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Posted by on Dec 2, 2008 | 7 comments |

French Schengen Visas in a Flash

Like every company offering visa processing services we have our share of cases with delays in processing. Now, there are cases when the problem is with us, and moments where authorities have a huge backlogs. Either way we try to keep you informed and sort out your visa as soon as possible. Last month we had the chance to help a customer with her French Schengen visa applications in a matter of hours. It’s a good thing she lived near our office and she was able to come by.

  • Janine: I need a visa for my 17 year old daughter to travel to France, mother is British but daughter still has South African passport.
  • Peter: When is she traveling?
  • Janine: 22nd November, she has had a visa, but it expired a few months ago.
  • Peter: And what is her name?
  • Janine: Roxanne ********
  • Peter: What is the nationality of her father?
  • Janine: South African
  • Peter: I will check with my colleagues dealing with the French embassy and will e-mail you the required documents.
  • Janine: I have established what is required and have all of them together but require them to be submitted, the previous company I dealt with have moved and i cannot contact them.
  • Janine: Both my daughter & husband have settlement visas for the UK
  • Peter: Do you need 2 visas?
  • Peter: We can book you an appointment for early next week.
  • Janine: Yes, what will the cost be?
  • Peter: 70 pounds each.
  • Janine: If I have all the docs can I drop them off or what is the best way to do it?
  • Peter: First we have to book you 2 appointments – we can book you for the 18th or 19th of Nov.
  • Janine: Does my daughter have to attend?
  • Peter: No – you just bring the documents and we will attend the appointment.
  • Peter: To book you for next week we need – full name,date of birth and payment
  • Janine: I can come to London tomorrow or 18th to bring the docs, how do we effect payment
  • Peter: We need the documents 2 days before the booking date.
  • Janine: I will bring them in tomorrow.
  • Peter: So if we book you for the 18th of November today – then we need the documents in out London office tomorrow
  • Janine: That’s fine.
  • Peter: Will the visa be for your daughter only?
  • Janine: No, one for my husband and one for her.
  • Peter: And your husbands name is?
  • Janine: Mark ****** ********
  • Janine: Should I bring cash with me tomorrow?
  • Peter: Today we can book you 2 appointments for the 18th of Nov.
  • Janine: Fine. Can you confirm your address.
  • Peter: First Floor 277-281 Oxford Street London W1C 2DL
  • Janine: what time do you close?
  • Peter: 09:30 to 17:30
  • Janine: I will have all the docs and money brought over today
  • Peter: If we have the documents today we will process the 2 visas on Monday – 17th of Nov
  • Janine: I will leave now for London and bring the docs will be there just after 3pm.
  • Peter: Great, we will be waiting for you.

If your situation is as urgent as the one of Janine be sure to come by and sort everything at one of our offices in Australia, Ireland and the UK. We can’t do miracles, but be we will try to help you out. And you don’t have to worry, remember – No visa, no fee!

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  1. I have mistakenly applied for this schengen visa – I have been looking for a way to cancel it, but so far I have seen no email adresses for this… is there a way to cancel my application?

  2. I am an Australian citizen, holding a valid Australian passport and I have a few questions regarding travelling to France. I understand France is part of the Schengen Agreement. As an Australian, is the maximum stay 90 days total in a 6 month period (even if I leave and come back)? Or is it 90 consecutive days?

    What is the period of time I have to wait before I can re-enter France, after my 90 days is up?

  3. A warning to people wanting to use a third party company to obtain a visa. I used a company called France Visa to go obtain my visa. They told me that it would take three days, they took 2 and a half weeks and didn’t do anything with no calls and no answers to our calls. Then we went to collect our passports to do it on our own accord they were exactly where we left them. We then went to do it on our own accord after waisting time with this company and we were able to sort it out at the French Embassy within two hours. I have asked for our money back but haven’t yet received it and don’t know if I will. I would stay clear of this company and be careful of others that offer the same service, especially when the actual process can be done a lot quicker yourself. This is just a heads up to anyone thinking about doing this because it waisted me a lot of time and some money.

  4. I am a South African citizen, residing in Australia with a S457 visa and New Zealand permanent residency status. I require a urgent schengen visa to attend the WCJJ Judo Jnr Worlds Championships in Paris from 19-Oct-09 to 25-Oct-09 and have supporting documentation / recommendation from both Judo New Zealand and FFJ (French Federation). Are you able to assist me?

  5. I am an Australian citizen living in Perth, Western Australia. Do i have to fly to Sydney just get to get my Schengen visa for France as that is what it is saying on the website as the only French Consulat is in Sydney?? Please help me as i cant find any information otherwise.

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