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Posted on Nov 15, 2012 in Australia Working Holiday |

Australia expands its Work and Holiday Program

Australia is beginning to negotiate with Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel and Greece about establishing new Work and Holiday Programs. The new discussions with these countries show the value of the bilateral relationship that Australia has with those countries. Chris Bowen the Australian minister of immigration thinks that establishing a Work and Holiday Program with them will further strengthen the intercultural ties and the people to people links. Once the programs are implemented, young Australians and citizens of the partners countries aged between18 and 30 years will have the possibility to visit each others’ country. The will be allowed to work and travel within a limits of a year. Each of the work and holiday visa programs will have an annual limit of visa grant numbers. The work and holiday visa differs from the working holiday as it requires all prospective applicants to secure the support of their government. In addition to that they must hold or be studying towards such degree. The must be able to speak English at least at a high-intermediate level as well. On the successful conclusion of negotiations with each country, they would join Australia’s existing work and holiday arrangement partners: Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Turkey and the United States. In the meantime the Nationals Farmer Federation wants changes to the Australian visa program to be implemented. They propose the agricultural work to be included to the occupations eligible for 457 Second Working Holiday Visa. The reason for this is that Australian farming industry faces serious workers shortage as the young Australians prefer to enter in different career fields Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your Australian Working Holiday Visa fast and hassle-free today. Please visit our site for more information blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Nov 14, 2012 in Australia Working Holiday, Living Abroad, Migration News |

Australian tourism industry protests against the increase of the Working Holiday Visa prices

A lot of the members of Australian tourism industry say that they strongly oppose the increase of the price of Working Holiday Visa which is going to be implemented on 1 January 2013 by the government’s treasurer Wayne Swan. Around 30 of the most important backpackers product are represented by the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC). The organization will spearhead the issue on behalf of the industry with a joint letter to the Treasurer. According to Peter Ovenden who is a board member of ATEC,  the Australian youth work and travel segment of the Australian tourism industry has been hit very hard in the last several years by the rising Australian dollar and the stiff international competition. An increase of the cost of the Working Holiday Visa will therefore mean an additional burden for the sector.  In support of his opinion Peter Ovenden cites a statistics which shows that although there is an increase in the number of Working Holiday Visas issued, there is a decrease in the money and the time which the average working holiday maker spends in Australia. Furthermore the latest overseas arrivals figures published last week by the Australia Bureau of Statistics show 5,1% decrease in the September quarter  arrivals from the UK and other countries in the Eurozone. This indicates the pressures which the global fiancial crisis puts on the international youth exchange industry. Australian Tourism Export Council recommends that some measures such as extending the regional working category, reducing financial requirements and allowing multiple visa opportunities can increase the ten-year spend of the working holiday makers with 700 million Australian dollars which will produce the necessary revenue effect for the Australian economy which the treasurer Swan searches to achieve with the rise of the prices. Visa First is a leading international immigration consulting company. We can help you to apply for your working holiday visa fast and hassle-free toady. Please visit our site for more information blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Sep 22, 2012 in Australia Working Holiday, Migration News, Working Holiday Visa |

Irish working holiday backpackers needed in West Australia

  West Australia is launching an aggressive Irish recruiting program in search of more than 2000 working holiday workers in the tourism and hotel business (waiters, chefs, bartenders, receptionists, housekeepers and managers). The Australian Hotels Association discovered that less than 7% of all Irish working holiday backpackers are traveling to Western Australia to seek jobs, however because of the huge and fast turnover and the several new hotels planned to be built in Perth there is big need of workers in regional Western Australia. The state branch of the Australian Hotels Association said that there are 1500 unfilled positions for hospitality workers in Western Australia on any given day. Representatives from the branch will travel to Ireland next month with the mission to convince the eligible skilled hospitality workers (between the age of 18 and 30) to come to Perth and regional Western Australia on working holiday. They will target all Irish considering working holiday in Eastern Australia. Travel and Work Western Australia The Australian hoteliers will visit Dublin on October 2 and 3 presenting free seminars under the name “Travel and Work Western Australia”. In these seminars the Australian hoteliers will present Western Australia as “the most beautiful and dynamic” The chief executive of the Australian Hotels Association, Bradley Woods, also state: “At the ‘Travel and Work WA’ seminars, people will get information on Western Australia, find out how much they will get paid, and meet pub and bar owners, hoteliers and managers from hospitality businesses located in Perth and regional Western Australia, including beautiful Australian holiday destinations like  Broome and Margaret River.” Mr. Woods hope to double the percentage of Irish working holiday backpackers in Western Australia and Perth. Trying to attract more Irish workers he also says: “If you are an enthusiastic and experienced hospitality worker willing to travel to Western Australia then there may be a position waiting for you. Coupled with extraordinary travel opportunities, breathtaking landscapes and great weather, Western Australia (WA) could be just the overseas experience you’re looking for!” All visitors of the seminar will get a booklet with some basics about...

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Posted on Jul 18, 2012 in Australia Working Holiday, Migration News |

Australian Working Holiday Makers Who Work In The Hospitality Sector Call For Visa Extension

Hospitality jobs are one of the most popular choices for Australian Working Holiday Makers. Thousands of young backpackers, however, cannot extend their stay in Australia, because tourism industry is excluded from the list of occupations that are eligible for Second Working Holiday Visa. The Federal Australian Government is currently under pressure to allow working holiday makers who work in hospitality related jobs, the same one-year visa extension, which is available for backpackers, who are doing work in regional farming, mining, forestry, fishing or construction sector.  Recently a new research made by the Australian Tourism Export Council was published. It showed that such a move can bring around 225 million dollars in the local economy in the next ten years According to the statistics of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship nearly 22 000 young travelers extended their Working Holiday Visa by completing three-month specified work in regional Australia. Some critics have expressed the opinion that adding hospitality industry to the list of the eligible Second Australian Working Holiday Visa occupations will do more harm than good. According to them this will lead to over flooding of the hospitality-related jobs with applicants, who want to extend their visa, which will create a lot of competition and make it more difficult for individual working holiday makers find a job in the sector Business owners from the tourism filed, however, think that the possibility of over flooding the job market with applicants is very low. The industry expects that more than 55 000 working places will go unfilled by the end of 2015. The influx of working holiday makers in the hospitality field can be life-saving for many businesses. Visa First is a leading immigration consultant. We can help you apply for your Working Holiday Visa fast and hassle-free today. Please visit our site for more information blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Jun 6, 2012 in Australia Working Holiday, Migration News |

Small number of incidents may give a negative image of the Irish Working Holiday Makers

Small number of Irish working holiday makers, who were involved in several shoddy incidents may give a bad name to the vast majority of young Irish people, who are coming to Australia on a working holiday visa. Currently there are 21,753 people from Ireland in Australia under the working holiday visa program. This is an absolute record number, which is 50% higher than the same period of the previous year. Nevertheless it is expected that even this number will be surpassed when the new statistics is released in the end of this year. There is also a record 20% increase in the number of Irish people, working in Australia with a 457 Visa (Australian Sponsorship Visa). This visa is usually given to professionals in areas such as engineering, medicine and computer science. During this year however a small number of working holiday makers were involved in a set of incidents that may hurt the image of the Irish community in Australia. In January for example a group of Irish people were charged with working illegally on a building project in New South Wales and were consequently deported. In February in the same province there was a similar incident registered. In Queensland, small number of bitumen-layers was requesting payments of several thousand of dollars for a low-quality work. During April and Irish man was convicted for using stolen credit cards. Michael Hegarty from County Meath, together with to accomplice from Australia, bought stolen credit card numbers from internet and managed to spend 35 000 Australian dollars from them before being caught by the police and convicted to 90 days in jail and 150 hours of unpaid community work. The money was mainly spent for limousines, luxury hotels, and expensive meals at local restaurants. In May a group of Irish Working Holiday Makers in Perth were warned by the police, that they may be deported if they do not stop with their antisocial behavior. The police was seeking help from various GAA clubs to spread the message. In one email that was sent by one such club to its members it...

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Posted on Jun 5, 2012 in Australia Working Holiday, Migration News |

Working Holiday Visa Lottery in Germany

Australia is a top choice destination for a lot of young people from Germany, who want to travel. Many students visit the country after high school or after university in order to gather valuable working and international experience and to improve their English language skills. In order to let young people to fulfill their travelling dreams, the government agency Tourism Australia organizes a working holiday lottery in cooperation with several Australian states. The prizes are 12 working holiday visas together with exciting jobs. As an additional stimulus will serve the fact that the winners will have a possibility to take a friend with them so that they can travel and work together. All Germans between 18-30 years can participate. An additional requirement is that all participants involve their friend in the game. Later they can choose one person from their Facebook community and travel with him/her in Australia. In Queensland there are two exciting jobs that the winners can take. The first possibility for the winners is to work as a Reef Guide on the biggest coral reef in the world. The employer will be the leading Great Barrier Reef tours and cruising company Quicksilver. The participants will have the opportunity to gain experiences in different touring tasks as well as to participate in the local program for supporting and promoting sustainable ecotourism in the area. The second winner will also have the opportunity to work as a Reef guide, but with different company – Cruise Whitsundays. He will have to work together with marine biologist and divers. Their tasks will be to learn as much as they can for the current state of the reef and then to transmit this knowledge to the tourists. The jobs will take place between September this year and March next year. There will be also a possibility for a weekend work. The salary will be the usual for the sector (around 18 dollars per hour) Visa First is one of the leading independent Working Holiday Visa consultants. We can help you arrange your Working Holiday Visa and your journey to Australia. Find...

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Posted on Jun 1, 2012 in Australia Working Holiday, Travel |

Backpackers jobs in Australia

The Working Holiday Visa allows young people not only to travel to Australia, but also to work for 12 months, so that they have enough money to finance their adventure. Finding a job provides all backpackers with an opportunity to explore the labor market in Australia and to settle down in one place for a longer time period, in order to be able to experience the Australian day-to-day life. Because of the recent resource boom, which Australia is experiencing it is now relatively easy for most young people to find a temporary backpacker job. Typical working holiday jobs include: farm work, fruit picking, field work, tourism and cuisine/gastronomy. With a little bit of luck it is also possible to land on well-paid office jobs, which will later look good in the CVs as well. The so called temporary jobs in which someone works with a certain employer for up to six months are very common in Australia. This is really good for backpackers, because the working holiday visa allows its holders to stay with a given employer for a maximum of six months. The farm work and fruit picking jobs that are in the rural areas are really easy to obtain and the competition is not very big. Work positions in the large cities such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, can however be more competitive and therefore a good English language skills can be advantageous. There are some things that should be taken into consideration before starting to search for a work. The first one is – opening of a bank account. This is a requirement in many cases, because most Australian employers do not pay salaries in cash. The international transactions are very expensive so there is no way to avoid the opening of an Australian bank account. Furthermore it is recommended, that all backpacker apply for a Tax File Number (TFN). The Tax File Number has to be shown to the employer before the beginning of the job. Without TFN it is still possible work legally, but the taxes that must be paid will be around 50%....

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