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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 | 0 comments |

Doctors, nurses and dentists are most successful applicants after the intorduction of Skillselect in Australia

Professions such as doctors, nurseDoctors, nurses and dentists dominate the first round of skillselect visa regimes, dentists and engineers have dominated the first wave of successful applicants who are admitted to come to Australian under the new online immigration service SkillSelect. Other professionals that did good were various IT  specialists such as ICT anlaysts, programmers, and database developers. According to a spokesman of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship the results of the first round of the selection process are very good and the newly accepted immigrants will add a lot of value to the Australian economy. The purpose of SkillsSelect is to ensure that the immigration inflow matches the economic needs of Australia. Since its implementation, in the beginning of June more than 10 000 people have submitted Expression of Interest (EOI). Out of them 90 were selected for skilled independent visa and 10 were selected for skilled regional family sponsored visas.


The lowest points score with which someone were invited is 75 points for both the skilled independent and the skilled sponsored visas. This number is above the minimum which is a indicator for the amount of competition and the professional level which is required from the candidates in order to be invited to apply for an Australian visa.

SkillSelect is a very important change for the Australian Immigration System. As a result of it the visa processing time will significantly decrease. Furthermore the number and the professional skills of the successful applicants will be more closely aligned with the needs of the Australian economy.

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