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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 | 0 comments |

New Changes in Australian Skilled Occupations List

New changes in the Australian skilled occupations list (SOL) were introduced this year. Bricklayers, Floor tillers and chemists will be removed, and people from these professions will not be able to apply for a permanent residence in Australia unless, they have an employer, who is willing to sponsor them. The new changes will take effect form July. This means people with occupations, which will be removed from the new list, will not have an opportunity to apply for visa, because the whole process takes several weeks.

There will be however new opportunities available. Currently SOL consists of more than 190 professions, including nurses, mechanics, glaziers, locksmiths, stonemasons, plumbers and carpenters. Professionals from one of these areas can come to Australia without having employer sponsorship. The jobs that will be added to the new list include: Production managers in the mining industry, optometrists and computer systems and network engineers. For people, who have one of these occupations it will be vey easy to find a job in Australia and to get a visa during the next 12 months.

Furthermore Australian government will change the visa application rules for older people and non-English speakers, in order to make it easier for them to apply for an Australian visa. All applicants will continue to be assessed on the basis of their age, qualifications and working skills.

“Although the changes won’t came into effect until July 1, processing time for visas means that any of the people affected, who start their application now for the skilled migrant visa will be too late as they will have insufficient time to get a successful skills assessment” said Edwina Shanahan, who is manager at Visa First in Dublin.

“It is important not to alarm those who have just recently applied, those applications will still be processed” she added.

According to Ms Shanahan all applicants should take the ELTS exam which adds additional points and speeds up their applications.

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Source: Irish Independent/Saturday, June 16, 2012,/Page: 6/q

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