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Posted on Apr 18, 2013 in Guest Posts, Travel Destinations |


If you are visiting Sussex this year then you are in for a treat. There are some brilliant places to take a trip to whilst in the stunning county. Don’t believe it? Read on and discover the best attractions to visit whilst staying in the historical South East location. Miniature Steam Railway Eastbourne’s Miniature Steam Railway is a firm favourite amongst those who visit Sussex, and it’s no surprise. The Railway Adventure attraction has won several awards and offers a fun filled day out for the family. Most children relish in the opportunity to ride on the old school locomotives. The only problem you’ll have is making sure your little ones don’t spend all of your cash in the Thomas the Tank Engine gift shop! 1066 Battle of Hastings, Abbey & Battlefield If you are a history lover, a patriot, or simply want to visit one of the country’s most famous attractions, then you will enjoy a trip to the site of the Battle of Hastings. This is one of the most famous battles in the country’s entire history. The ruins hold intriguing and fascinating stories and you will feel like you are being transported back in time. This is an attraction not to be missed. Drusillas Park Drusillas Park can be found in Alfriston. The attraction is perfect for a family day out, especially for those with small children. Drusillas Park is widely considered to be one of (if not the) best small zoos in Europe. Small zoos are best for those with young ones because large zoos can often be very intimidating whereas the smaller versions have a more relaxing environment. From otters to penguins; you and your children will be able to see some unusual and exciting animals at the place voted South East England’s Visitor Attraction of the Year in 2010/2011. British School of Ballooning What better way to witness all that Sussex has to offer than via a hot air balloon ride? One of the reasons Sussex is a well loved place is because of the beautiful countryside and scenery on offer. If you...

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Posted on Apr 10, 2013 in Guest Posts, Travel, Travel Destinations |

What Could Attract You to the Vendee Region?

Even if you regularly take breaks in France you might not yet have considered the West Coast of the country as a serious option. If this is the case then you will no doubt be surprised to learn that Vendee is the second most popular department of France with holidaymakers. So what is it that attracts so many tourists here year after year and will it appeal to you as well? The Sunshine If you love to feel the sun on your face during your summer holiday then you might very well be tempted to head farther south to try and guarantee high temperatures and long hours of sunshine. However, if you stick to the area around the Loire then you will find that it has a climate which is similar to that of the French Riviera. The weather here in summer is sure to be something which makes you feel good about having chosen the place. The Classic Holiday Attractions Feeling the warmth of the sun is one thing but you will also want to have some activities to keep you happy while you are on holiday. This is especially important on family trips when you don’t want to see bored faces during your time abroad. Around this region of France you will find zoos, lots of museums, the famous theme park at Puy Du Fou and plenty of chances to enjoy the spectacular natural scenery. Chatting to the friendly locals is another highlight of the trip for many tourists too, while we can’t forget to mention the wonderful food which many tourists go home raving about. The Coastline The long and beautiful coastline on the West side of France is definitely one of the top reasons for visiting this part of the country. The beaches and the waters aren’t just for looking at, though. You could also carry out any one of a number of different sporting activities here or maybe check out the wildlife as well. If you decide to make the coast the centre of your holiday in North or South Vendee then you won’t...

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Posted on Apr 9, 2013 in Australia, Guest Posts, Travel |

Celebrate Girls Night Out In Sydney

Where else better to spend a girls night out that in one of Australia’s most popular cities – Sydney? With a variety of nightlife that would appeal to all party-goers, you are truly spoilt for choice in one of the world’s most high-ranking cities. Whether its drinks in a bar with astounding views, trying your luck on the roulette table or dancing the night away in some of the city’s best nightclubs, you are sure to have a night to remember in Sydney. Sydney is home to a variety of exclusive bars perfect for your girl’s night out. Bar Pacifica is one of the top spots. A stylish rooftop bar set at the top of The Eastern hotel in Sydney, the relaxed vibes, fantastic cocktails and astounding views all make for the perfect girls night out. Whether its live acoustic music or DJ sessions, the funky and chilled out atmosphere is a great place to catch up with your girlfriends! Whilst there, be sure to try their signature drink – the chesterfield, a refreshing blend of cranberry, apple and vodka. Another alternative to heading to your regular bar is to head down to The Star casino and hotel. The 5-star luxury casino is everything and more than you would expect from a world-class entertainment venue. Whether you are a novice player or have played a couple of times, there are a variety of games to suit everyone. It’s best if you go prepared unless you want to be on a losing streak! Practice your game and strategies on online casino sites like Intertops Australia, who have an extensive range of the same casino games online.  That way, you can feel the thrill of winning instead of the unpleasantness of losing. If a club is more what your looking for on your big girls night out then Sydney is definitely the right choice, the city hosts a vast array of incredible nightclubs. One of the most popular clubbing haunts is ‘Home’, located in the centre of the city, the self-proclaimed super club guarantees to be a night to remember. Although...

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Posted on Apr 8, 2013 in Guest Posts, Travel Destinations |

3 Things to Do in Lyon

The beautiful city of Lyon in east-central France boasts being the second-richest city in the country and is the capital of the Rhône-Alpes region. Often known as the French economic and convention centre, Lyon welcomes everyone to join in their growing gastronomic city. With their hotels internationally acclaimed to be among the world’s best, there is no reason for you to travel to Lyon and explore the wonderful city for yourself. There are plenty of attractions just waiting to be discovered and here are the top three attractions. Parc de la Tete d’Or This open park is perfect for the whole family as it brings fun and wonder to your holiday. Not only can you enjoy the features of a regular park, you can also take part in the many activities, including boating on the large lake and riding a pony through the fields. The major attraction to the park is their nearby zoo which is free to enter. Lions, giraffes, bears and many other animals can be found in the small zoo ideal for children to spend time in. Afterwards, you can even watch a puppet show. It’s not just for kids however as there are physical activities for everyone to partake in from cycling through the 290-acre park to playing mini-golf. With delicious vendors all around the park, this could be the textbook setting for a picnic for two or more. If you’re looking for somewhere to kick back and relax, this is the place. Musee de la Civilisation Gallo-Romaine From exploring the wild to rediscovering history, the Museum of Gallo-Roman Civilisation is all you need to relive the days of the past. Lyon was famously known for having a strong Roman connection in the past and this museum displays the artefacts, weaponry and artwork of those former years. There are many temporary exhibitions on show too so one visit is not always enough. Formed in 1975, the museum helps you understand how the displayed objects figured in Roman life and as you can see the paintings up close, you’re left with a clear impression of what...

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Posted on Mar 20, 2013 in Guest Posts, Living Abroad, Travel |

Adapting to an Expatriate Lifestyle

Moving abroad and becoming a part of a new culture is something that happens a lot these days. Businesses are becoming more cosmopolitan with every passing year, the old borders and boundaries of the trade world slowly disappearing and allowing the free market to thrive as much as possible. One of the most common reasons for beginning a new life abroad is either a promotion or a new job being offered by a given company. Despite the inherent differences in every culture, there are always some elements that are quite the same no matter where you live. One of the things that will impact your life the most is the home sickness you will experience no matter what you do. In this article we will cover what you need to strive for to escape the feelings of disconnection from your roots and social isolation in an alien culture. 1.Curiosity is key This should employed within reasonable limits of course as not every culture is the same. You are given a wonderful opportunity to enrich your knowledge and experience, doing something many people dream about but never get a chance to do. Make the best of what you have and explore the new horizons opening up before you – friendship, sports, hobbies and great food which are all part of your new home – after the removal. 2.Be tolerant Steel yourself against things you cannot change and aspects of a given culture you that bother you. You cannot and should not change something that has been going for a long time. Your role is that of a visitor, not a judge. Different culture vary greatly from one corner of the world to another and sometimes there are aspects of someone’s cultural roots we don’t fully grasp. Before commenting on something or judging make sure you consider how that would look if your roles were reversed and someone was judging your own culture. 3.Avoid mediocrity It is easy to fall into routines, slipping into a banal existence where everything feels monotonous and gray. Depending on the nature of what you do...

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Posted on Mar 12, 2013 in Guest Posts, Living Abroad, Travel |

Driving Abroad: A Beginner’s GuideAbroad: A Beginner’s Guide

Many travellers go out of their way to protect themselves from crime or terrorism in foreign countries, but they do little to prepare for the number-one threat to Americans in foreign countries: driving. Vehicle crashes kill more travelling Americans than any other threat. Whether you need to prepare yourself for driving on the “wrong” side of the road or look into the right licenses you need for driving , it’s smart to prepare yourself to drive on your vacation or business trip abroad. In fact, the growing number of driving accidents caused by foreigners driving in an unfamiliar country has caused Chevron to develop the Arrive Alive program, which seeks to upgrade road usability and safety. They’ve helped developing countries to develop safer laws on the road including better signage and road quality. The responsibility doesn’t end with the quality of roads, however; it’s imperative that drivers prepare themselves to drive in a foreign country. Before you book your rental car, make sure that you do your research. Here are five tips for preparing for driving abroad. 1. Learn the Laws of the Land Check out the foreign country’s to learn the local laws. You will be able to find this information online or from the foreign embassy or often from the car rental company from which you book your car. Often countries will have specific laws about particular roads. You need to look into the different licenses required for divided highways in various countries. Also, look into the less formal rules of the road. For example, in some countries, you need to honk your horn as you’re coming around the corner and flash your lights when you want to pass. You’ll also want to learn the meanings of general traffic signs in the area. You’d hate to mistake a stop sign for a yield sign, for example. 2. Get Insured Just because you are insured in the United States doesn’t mean that you will be insured in a foreign country. Look into temporary car insurance offers in the country you’ll be visiting or find travel insurance that will...

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Posted on Feb 27, 2013 in Australia, Guest Posts, Travel |

Australia Family Relocation Guide

Immigration is something many of us have considered at one point or another during our lives. For most foreigners however Australia carries a great deal of cliches based on the entertainment industry. These have largely shaped how people across the world imagine Australia – mostly kangaroos, vast plains and an overall completely wrong idea of what the country is today. Australia is a lot more and not nearly as close to the idea of Crocodile Dundee. There is much out there capable of surprising any traveler. The influx of Asian immigrants and their slow integration has greatly changed the way Australia operates these days. It would not be surprising to notice signs in Mandarin Chinese next to English translations, a multi-cultural environment and rich culture. The traditional description of Australia can no longer be applied the same way as before. Here are some things you must keep in mind when you travel or you want to immigrate to Australia: Remove properly all mass-media ideas from your head in regards to Australian culture. Movies such as Crocodile Dundee and others have very little to do with the reality of the matter. Having such a misconception about the way this country works will only confuse you. The cliches we are used to have nothing to do with the reality of the matter. Not all Japanese are quiet and reserved samurai, not all Americans are loud, not all Frenchmen eat croissants. The world is a melting pot of cultures, ideas and races that defies definitions and rigidity. In turn Australia is always changing, much like any other country. Expect airport security measures to be no less strict than those in the United States or elsewhere around the world. Australian authorities are still concerned after the Bali bombings from 2002 and at some point even lipstick was banned from flights because of a terrorist attempt. It is a good idea to follow all instructions and to treat the immigration authorities with patience and respect. They are only doing their jobs. Stay alert for physical dangers of the Australian lifestyle. Depending on where you...

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