. How is the job search going? I have an interview on Friday and another one on Monday; hopefully they will be what I’m looking for.  I initially wanted a job before I left, maybe I should have looked but it actually worked out for the best, when we got here there was a lot to do to get the house set up and my family settled.  I’m ready for work now! Were you very familiar with Australia before you left? We had been to Brisbane for 2 weeks, short time but we got a feel for the place and loved it.  We new we would come back.  We were not firmiliar with Melbourne but love it here too! What is your story from when you first left the UK to where you are now? We left Ireland Jan-2013 and stayed at an airport hotel the 1st night,  then at Wantirna caravan park for 4 weeks while we arranged a rental house, this took longer than we thought. What was the delay with getting a house? We were not that familiar with the rental process here, you need references from past landlord, if your not working you have to show evidence of finance, there is a process that you need to be approved by the landlord before he will rent to you, its probably because I wanted a decent house for the lads, I imagine renting a room on my own would not have been as detailed… What were the costs of migrating? Visa Process was approx €6k this included all government fees; processing fee was €2500.  Shipping Items over was approx €5k.  Flights were €1.5k.  Initial accommodation was approx €1k. Household appliances...

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Posted on Apr 22, 2013 in Australian Immigration, Success Stories |

Successful State Sponsorship visa: Gary

You want to go to Australia, but still you don’t know what it’s like and what to expect when you get over. Get some real life experience from a client of ours who has recently moved down there. Meet Gary, who has settled in Australia on his skilled Migration Visa. Gary moved to Perth, Western Australia about a month ago with his partner Linlin and their 1y old child Freddy. Who are you and what do you do? I’m Garry and this is my partner Linlin and my little lad Freddy. I’m a Plasterer and Linlin is an Accountant. Can we ask how old? Sure, Im 31, Linlin is 27 year and little Freddy here has just turned 1 and today got his 12 month shots today- he’s not too happy with Australian doctors today! Why did you move? Way more opportunities for plasterers than in Ireland and the weather. Were you very familiar with Australia before you left? No, I was never here before, and we were a bit nervous. Why Perth? I wanted to get my visa as fast as possible, Debbie from advised that the states sponsored applications were currently top of Australian immigration priority listing, Plasters were on Perth Skill shortage list – so we went to Perth! I had friend there also who told me work was good! What is your story from when you first left Ireland to where you are now? Two friends of mine met me at the airport and sorted out our accommodation for the first few nights. I didn’t have a job lined up when I left Ireland so that was my first priority when we arrived. As luck would have it I got the first job I applied for, and am still working with the same employer, plenty of work on. Once I was working we looked into renting a house and it took about 2-3 weeks to find what we were looking for. I wanted a lawn and space. We had to furnish it with electrics and furniture; I purchased most of my furniture online and...

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