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Posted on Sep 20, 2019 in Travel, Travel Destinations |

Russia is the best holiday destination in the world. Here’s why

  Yes, the title of this blog is indeed a bold statement. But before you start mentally listing your all-time favourite vacation spots, give us a chance. We can back it up! For instance, Russia is absolutely ginormous. So big in fact, that it is nearly the size of the (former) planet Pluto. This means that when you book a holiday to Russia you will literally have an entire world of wonder to explore. Relaxing on pristine beaches, exploring ancient history or wandering around modern bustling cities, whatever you’re looking for in a holiday, you will find it here. In this blog we’re going to take a look at some of the best things to see and do in Russia. Of course, in order to visit Russia for a holiday you will first need to secure a tourist visa. But don’t let that put you off. If you apply for your visa with Visa First you will find that getting your documents is actually much easier than you think! You’ll enjoy a stress-free service as our team guide you through the entire application process and provide end-to-end support. Further detail on how to apply for your visa can be found below. But for now, here are five reasons why you should make Russia your next holiday destination! 1) Moscow is Marvellous You know, Moscow might just surprise you. Even upon hearing the word ‘Moscow’, many people are bored stiff by visions of bureaucracy and politics. Not many tourists fully appreciate what a modern, chic city Moscow is until they come here. In fact, did you know that Moscow is home to more billionaires (73) than almost any other city (only New York (82) and Hong Kong (75) have more)? And it’s really easy to see why. There is an endless list of things to do here and so much history to explore. The city itself is enormous – about twice the size of New York and London. The fastest way to get around is to use the world-class metro system. But the best way to get around is by...

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Posted on Jun 3, 2016 in Tips and Tricks, Travel Destinations |

Explore Auténtica Cuba

Over the past 18 months, Cuba has been in the news more than it has been in recent years. This is obviously due to the normalisation of U.S.A. – Cuban relations and the relaxation of the Cuba Trade Embargo. However, there have been many media reports pointing out that soon Cuba will be a changed country due to an influx of American tourists and goods; Cuba will be a homogenous tropical tourist destination, just like anywhere else in the Caribbean. Of course, anyone who has been to Cuba knows that this is unlikely to be the case. Millions of Canadian, Australians, Europeans, Russians and Chinese people visit Cuba each year, bringing with them plenty of the culture these nationalities share with Americans. It surprises many people but in some regards, Cuba is more modern and developed than people realise. Here’s a quick run-down of what to expect and what to do when you get to Cuba: Cuban Surprises You can get Coca-Cola! And Heinz ketchup, Nike clothes, Marlboro cigarettes, Disney toys and many other products by American brands. The products are usually manufactured or produced in Mexico or other Latin American countries but Cubans have access to these goods. Not everyone drives a Lada or a 1950’s Ford. In fact, contemporary motors by European and Russian manufacturers are just as plentiful as classic cars. Virtually every Cuban you meet will be bi- or tri-lingual. Spanish is the national language but most people can speak English as well as French or German. Prior to 1991, Russian was taught as student’s second language in schools so many Cubans are fluent Russian speakers too. Cuba has the best education system in Latin America and the Caribbean. Cuba also dedicates more of its national budget to education than any other country in the world! Plus, education is free in Cuba which means most Cubans are highly educated to third or even fourth level. However, the most sought after jobs in Cuba are careers in the tourist industry. Tourism jobs pay more than most jobs – partially due to tips, so it’s not unusual...

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Posted on Nov 13, 2015 in Australia, Australian Immigration, Living Abroad, Travel, Travel Destinations |

7 Top Places to Visit in Perth

Perth is ranked one of the best places to live on the planet and also one of the world’s most sunniest capital city. These are the top 7 places to visit in Perth: 1. Kings Park and Botanic Gardens Kings Park and Botanic Garden is often called the green heart of the city. It is located in the top of St. George’s Terrace. The park is one of the most popular destinations among the tourists in Western Australia. There are extraordinary river and city views from the park. With its barbeque and picnic facilities, Kings Park is preferred by families with young children. 2. Perth Cultural Centre The Perth Cultural Centre includes the Western Australian Museum, the Library of Western Australia, the Art Gallery, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and The Blue Room Theatre. It is a place to learn new things, get involved in different activities or just enjoy the sunshine. Near to the public transport and adjacent to the Perth central train station, the Cultural Centre is a dynamic and lively public area. 3. Fremantle Harbour Fremantle has recently been named in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2016. It is one of Australia’s busiest ports. There’s a great weekend market here with locally grown produce and live music. The streets are full of trendy cafes and bars, musicians and collections of art. Tourists are also attracted by the waterfront at the western end of Victoria Quay as it is open for people to watch the port’s workings. 4. Cottesloe Beach Cottesloe Beach is one of Perth’s best and most popular beaches. Walking along the coastline, surfing, diving or snorkelling are just a few of all the activities you can enjoy here. In March Cottesloe Beach becomes an open gallery. 5. Rottnest Island  Rottnest Island attracts half a million visitors a year. It is a nature reserve and an idyllic little island offering a range of marvellous white beaches with crystal clear water, bays and coves, reefs and wrecks. 6. Perth Zoo What you can find in Perth Zoo is a diversity of 164 species of animals and a...

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Posted on Nov 19, 2014 in Australia, Travel, Travel Destinations |

Top 8 Things to Do in Sydney

Sydney has it all: great beaches, magnificent harbour, and views to remember! If you plan to visit Sydney soon, check out if these below are on your bucket list. 1. Bondi Beach It’s definitely worthwhile to start with Bondi Beach.With its turquoise waters and a golden sand, Bondi Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia and no doubt one of the most famous in the world. It’s roughly a kilometre long and always full of locals and tourists. Located on the East coast, Bondi Beach is a suburb of Sydney. 2. The Royal Botanic Gardens The Royal Botanic Gardens are located very close to the Sydney Opera House. It’s amazing because the gardens are filling an area of land between the Harbour and the eastern part of the central business area. Oasis in the heart of the city! There are more than one million specimens. You can come across a great diversity of plants – from huge trees, putting aside a wonderful shade to palms, roses and ferns. There’s a gorgeous view to the Harbour from the top of the hill, so you can go there and enjoy it. The Gardens can be accessed by bus, train or ferry. You can see people walking around the Harbour front at the lower part of the gardens during lunchtime or jogging in the mornings as this place is full of people daily till sunset when it closes. Walking through the gardens and along the seawall is a great way to relax in Sydney. 3. Sydney Opera House One of the most recognizable buildings in Australia and why not in the world! Even if you are not going to see a performance there, Sydney Opera is a visual performance itself. It’s 185 metres long and 120 wide and hosts 3,000 performances and events every year. 4. Sydney Harbour Sydney Harbour is considered one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. One of the best and inexpensive ways to explore it is by ferry. It’s dotted with hundreds of sailboats, ferries, and kanus. Sydney Harbour Bridge has become an international...

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Posted on Jul 28, 2014 in New Zealand, New Zealand Working Holiday, Travel Destinations |

The Top 10 Places in New Zealand You Shouldn’t Miss

New Zealand (Aotearoa) is called the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’. It has also been known as ‘God’s Own Country’ and the ‘Paradise of the Pacific’. New Zealand is a land of stunning natural beauty: picturesque beaches, wonderful rivers and lakes, steep fiords and active volcanic zones, tempting pastures, forests and mountains. It’s a dream destination and a once-in-a-life place to visit, so if you are planning to go there for the first time or you plan to return, look at our suggestions what you should not miss there: 1. Auckland Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and one of the best places in the country. We recommend the AucklandArtGallery, the Bush and Beach Tours, the AucklandWarMemorialMuseum, Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium, GreatBarrierIsland, Auckland Zoo, WaihekeIsland, WaitakereRanges, SkyTower.   2. Milford Sound R. Kipling called it the ‘eight wonder of the world’. It’s formed by glaciers during the Ice Age. Cliffs rise from fiords crowned by mountains and waterfalls. The scenery of Milford Sound is truly spectacular that has remained unchanged throughout the ages.   3. Lake Tekapo It’s a magnificent and energetic lake with intense milky-turquoise colour. You can enjoy the lure of salmon and trout fishing here, mountain biking, water sports, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, scenic flights and golf.   4. Christchurch The third biggest city in New Zealand, it was devastated by four large earthquakes between Sep 2010 and Dec 2011, but the city is live and back to normal again. One of the best places to visit here is the Cathedral Square and the CanterburyMuseum, the Garden City, a journey in the Christchurch Gondola and the ChristchurchBotanic Gardens.   5. Bay of Islands Bay of Islands is one of the best places for fishing, watersports or sailing. This region is made of 144 islands between CapeBrett and PureruaPeninsula. The Bay of Island is about three hours by car from Auckland. You should not miss the Hole in the Rock, an opening in a rock formation that you can sail through when the tide is right.   6. Queenstown Queenstown is also known as the...

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Posted on Oct 22, 2013 in Travel Destinations |

Taking best cruises to visit Halong Bay

Natural sceneries along with an island are one of the best sites that people always dream of watching it. There are lots of places in earth that is well declared as world heritage site. Halong Bay is one such kind of destination that attracts huge numbers of people towards it. This world heritage site has more than 2000 limestone islands in the ocean. There are lots of scheduled beaches, caves as well as grottoes near this particular site. With such huge numbers of scenic beauty, people are willing for some of the best means to reach this place. Cruise can be the best means that can easily help to view all the best attractions at once. One should visit Halong Bay for preserving the memories, as this entire place is one of the top destinations in the world. It is better to opt for some of the best Halong Bay cruises that can help the visitors to enjoy the natural beauty along with the world class facilities in the cruises. Cruise journey is considered as one of the best journey as the level of standard is maintained at the same time. There are lots of packages available for getting the best benefit from the cruise. One can easily find out some of the best service providers, who are providing the trip in the cruise. The entire trip in the cruise will include facilities such as luxury accommodations, the entire trip to Halong Bay, swimming, fishing, and kayaking. The visitors are provided with some of the best kinds of restaurants and bars. Interested people can easily take the service of some of the best cruise in the present time. Good numbers of theme parties can be arranged to depend on the requirement. Lots of board games are available along with mini library. Good level of meeting facilities can also be arranged at the same time. Almost all cruises include spa and Jacuzzi rooms. The visitors will also be provided with airport service. All kinds of transport facilities will be provided by the cruise company. All these facilities can be included...

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Posted on Oct 15, 2013 in New Zealand, Travel Destinations |

Wellington – a charming city of great culture and scenic natural beauty

New Zealand’s coolest little capital Wellington is nestled between sparkling harbour and rolling green hills is renowned for its art, heritage, culture and native beauty which all makes it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. It is a buzzing city which is nicknamed as “Culinary Capital” of New Zealand is known for its elegant bars, quirky cafes, award-winning restaurants and welcoming delicatessens. Wellington has small village charm but at the same time boasts big city sophistication. Built on the edge of a deep harbour and steep surrounding hills, Wellington is the creative capital of country which has many museums, art galleries, thriving theatre and film scene. It hosts some of the grandest events in the world such as International Arts Festival, Wellington Sevens Rugby Tournament and World of Wearable Arts Award etc. So make a plan and book business class flight to Wellington where you can enjoy culture to coffee, music to movie-making, adventure activities to picturesque walks beautiful harbour to hills that will surely leave you wanting for more. Whatever reasons for your visit to Wellington but rest assure you’ll never come across even a single dull moment. Great heritage buildings Being the political centre of country, Wellington is a home to some great heritage buildings that tells stories of New Zealand’s nationhood and culture. A visit to Wellington would not be complete without a visit to NZ’s beautifully refurbished Parliament Buildings. Located in historic suburb of Thorndon, it is made up of three architecturally distinctive buildings, the Edwardian neo-classical Parliament House, the Victorian Gothic Parliamentary Library and a unique Beehive building which are worth visit. The Colonial Cottage located in central Wellington is oldest identified building in the city which was built in 1858 is a family home by William Wallis. It has now been preserved as a museum to show living in 19th century. Don’t miss a visit to Old St Paul which is one of country’s greatest heritage places and is one of the best examples of timber Gothic Revival architecture is a great experience for its visitors. Popular attractions Don’t ever...

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