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More than 600 million people from all around the world want to immigrate

Student Visa:  Let Your Dreams See Light of DayAccording to a recent research poll conducted by the Gallup Group nearly 640 million people from all over the world, which is around 13% of the global world population want to emigrate abroad. Most, but not all of these people live in Asian and African countries. Prospective immigrants usually want to find new opportunities in European or North American countries. The most attractive destination remains United States almost 150 million people from all over the world want to move there. In addition to that 45 million people want to go to UK and 42 million to Canada. Large numbers also want to move to France, Australia and to Saudi Arabia. Gallup surveyed some 450,000 people between 2009 and 2011 to come up with its findings. The interviewees came from 151 countries which contain 97% of the world’s population.

Other very interesting fact that the research found is that a large percentage of the population from some less populous countries wants to move to United States. For example around 37% of the citizens of Liberia have expressed such a desire. While the United States are the most popular destination in general, they are not the most popular destination for citizens of every country. For example, 10m Indians want to migrate to the US but a massive 37m would prefer to move to the US’s northern neighbour Canada.At the same time few Pakistanis or Iranians want to go to United States, because US is not very popular there. Instead they seem to prefer UK, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon

The pollsters found that those who want to move are most often seeking new opportunities. Many want to follow in the footsteps of relatives and friends who have already made the move. Others think that their destination Country will offer greater freedom of expression.

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