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Posted on Oct 9, 2013 in Travel |

Mall Attack threatens the tourism industry in Kenya

The deadliest terrorist attack in the last 15 years which happened in shopping mall in Kenya is threatening the tourism industry, which is the second largest source of revenue for the African country. Various tourist attraction in Kenya attract more than 1,8 million tourist every year who contribute for 10% of the GDP of the country. The four day terrorist attack in the capital Nairobi left dead at least 67 visitors and security personnel.  “Some of the images that have come out of Kenya are really harrowing and it’s going to affect the perceptions in quite a negative way,” Shilan Shah, an economist at Capital Economics in London, said in a phone interview yesterday. “The length of time it went on, the live coverage, the severity of the attack; it’s definitely affecting perceptions.” The attack is one of the series of setbacks which the Kenyan hospitality sector is facing during the current year as s visitors held back on trips before elections in March and after a fire at the country’s main airport in Nairobi in August gutted the international arrivals hall. Despite the fact that the tourism industry suffered a pullback, the country’s economy has proven itself as very resilient and should be able to pull back. Those investors who are mainly looking for the long term perspective will not be scared by the attack. In spite of the attack for example, The kenyan shilling has strengthened 1.6 percent against the dollar since the shopping mall attack and was trading as high as 85.60 in Nairobi today. The FTSE Kenya NSE 25 Index has climbed 4.6 percent to 172.26 in the same period. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Oct 4, 2013 in Australia, Guest Posts, Travel |

Brisbane a completely transformed cosmopolitan city

Brisbane, the third largest city of Australia and capital of Queensland doesn’t have wild and untamed beauty, but it is still beautiful. The city is a treasure trove of culture, wining and dining, events which is a lively experience to uncover. From the few years Brisbane is completely transformed into a hot cosmopolitan city decked with some world class art galleries, booming music scene, fabulous café culture, some great museums, but still retains its laid-back, easy attitude of a small community which makes it an interesting city to visit and enjoy your holidays. The best way to explore beauty of city and uncover its rich cultural heritage is either jumping on a bicycle or on foot wandering around its streets and hitting its 1200 km of walkways and bridges that connects riverside inner-city precincts and provide its visitors an opportunity to enjoy wealth of natural wonders and mild climate. Make a plan and book low fare flight tickets to Brisbane, a futuristic city full of entrepreneurial zeal, cosmopolitan young people, bohemian nightclubs, high-end shopping, world-class restaurants, upscale hotels, funky eateries and thus locals affectionately call their home city BrisVegas. The Parklands of South Bank South Bank is a little piece of everything. It is a 17 hectares lush sub-tropical urban oasis is a great place to visit that celebrates modern life. Visit Australia’s only inner-city beach that offers panoramic views of city where you can enjoy a stroll through the award –wining harbour , go for rain-forest walks, visit its picturesque riverfront promenade, on which you can walk, run or cycle, or explore city from new heights on the Wheel of Brisbane. The South Bank provides an authentic experience that typifies the idyllic Queensland summer lifestyle which makes it even more worth visit. Magnificent Redland Bay Just 40 minutes from downtown Brisbane, is situated the Redlands region where all roads lead to Bay. The landscape is diverse ranging from glistering beaches to mountain tops is a home to close-knit resident population who welcomes visitors. The area offers range of activities from bay cruises and island hopping to guided heritage tours...

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Posted on Oct 3, 2013 in Guest Posts, Travel Destinations, United Kingdom |

Haunted Towers and Gloomy Dungeons: Discover London at Halloween

Do you fancy doing something out of the ordinary this Halloween? Ditch trick or treat for London’s gloomy dungeons and haunted towers. London has a dark and blood-soaked history, ripe for exploring at this spooky time of year. Whether you’re after chilling tales and terrifying gore, or something spook-tacular for the kids, London has a lot to offer. See London from a spookier perspective this October with eight of the best attractions for this Halloween: London Dungeons The London Dungeons may be spooky all year round, but at Halloween things get turned up a notch. Discover the horrors of London’s gory history down in the dark dungeons – what could be better at Halloween? Featuring live actors and special effects, the gruesome tales of the capital are brought to life in the grimy light of the dungeons. With Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd for company, you’re in for trick, rather than a treat. The London Dungeons have also rustled up something especially for Halloween, with dungeon brew, trick or treat lollies and a pumpkin-filled production of horrors. Hampton Court Palace This beautiful palace is another attraction brimming with tourists all year round, but beneath the splendour, is a dark past. Many believe the palace to be haunted – by not one, but five ghosts. The two most popular stories involve Henry VIII’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard and ‘skelator’, an eerie presence which stands at the entrance. The ghost of Catherine Howard is rumoured to haunt the gallery, where she was kept under house arrest shortly before her execution. Whether or not it is true, the eerie tale of her shrieking voice echoing through the corridor is a glimpse into the palace’s dark history. ‘Skelator’ is a more recent addition to ghostly inhabitants of the palace. The figure was first spotted on CCTV in 2003 and caused security guards to rush to the spot, only to find no one there. If you’re looking for chilling ghost stories, as well as a glimpse into the beauty and history of London, then Hampton Court Palace would be a spooky day out...

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Posted on Oct 2, 2013 in Australia, Guest Posts, Travel |

7 delightful beaches in Australia for travel snobs

Do you like to explore new places or are you adventurous then there is so much to see and experience in this world. Let go of the manmade beauties, Mother Nature herself has so much to offer that her creations can make us swoon over her powers to create such magnificent and breathtaking sights. There are so many such creations that an individual can’t help but go gaga over them with just one short visit. It is absolutely impossible to discuss about all the natures offerings at one go. So let us just concentrate on one particular continent and the various beaches it has to please the human mind and soul. Australia, here we come! The most famous attractions of Australia are the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, The famous Kangaroo Island and many more. The other natural features worth discussing in Australia are its beautiful beaches. There are 7 most famous beaches worth a visit. 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island: The first beach worth discussion is the 75 Mile Beach. It is named because of its length which spans approximately 75 miles along the east coast of island. It offers a variety of sands ranging from the light colored sands to the dark and the even darker sands. Hazardous currents and tiger sharks make it a dangerous place for swimming, however there are stunning attractions including Champagne Pools, Indian Head, the Wreck of the Maheno and Eli Creek. Bondi Beach, Sydney The Bondi Beach became famous for the world’s first Surf life Saver’s Club. It is characterized by stretches of sandy beaches and audacious surfing. If your routine sound likes an old broken record which keeps repeating, then Bondi beach is the best way to rejuvenate your senses. Nothing can give you more pleasure than enjoying a cool sea breeze brushing against your face when you stretch lazily under the umbrella. Lizard Island, Whitsundays The Lizard Island on the eastern coast is famous for its deep water diving activities as well as sky diving. It is a National Park covering 1000 hectares with 24 beaches and bays....

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Posted on Sep 25, 2013 in Travel |

Gulf countries should do more to promote local tourism

At first glance it seems that gulf countries are doing a lot in order to attract foreign tourists to come and spend money to boost the local economies. Abu Dhabi is building a cultural island dedicated to museums with the Louvre set to open a branch there in 2015 and Dubai is bidding for the Expo 2020. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is encouraging private investment in Mecca and Qatar is set to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, despite the to-ing and fro-ing over calendar timing of the event. In addition to that in Qatar are expanding the capacity of the local airports so that more passengers can travel from Europa to Asia.  You might say the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC, bloc is prioritizing the tourism industry. According to a recent report prepared from Booz & Co consultants, there are still a lot of things to be done for the tourism in the region. The report indicates as main weaknesses the insufficient tourism offerings, and inconsistent investment flow and the spotty marketing efforts. In addition to that obtaining a visa for some of the countries in the region is also difficult for people from particular nationalities. Last but not least, the scarcity of World heritage sites in the area is another factor that puts the tourism industry in these countries at a disadvantage. The tourist product that is offered in the Gulf countries is rather limited. Most of the countries there are focused just on a single niche. For Saudi, it’s religious tourism and Oman it’s the beaches, while Qatar and Bahrain try to offer a business-friendly environment, but little else, the consultants say. Despite those shortcoming many experts are united around the fact that the social unrest in many of the neighboring countries such as Egypt, Lebanon and Syria provides a lot of opportunity for the tourisms industry gulf countries, due to the safe haven status that they have. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Sep 13, 2013 in New Zealand, Travel Destinations |

3 of New Zealand’s Most Beautiful Beach Towns

Summer is coming, meaning it’s almost time to get your beach (or at the very least your swimming togs) on! With its lack of crowds, pleasant weather conditions, clear crisp waters, clean beaches, great surf, and some of the best fish n’ chips in existence, New Zealand offers the very best in beach holidays. Here is a guide to three of the coolest beach towns across both the north and south islands! Nelson With its relaxed atmosphere and stunning weather, Nelson is the perfect place for a family holiday. As well as being home to some of the most beautiful stretches of sand in New Zealand, Nelson is culturally cool with a buzzing food and wine scene, a multitude of artist’s studios and galleries and a casual-chic lifestyle to go with it. In terms of beach action, if you want to stick close to Nelson city, there are a range of beautiful beaches bordering the main town centre with the highlight being Tahunanui. A very family-friendly spot, Tahunanui is a great place to swim, play and picnic. There is even an exercise area for the family pooch! If you fancy venturing a bit farther, located just a short drive away from the Nelson township lies Kaiteriteri beach. Essentially one of the most beautiful beaches in the South Island, Kaiteriteri beach is the entrance to the Abel Tasman National Park. Here you can swim, surf, sun and sea kayak amongst the company of seals, penguins and dolphins. If you’re in dire need of a bit of sun and can’t wait until the Christmas holidays, spring is actually a great time to travel, as you’ll avoid the chaos of tourist season. You can search for cheap hotels in Nelson easily online! Mangawhai Beautiful, historical and culturally cool, Mangawhai is a family-friendly holiday spot, alongside an ideal romantic destination for couples. With its array of colonial buildings, abundance of art galleries, cool café scene and great selection of retail stores, it makes for a great weekend getaway or extended summer holiday. Located a short drive from Auckland city, Mangawhai is a great...

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Posted on Sep 13, 2013 in Brazil, Presentation, Travel |

Great holiday package options with Beach Class Resort

Holiday planning has become very vital part in the present society. People are frustrated from their daily hectic schedule and thus, want some sort of recreation to chill out. Holiday planning must be done very carefully, and proper steps must be taken prior to the booking of a ticket. There are various kinds of locations all around the world, which can help to relax and get proper insight of the nature’s beauty. Brazil is one such location, which is well endowed with flora and fauna. The culture of Brazil is very unique, which helps the visitors to spend their vacation in a very perfect manner. The luxurious beach of Brazil as well as scenic beauty remains to be the best attraction to the visitors. It also provides some of the world-class resorts for the visitors. This has indeed become one of the common choices of people visiting Brazil. Accommodation is a very important factor, which must be taken care prior to visit a certain place. After a long recreating environment, it is very necessary to relax and take a rest. With the Beach Class Resort, which is termed the most luxurious kinds of resorts, it becomes very easy to relax and avail proper accommodation. The Beach Class Resort is also regarded as one of the best resorts that cater to the exact need of the people. A holiday can be peaceful with a proper kind of accommodation. The entire facilities of the Beach Class Resort are structured as per the need of the visitors. This has become the most often visited resorts in Brazil. Brazil is well known for its unique culture along with food and fun. All these factors are well maintained by the Beach Class Resort at the same time. The location of this resort is favorable for many visitors. It saves much of the time, which can be rather used for entertainment. This resort provides a complete package for visitors, who visit Brazil in order to spend their vacation. Thus, with the natural beauty of Brazil along with accommodation facilities of Beach Class Resort can attract...

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