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Posted on Jul 11, 2014 in Investor Visa, United Kingdom |


The British government announced yesterday that they are taking serious measures to stop migrants getting entrepreneur visas under false pretences. Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said that the tax records has shown that people on expiring student visas who then get entrepreneur visas have not gone to set up their own business. The Home Office disclosed the number of foreigners applying for the right to stay in the country under the entrepreneur scheme rocketed from 118 in 2009 to 10,000 last year. The UK Government believes that organized gangs are looking to get entrepreneur visa after the post-study work simply to extend their stay in the UK. Under the terms of an entrepreneur visa, the visa holder is only allowed to work for their own business and not take employed work elsewhere. The efforts of the ministers are to build a strong immigration system that is fair to British citizens and legitimate migrants. So, applicants now should give more evidence of their business activities to secure an entrepreneur visa and further restrictions will be put on switching to the visa from other immigration routes. Visa First is a leading immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your UK visa fast and hassle-free today. Please visit our site for more information Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Jun 20, 2014 in United Kingdom |

UK student visa subject to criminality on massive scale

The UK immigration minister James Brokenshire has announced that the tier 4 student visa system has been targeted by international criminals on a massive scale. According to him there are 29 000 examples of visa fraud discovered so far. In addition to that there are 19 000 suspected fraud cases. Mr Brokenshire said that investigations into other test results are taking place. He said that he expected more cases to be uncovered. He said that there have been several arrests with more likely to follow. After 2011 all of the tier 4 visa applicants are required to prove their level of English by passing a language test before being eligible to receive their student visa. In addition to that the applicants must be interviewed by home office adjudicator either face to face or online. In February 2014 however, undercover BBC journalist showed that the abuse of the student visa system has been commonplace since a lot of years. At one multiple choice exam, for example, the outer doors of the college were locked before the invigilator read the answers out to the whole room. The 200 question-test, which was designed to take two hours was completed in seven minutes. Mr Brokenshire said that English language proficiency is just one of the requirements for people, who want to obtain student visa for UK. In addition to that applicants must ensure that their academic qualifications are sufficient and they need to visit their course regularly. Foreign students that visit privately funded colleges are not allowed to work at all. Nevertheless the at one private college – London School of Business and Finance, there were 219 foreign students who paid tax on earned income in the last year. Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your UK visa fast and hassle-free today. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Jun 13, 2014 in United Kingdom |

The Mayor of London says that the city might not prosper without immigration

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has stated that the city will not survive economically without immigration, but added that all immigrants should be encouraged to integrate into the British society once they arrive. Speaking at an investment conference, Johnson, who has graduated classics, compared the current state of London with Sparta and Athens. It is well known that Athens was open to newcomers during the antiquity while Sparta was a closed society. According to Johnson it is better to follow the example of Athens. ‘Look at Athens and Sparta’ he said; ‘Athens was an open city and Sparta kicked people out. Go and look at the ruins of Athens and Sparta now and ask which of the two cities made the greatest contribution to civilization’. With his opinion the mayor of London seems to be direct challenge to the current ruling conservative and the Prime Minister David Cameron, who promised to reduce the net immigration to tens of thousands people per year. It is very unlikely however that the targets will be achieved. The reason for this is that according to the National Office of Statistics most of the immigration is coming from the European Union and therefore it cannot be reduced since EU citizens have unlimited right to live and work in UK. Mr Johnson said the ‘tens of thousands’ pledge ‘was a policy failure of politicians, saying they wanted to control immigration which they couldn’t do because of free movement’. The criticism of Johnson seems to at least partly confirm the rumours that Johnson will run against Cameron on the next parliamentary elections in 2015. Mr Johnson and Mr Cameron were at school together at the famous EtonCollege and later studied at OxfordUniversity. Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your UK visa fast and hassle-free today. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Jun 10, 2014 in United Kingdom |

The vice chancellor of Cambridge University considers the new UK immigration policy nonsensical

Professor Leszek Borysiewicz, who is a vice chancellor of the Cambridge universite has labeled the current immigration policy of United Kingdom as nonsensical. According to him it is not only damaging the educational sector, but the country in general. It makes many foreign students to think that UK is not a place where they are welcomed to study. This means that students who come from outside EU will chose other destinations such as Australia, Canada and United States. Professor Borysiewicz was born in Cardiff to Polish parents in 1950. He is a medical doctor who has specialised in research into immunology, spending most of his working life in Cambridge. His warnings that foreign students are not coming anymore to UK in such numbers as before are already coming true. Recent statistics shows less and less Indian and Pakistani students are choosing UK as their university destination since the coalition government tool power in 2010. At the same time the government is being accused of introducing such policies that discourage students from abroad to coming to UK. The government has taken numerous steps to do this. It has cut the number of Tier 1 (highly skilled migrants) visas available every year from tens of thousands to hundreds and placed a cap of 20,700 on the number of Tier 2 (General) skilled worker visas available annually. In addition to that there were also measures designed to cut the number of international students as they are also included in the net immigration statistics. Many academcs complain that this greatly damages the UK reputation internationally. The government however claims that it has not cut the number of students genuinely studying in UK, but only of those who use their student status as a cover to search for a job. Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your UK visa fast and hassle-free today. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on May 14, 2014 in United Kingdom |

More EU citizens come to work in UK

The next set of official UK immigration statistics are likely to show an increase of more than 25% in the number of Romanians and Bulgarians living in the UK since the same time last year, according to the Migration Observatory at OxfordUniversity. According to many research it is almost sure that there will be more immigrants in the 1st quarter of 2014 in comparison with the first quarter 2013. There will be at least 30 000 more EU citizens coming in Britain. If this statistics turns right this will be a major embarrassment for the Prime Minister David Cameron, who has promised to cut down the immigration number to tens of thousands people per year. At the same time this can provide additional impetus for the far-right UK independence party, which has promised to organize referendum on the question of whether United Kingdom should remain in the European Union. According to recent sociological researches, the UK population has in general a negative attitude towards mass immigration with 75% of the people firmly opposing it. UKIP leader Nigel Farage says that UK should be able to control incoming migration from any country. Currently all EU citizens can freely work and live in United Kingdom. If UKIP wins the election and Farage becomes Prime Minister, he will be able to take UK out of EU and in this way, the EU immigration will be limited. The Conservative Party which traditionally opposes the immigration is currently in difficult position as its leader Mr Cameron does not want the country to leave EU, but at the same time does not want the country to leave EU. He has implemented several sets of rules that aim at the reduction of immigration, but they have proven to be only partially successful. Nevertheless those policies have attracted a lot of criticism due to the fact that many people consider them extremely damaging for the UK economy. Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your UK visa fast and hassle-free today. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on May 7, 2014 in United Kingdom |

UK independence party starts its anti immigration electoral campaign

The UK Independence Party has started its campaign for the European elections in May 2014. The party has launched a poster campaign which is funded by the UK businessman Paul Sykes which is an open opponent of the European Union. One of the posters features a finger pointing out from the poster at the viewer below which is printed ’26million people in Europe are looking for work. And whose jobs are they after?’ Another poster shows a construction who is begging with a polystyrene cup on a pavement. To his left is the text ‘EU policy at work. British workers are hit hard by unlimited cheap labour.’ The main goal of the campaign is to attract those people, who are disappointed by the European Union. According to UKIP, EU immigration is detrimental to many local workers, because it takes jobs from them. In addition to that immigrant workers drive the average wages down, because they are ready to work for less money than the British citizens. Many political opponents to UKIP have however attacked the posters, by describing them as absurd or even racist. According to Mike Gapes, who is a Labour Party MP, the campaign is done in a way that sows fear, envy and hatred towards foreign workers, despite the fact that many immigrants are doing vital jobs for the UK economy. The veteran Conservative MP Nicholas Soames, a grandson of Winston Churchill, said ‘The UKIP advertising campaign is deeply divisive, offensive and ignorant’. Nigel Farage, who is a leader of UKIP was unrepentant, despite the criticism. He said that the posters reflect the real situation with the immigration in UK and that they might ruffle a few feathers among the chattering classes’. Nevertheless he is not bothered by that at all.       blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Apr 11, 2014 in United Kingdom |

UK will prevent foreigners from claiming benefits

From the Beginning of July all EU immigrants that come to UK will not be able to claim benefits for their first three months in the country. Additionally all job seekers, who do not speak fluent English will need to attend language lessons or lose their rights to obtain benefits. This announcement is in line with the current UK government policy that seeks to limit the pull factors that attract foreigners to UK. Previously all immigrants were barred from having access to the Job Seeking Allowance. Furthermore the government aims to reduce the number of interpreters that work at the job centers. The new rules are interpreted as a part of a campaign of the Prime Minister David Cameron, to boost his electoral support, before the EU parliament elections during May 2014. During the previous year the Conservative Party, has promised to cut the immigration to less than 100 000 people per year, but it seems to be missing its target for now. When the conservative government came to power during 2010 the net immigration stood at more than 250 000 people per year. By September 2012, the government had managed to reduce net immigration to 150,000 a year but since then it has risen again and some commentators say that it may climb back up to the 2010 level of 250,000 a year by the next election. The reason for this is that the government cannot reduce the immigration which is coming from within EU, since the European citizens have unrestricted rights to work and live in United Kingdom. Recent poll show that more than 70% of the UK population wants the net immigration levels to be cut. This may give significant boost to the anti-EU UKIndependence party which promises that UK will leave EU if it comes to power. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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