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Posted on Jan 2, 2013 in Australia, Australia Working Holiday, Work in Australia |

Why you should work in Australia?

Why you should work in Australia You probably already know what Working Holiday is and how to get Australian working holiday visa. We write about it all the time. However there is one very important question which you probably ask yourself – Why? Why to work in Australia, why to travel in Australia… Why Australia? That is actually very easy question to answer. Everybody talk about global finance crisis, a lot of countries suffer from it, but Australia remained relatively untouched by these negative effects. The extensive reserves of coal iron ore, copper, gold, natural gas, uranium, and renewable energy sources in Australia are attracting a lot of foreign investors and keep the economic in great levels. Also the country is leading tourist destination and its popularity is growing daily. This lead us to several reasons to work in Australia. Make some serious cash! Even tough the costs of living in Australia is high (higher than United Kingdom, Ireland and USA for sure) – the pay there is even higher! Australia offer one of the best average salaries in the world. You could easily make some serious cash, often double than your current one. In some job sectors the payment is even higher – one week wage is the same as one month in UK/USA. Even with the higher living costs there you could make as much as triple your average wage. Let’s be honest – this is pretty big reason to work in Australia! Job opportunities The unemployment rate in Australia is incredibly low – 5.2% (November 2012). While in other countries there is job shortage (several unemployed workers for one job opening), Australia has skilled workers shortage (more job openings than suitable skilled workers). This shortage gives lot opportunities to find good job with great payment. Even tough there is 6 month restriction for working with the same employer – finding good job twice for year in Australia is much easier than finding job in other countries (including United Kingdom/USA/Ireland). If you seek job in specific area you may have to send a lot of resumes, but...

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Posted on Aug 4, 2008 in Australia Working Holiday, Work in Australia |

Can I work more than 6 months?

“Can i work more than 6 months for one employer while on Working Holiday Visa in Australia?” We receive this question a lot. There are many situations when you need to stay for more than 6 months with your employer. Maybe even your employer want you for more. Whatever the reason is – you can not work for the same employer for more than 6 months. In the best case scenario you could request extension of your employment from the Australian Government, anyhow, these extensions are granted under very specific exceptional circumstances. Even then you’ll be allowed to continue your work for less than month! The only workaround is if your employer’s company have branch in another city and you relocate in it. We’ll show you one real-life example on the subject: A client of ours asked us a question regarding his current employment. He is obviously happy with his current employer, thus he would like to work for him a bit more. Here is how the conversation went. Mike: Welcome to the Visa First live chat! How can I help you today? VisaFirst client: Hey – I have been working for almost 6 months in a company and because of the visa status I have to stop after the 6 month period. My boss has offered me another position within the company. Can I take that for another 6 months or must I move on completely? Mike: You can work for that company only if you change offices. For example if you are working in Sydney and the company offers you a work in Perth. VisaFirst client: What if its….a bar..and they offered me position of manager? I can’t take it…and no he’s not willing to sponsor me 🙁 Mike: The working holiday program is designed for young people to travel across Australia. And that is why there is condition for 6 months employment. In order to stay in the same city you will need to change the employer. VisaFirst client: Grand. One more question – If I started on the 8th March, when are my 6 months...

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