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Posted by on Dec 4, 2013 | 0 comments |

Greece and Australia sign a new Working Holiday Agreement

Greece will soon be added to the Working Holiday Visa program with Australia. The program will allow to young people aged between 18 and 31 years old to visit each other countries for a period of up to one year. Some Australian Working Union members have expressed a fear that an agreement with country such as Greece which have large rates o f youth unemployment might be disadvantageous for Australia. The reason for this is that there might be asymmetry between the numbers of people, which apply for the visa. As a result of these concerns the Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison will meet Greece’s Ambassador to Australia. The will discuss whether a possibility exists that a lot of young people from Greece depart for Australia using the Working  Holiday Visa program, without having the necessary information and skills to be successful on the Australian labor market. According to the Greek community in Australia there are a lot of new people coming forms Greece since the beginning of the economic crisis, most of them however have wrong or inadequate information about living and working in Australia. The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) is calling for a moratorium on the working holiday visa programme amid worries that floods of young people from abroad means that young Australians are losing out on jobs. Nevertheless the immigration minister Scott Morrison said that the program will continue since its benefits are much more that the disadvantages that it has. Meanwhile, the Australian-Greek Welfare Society has organised an awareness campaign in Melbourne to inform the new immigrants about the visas and the immigration law in Australia.

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