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Posted by on Mar 22, 2010 | 0 comments |

Applying for Visa Can Be Hassle-Free

Applying for a visa for a first time might be a little frustrating because it is time-consuming and related to tons of paperwork. At the end, if your visa gets denied due to incomplete or wrong documentation, or missed deadlines, your plans for travel and vacation crash dramatically before your eyes. And, you are to spend a couple of hundred dollars application fee at the embassy which would not guarantee your visa approval.

Since accuracy and timing are the most important factors  determining the visa status, you can’t afford to make mistakes. By choosing a visa processing agent, one such as Visa First, prospective working holiday makers will certainly avoid a lot of problems simply because the agents are better prepared to get the situation sorted out in a timely fashion. The fee that applies over the embassy fee is usually less than what the client time is worth. Dealing with your visa might take several days at times, so you will probably earn more money in that time than what you will spend on the service.

Working Holiday Visa Charges for Australia

Service VisaFirst DIAC
48h Australia Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) 295 AUD 230 AUD
2 Weeks Australia Working Holiday Visa  (Subclass 417) 275 AUD 230 AUD

So, you pay 45 AUD more to us–Visa First–to process your visa application for two weeks, and to guarantee complete accuracy. The VF rates are for those who apply for a first time for working holiday visa for Australia.

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