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Posted on Jun 15, 2012 in UK Working Holiday, Work & Holiday |

UK makes the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme availbale for South Korean citizens

South Koreans will soon be able to participate in the UK Youth Mobility Scheme. On 12th June the governments of Britain and South Korea signed an agreement, which will allow 1000 young people from South Korea to work and travel in UK for up to 2 years. In addition to that, the same number of British citizens will have the opportunity to visit South Korea. The British ambassador to South Korea Scott Wightman issued the following statement, concerning the new agreement: “We are extremely pleased to welcome South Korean young people to our youth mobility program. This is a significant opportunity for both the UK and South Korea, an opportunity to strengthen and build on the cultural and economic ties that exist between us and to promote mutual understanding” The Youth Mobility scheme will provide opportunities to young Korans to experience the British lifestyle, to expand their cultural competence and to significantly improve their English language skills. Furthermore it will allow them the boost their CVs with high-value international working experience, which will give them important advantage when they return in the domestic job market. On the other hand many young British people will be able to have a first hand encounter with the fascinating culture and traditions of South Korea. In order to apply for the UK youth mobility scheme the South Koreans must secure a certificate of sponsorship, which is issued by the South Korean immigration authorities. The Youth Mobility Scheme is part of the Tier 5 UK’s points-based system for visa applications. Therefore all of the applicants must score 50 points on total from all of the following categories. • Nationality – Being citizen of South Korea is worth 30 points • Age – People, who are under 31 years, will gain 10 points • Maintenance funds – £1,800 cash funds or more are equal to another 10 points. The official start date of the UK youth mobility scheme for South Korea is still not set, but will most probably be at some point in the next few months. Visa First is one of the leading...

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Posted on Apr 10, 2012 in UK Working Holiday |

UK Youth Mobility Scheme 2012 Available for Taiwanese citizens

New changes to the UK immigration rules have made it possible for Taiwanese citizens to apply for the UK Youth mobility scheme from January 2012 UK Border agency has allocated a quota of 1000 places for applicants from Taiwan for the UK Youth Mobility Scheme during the year of 2012. This corresponds to the number of places that the UK Citizens will receive in the Taiwanese Working Holiday Scheme. The application requirements for Taiwanese will be similar to those of other countries’ candidates. In order to apply for the program you must be between 18-30 years old. You have to possess maintenance funds in cash equal to £1600. Furthermore the prospective UK Youth Mobility Scheme candidates must send a color photo and their passport in support of their application. They must also confirm that no children under age of 18 lie under their responsibility. Appliers with Taiwanese passport must ensure that they possess certificate of sponsorship from Taiwan’s National Youth Commission. In order to obtain this document you have to register on the National Youth Commission website. You can check the details about the relevant deadlines and registration dates on the Youth Commission’s site as well.  You should also download the registration form and send it to the National Youth Commission together with a copy of your National ID card and proof of military service completion ( for males only). The maximum number of sponsorship certificates that will be issued in 2012 is 1000. If the applications exceed this number, 1000 of them will be chosen on a random basis. If the applications are less than 1000 all the candidates that meet the minimum requirements will receive sponsorship certificate. Visa First owns the largest working holiday center in London and is the No.1 UK Youth Mobility Scheme consultant for applicants from all over the world. We can help you obtain your visa quick and easy. For more information please visit the UK Youth Mobility Scheme section of our site. blog.visafirst.comMore...

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Posted on Jun 17, 2010 in Migration News, UK Working Holiday |

UK Employment Update

The UK unemployment rate worried economists as it rose from 7.8% to 7.9% from February through April.   The difference is only 0.1% but it equals 23,000 jobless people, which increased the total unemployment number to 2.47 million.   In addition, official statistics also showed that those out of work and not seeking employment also rose with 29,000 during the same period – or 21.5% of the working age population.   Experts say that the UK’s austerity measures will increase unemployment even more because part of the spending cuts will affect the public sector employment.   John Walker, national chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), said: “The FSB believes that while it is important that the government cuts the deficit – something that over 90% of FSB members agree with – it must not be at the expense of the recovery or mean a hike in taxes for small businesses.” TUC general secretary Brendan Barber also added, “The worst possible response would be to slash spending, which will cut demand in the economy and send hundreds of thousands of public and private sector workers on to the dole.” Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Apr 21, 2009 in Living Abroad, UK Working Holiday, Videos |

UK Points Based System Explained

Before the new system was introduced there were more than 80 routes for a non-EU national to enter the UK. The present, much more simpler framework consists of 5 tiers, which help people find the right path to the UK. Tier 1 is for highly skilled individuals willing to practice what they do best in the UK Tier 2 is for skilled workers (nurses, teachers, engineers, etc.) who already have a job offer to work in the UK Tier 3 is for a very limited number of low skilled workers needed to fill temporary labour shortages for a specific project Tier 4 is for students, continuing their education in the United Kingdom Tier 5 is for Youth Mobility and temporary workers (people who are allowed to work in the Uk for a limited time) For each tier there is a point target that the applicants need to meet. Points are awarded according to an objective and transparent criteria, allowing applicants to assess themselves. Visa FirstMore...

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Posted on Dec 1, 2008 in UK Working Holiday, Working Holiday Visa |

Youth Mobility Scheme – Tier 5 Visa for the UK

Youth Mobility Scheme is the new name of the UK Working Holiday Scheme. Requirements remain nearly the same. A point based system applies. You must score 50 points to be able to apply. You get 30 points if you are a citizen of one of the following countries – Australia, Japan, Canada, or New Zealand. Another 10 points are awarded if you meet the age criteria (18-31). If you cover these requirements you can score another 10 points if you prove that you have at least £1,600, or their equivalent. One of our customers was a bit confused about the right visa she is after. After 15 minutes of chat with one of our representatives she was able to take the proper actions and begin the process right away. Karen: Welcome to the Visa First live chat! How can I help you today? Nadia: I’m wanting to apply for the youth mobility visa. I don’t know if its temporary worker or youth mobility migrant I’m after? Karen: Hi Nadia, how old are you and when do you intend to travel? Nadia: I’m 25, leaving on 17th of January. Karen: OK, and how much funds do you have available? Nadia: $8000 savings so far. Karen: Great! Can I take your name and date of birth please? Nadia: Nadia *****, **/**/**** Karen: And what’s your home address, contact number and email address Nadia: 15/ 178 ******** Street B******** 0407009313, ******* Karen: And can you get a bank statement with 3 months transactions history? Original one? Nadia: Can I copy from Internet banking? Karen: If on the bank statement there are the following details: Karen: Your name Karen: Account number Karen: Financial institution name and logo Karen: Date of the statement Karen: And the Internet copy should be accompanied with a supporting letter from your bank on company headed paper, confirming the authenticity of the statement provided. Karen: And also the stamp of the bank should appear on all the pages of the statement Nadia: Okay, I can get but not right away… Once I get that what next? Karen: You need...

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Posted on Sep 25, 2008 in UK Working Holiday, Working Holiday Visa |

Sometimes you don’t need a visa

Sometimes people don’t need a visa to travel abroad. There are a number of active agreements between countries, which allow their citizens to travel freely within a certain time frame. Mike: Welcome to the visa first live chat! How can I help you today? Emma: Hi, I am traveling to England and I’m getting a UK Working Holiday visa and i was wondering if i need a multiple entry visa to countries in Europe. I am doing a Contiki Tour and then will also be traveling myself through out these countries. Mike: Australian passport holders do not need visa for the Schengen space if they intend to stay for less than 3 months. Emma: So the tour only goes 4-9 days, but we enter France more than once. Is that still alright? Mike: Yes, it is. Emma: So I only need my passport and my UK visa and I can stay in any 1 place for up to three months? Is there anywhere I can’t? Mike: Switzerland has not signed the Schengen contract and you might need a visa for that country. Emma: So I only need the UK working holiday visa, not the Schengen visa? Mike: Australian passport holders do not need visa to visit Europe. You will need the UK working holiday visa so you can work and travel across UK. Emma: So I can travel across Europe, in and out of any country, as long as I have my passport. Mike: And as long as you do not violate the 3 months condition. Emma: OK, it just says to visit 1 of the Schengen states that you need to obtain that visa, but I don’t need 1. Mike: That condition is for the citizens of the countries that are required to have a visa.  Australian citizens do not need visa if the intended stay does not exceed 3 months. Emma: OK, cool. Thank you! Mike: You are welcome! It is always best to ask a competent person or a professional, before you take any further actions. It might save you a lot of time and money....

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