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Lucrative Job Opportunities in Australia

So you are looking for a new career, maybe you are at a crossroad in your current job or you have recently graduated and don’t know what to do next. Either way, choosing the right position for you is integral to your future growth, but it can also be confusing. Australia has a wealth of opportunities for new career paths and even though we are living in a world of austerity, there are certain career paths that are not only enjoyable but also extremely lucrative. Here are some of the most lucrative careers to start considering today.


Engineering in Australia

Engineering is one of the best career path in Australia

Are you an inquisitive person? Do you get excited by learning how things work and why they work? If this sounds like you, then you should give the field of engineering some thought. Engineering is a very broad career path to take, with people employed within the sciences, mining construction companies, architecture and technology. With a career in engineering the possibilities are endless – you could be designing new eco-friendly technology or constructing the latest mining innovation.

Mining and construction topped the 2012 highest wage list last year, with many workers earning more than $2200 a week which is double the pay of 20 years ago.

If this sounds like a career path that you wish to take, then you may need to look at the training requirements for engineers. Ordinarily this will include a degree in engineering or a related subject and on the job training. However there are some firms that also encourage apprenticeships for passionate graduates and school leavers.

Accounting and Finance

If you have a distinct aptitude for numbers and finance, then you may want to consider a rewarding financial career. Again, there is a vast wealth of jobs under this umbrella term all the way from bank cashiers through to management positions. If you wish to help a company grow and develop then an accounting career may be perfect for you. Positions within the accounting sector can be challenging as you have to use your initiative to make sure companies are staying on the right financial path, but this is part of the beauty of this position.

Wages for accountants vary depending upon the industry/company you are working within, however you can expect to earn between $25-$35 per hour. For positions within financial companies the yearly wage can start at approximately $19,000 working the way up to management level salaries of $60,000+

Like careers in engineering, you do need specific qualifications to become a chartered accountant – some research will be involved, but if you do retrain then you can expect to be in a career that is fast paced, rewarding and ultimately lucrative.

Skilled Trades

Skilled trade positions include plumbers, electricians, chefs, hairdressers and carpenters to name a few. These are the perfect career choices for those of you who are bored of office work and looking for a position that keeps you active. In general you will need to have a good level of manual dexterity and you will require practical training, however this can be completed on the job or in an apprenticeship. However, you can learn these skills from your peers and be paid whilst you learn.

In a skill trade career, you have the choice to work for a big corporation, small company or even as a self employed worker, you can literally be you own boss, work your own hours and have the freedom this brings.

As this is such a varied career path, the salaries do change from each trade, but on average you could be looking at pay of around $20 – $40 per hour.

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