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Canadian Working Holiday Visa Program is Now Open

Posted on Oct 19, 2016 in Migration News |

The new quota for the Canadian Working Holiday Visa is now open. The applicants must be between 18-30 (up to 35 if you are an Irish passport holder) years old. The approved applicants has the right to work and travel within Canada up to 24 months with the IEC program. For more information about the requirements and new quota please contact VisaFirst – Canadian Working Holiday...

Corporate Ireland in Seek of Critical Skills Employees from Oversees.

Posted on Oct 14, 2016 in Ireland, Migration News |

  Healthcare, Technology and Business sectors are in high demand for Irish highly skilled employment permit card holders   Since the Irish economy has been kick-started back into action, Irish businesses in certain sectors have experienced difficulty in sourcing certain skills for their business from the skills pool here in Ireland. They have been forced to look further afield to attract highly skilled employees for their operations. Sectors in need of highly skilled employees Businesses of all sizes across a range of sectors have experienced the need to bring in foreign skills (from outside the EEA area) under the General Employment Permit and the Critical Skills Permit. The most recent statistics from the Department of Jobs, Employment and Innovation show requests from Irish companies for employment permits in the following sectors: Engineering, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, IT sector, Biotechnology, Chemical & Material sciences, Telecommunications, Business and Financial project management, International Business and Marketing executives, Global Audit Data analysis International Cuisine Irish Work Permit options to bring in skilled labour There are two main types of permit that companies can use to bring in skilled foreign workers into Ireland (from outside the EEA area): General Employment Permit Critical Skills Employment Permit These permits allow the applicant to work for the Irish employer for a period of up to 2 years initially. The applicant may then apply to stay longer after the 2 years. There is a minimum salary requirement of EUR 30,000. If the salary is in excess of EUR 60,000, then the applicant can apply for a critical skills. General Employment permit There is no specific occupation (exceptions) that can apply for the general employment permit (previously known as the Work permit). The employer must carry out a labour market test to prove that there is nobody suitable from within the EEA area that is interested and can fill the role. Family can join the permit holder after 12 months. Critical Skills Employment permit or Irish Green Card – is geared at highly skilled applicants that are required by Irish employers. The applicant needs to hold a relevant degree qualification or higher and has a job offer in an occupation listed on the eligible occupation list. If the salary is above EUR 60,000 the applicant can apply for the critical skills permit regardless the occupation. Family...

Need Canadian Work and Holiday Visa? Last Chance September 30th!

Posted on Sep 27, 2016 in Migration News |

If you need Canada Work and Holiday visa, it is better to hurry up. The quotes for 2016 season are going to be closed. The deadline for that is September 30th. It is important to submit your application within last  few days of September because you are going to wait for a while before next quotes. The new quotes are expected to be  opened mid October 2017. It looks like a big break so better speed up. If you want to apply now please visit Canadian Work and Holiday Visa. If you want more information about Canadian visas please visit –

Top Expat Destinations

Posted on Sep 20, 2016 in Australia, Australian Immigration, New Zealand, New Zealand immigration, New Zealand Working Holiday, Work in Australia |

Today’s life is different than years before when people used to live where they were born. Nowadays many chose to live far from their home town for various reasons. Social, professional, financial or just curiosity could be part of the drivers for moving abroad and choosing the life of an expat. In a recent survey there were named the top countries to live abroad and best places for expats. More than 14 000 people from 174 nations took part in the survey which had to choose the best place amongst 191 countries globally. The main categories which were judged for placing the top countries are as follows. 1. Quality of life, it combines many aspects of life but the most significant considered here are – personal happiness, safety and security, transport, health, leisure. The winner in this category is Taiwan. Second one is – Ease of settling in, which consists of friendliness, feeling welcome, finding friends, language. Here the winner is Mexico. This is the country where people feel very well when stepping the first time and find friends easily. The third one is, personal finance – for many is by far one of the most important aspects for securing your future and the one of their family. Clear leader here is Taiwan followed by Ukraine and Ecuador. China and India are also in top 10. Next category is – working abroad, often this is the driver for moving abroad and it concerns – the career, work-life balance, job security. The best place to work is Luxemburg. Talking about work–life balance the leader here is New Zealand, Australia is also in top 10 here. For information about visas follow the links,  Australian business or tourist visa or New Zealand visa. Family life is the final one – it combines factors like family well-being, availability, quality of education, childcare. Here number one is Finland securing best place for your family. Countries like Australia, Germany, Israel are also in the top 10.   The overall leaders in the survey are: 1. Taiwan, 2. Malta, 3. Ecuador. In top 10 are also countries like...

How to Find a Job Abroad

Posted on Sep 10, 2016 in Migration News |

Finding the right job is not always an easy task. Even more difficult is trying to find it when you are not in the given country. There are many reasons for pursuing a career abroad. Many find it better option to try working abroad or it is kind of an adventure and challenge to try different way of live, new experience, culture or better environment for their skills and professional path. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are the challenge is always good and could come in different forms. So everyone needs the right approach, tools and partners to help him achieve his goal. One of the most important things to bear in mind is to know the local language or if this is not an option at least to speak good English. This will give you advantage when speaking to locals and trying to find your place under the sun. Internet has always something to offer and that is why it is recommended to use social media. There are many channels online where you can find relevant positions for your career.  A lot of companies publish openings in their public profiles. Professional groups in social media could be also a very smart move to be frequently checked. Local groups in different industries also are publishing openings or HRs are looking for prospects in such groups. Networking is also another way of finding good place to work. Knowing the right people is always key for reaching your goals. Creating good network of professionals in your field is vital for exchanging useful information and being informed about the latest openings and trends. Finding a job abroad is not easy task at all. That is why having relevant work experience is crucial. This is a good sign for the employer that you have knowledge and skills that could benefit to the company. In the same time it will give the confidence to start working right away. Having a degree always helps. In some countries it is recommended to have one, like in China. It is not the case in Europe. In...

Top 10 Countries with Highest Job Opportunities

Posted on Aug 25, 2016 in Australia, Migration News, Work in Australia, Working Abroad |

One of the most important decision a person has to take is finding a good job and professional environment. Long time ago people used to work for one employer their entire life and usually it used to be where they were born. Nowadays technology and modern way of life gives the opportunity to have much more options to choose from. More liberal Legislations and democracy gives a lot to people who want to have the career and professional development they want in the country they want to live and have happy life. Boundaries are not obstacles any more Visa and work permits are not obstacles as well/check There are a number of countries which economies are growing and they need professionals to help fill their needs of good work force. In this research the top 2 positions are occupied by Asian countries.   Singapore Hong Kong United Arab Emirates Australia USA France China Netherlands UK Mexico The leader in this research Singapore has huge needs in telecommunications and IT sector. The stable economy and good business relations of the country on global level creates a lot of opportunities for qualified people. The runner up Hong Kong is famous for its global trading and business environment as well as great tourist destination which provides a lot of opportunities for young and ambitious people who want to explore new culture and have some Asian experience with global business environment. 3rd place is for United Arab Emirates. This country has a lot of resources mainly thanks to its oil. There are a lot of huge projects financed by the government and a lot of opportunities in the oil and engineering sectors as well as construction building. The huge demands of those industries and endless resources leads to good salaries for people that are not afraid of the hot climate. Number 4 is for Australia a vast country with endless needs for people in any sector of business and skill sets. The surprising country here is Mexico. Famous for its culture, good climate and famous tourist destination. The country has 14th largest...

Top Countries With The Best Reputation. Sweden, Canada, Switzerland Make The Top 3. Australia, New Zealand and Ireland In Top 10.

Posted on Aug 18, 2016 in Australia, Australian Immigration, Canadian Immigration, Europe, Ireland, Living Abroad, Migration News, New Zealand immigration, United Kingdom, Work & Holiday |

Having good reputation has become more important than ever in any aspect. This rule applies for companies and big corporations and it becomes big factor for countries as well. In this report are taken into consideration many factors which are building the entire image of a country from – advanced economy and appealing environment to effective government. Those 3 categories include many sectors of business, social, political and economic life of the countries which are important for every person, company or tourist. The leaders in this ranking are 1. Sweden, 2. Canada, 3. Switzerland, 4. Australia, 5. Norway, 6. Finland, 7. New Zealand, 8. Denmark, 9. Ireland, 10. Netherlands. It is clearly visible that 7 countries of top 10 are from Europe. What do they share in common is the highest index of happiness, peaceful and social progressive, great education and healthcare. The top 10 members are pretty stable during the years except Ireland the new member. The main drivers of good reputation are grouped in 3 categories mentioned above. The first category – advanced economy includes aspects like contribution to global culture, high quality products or services, well educated workforce, famous brands, education, technologically advanced. Second category is appealing environment and it includes factors like – beautiful country, appealing lifestyle, enjoyable country, friendly and welcoming. Third and most important group is effective government which includes – safe place, ethical country, responsible participant in global community, effective government, progressive social and economic policies, operates efficiently, favorable environment for business.   If you are interested in getting tourist visa or business visa for those countries, please visit...

New Online Employment Permits in Ireland.

Posted on Aug 5, 2016 in Migration News |

The new digital era brings more opportunities for global travelers and people needing employment permits are up for a great surprise. The Department is launching a new Employment Permits Online System (EPOS) which will enable all applicants to submit their applications online and save them time and efforts. This new system is user friendly, has its own help center for specific questions and contains a mandatory documentation list that corresponds to the specific permit. It is also expected that the new system will make for a quicker turnaround of applications. This EPOS will be available from September 2016 when applicants will have the chance to enjoy a fast and quality...

Global Tourism Trends in 2015.

Posted on Jul 29, 2016 in Migration News |

Global Tourism Trends in 2015. Boundaries and tourist visa documents are not an issue anymore for globalization. Globalization and modern technology influences every part of our life. Same is the situation with travel and tourism. There are a number of facts that accommodate the increasing number of people traveling abroad every year. The jet planes make the distances look shorter, the digital age makes the communication much easier. You can book a trip, hotel online. You can have even your business or tourist visa online as well. The growing global economy and rising middle class makes more and more trips abroad every year. According to UN World Tourism Organization more than 1.2 Bln people traveled abroad during 2015 and this number will increase by 50% next 10 years. In the same spirit the global spending of tourists during 2015 reached $1.5trillion. Until 2025 more than 280 Mln households will be traveling internationally. The rising income on global level creates new people traveling abroad. The families that have an income of $20 000 or more per year are forming 90% of all travelers. Another group of people that is increasing its number is 65+ aged travelers which purpose is the so called “medical tourism”. This specific group of people are looking for more comfort and health and are less concerned about saving money. That will certainly change the global tourism and will lead to new trends and services offered by the business. The new technologies and rising demands in travel and tourism are leading to needs for more facilities to serve that. In the next decade there more than 340 airports are expected to be build. This will make global travel much easier and convenient in many cities across the globe. Digital age is making travel booking and comparing prices more convenient. The countries spending the most in travel abroad are – China $137 Bln, USA $101 Bln, Germany $74 Bln, UK $61 Bln, Russia $22 Bln. China is expected to almost double its spending abroad by 2025 to $255Bln. The rising global tourism will lead to increase in spending abroad....

Business Visas and How to Focus on Business Instead of Visa and Documents

Posted on Jul 22, 2016 in Migration News |

Global business requires huge investments and multiple offices, operation centers across the globe. The efficiency and new markets requires flexible business models and people moving from country to country. If this is your case so you know how much it takes to organize your trip and how much time and efforts it requires to make your trip safe without any bumps meeting regulations, visa issues and all sorts of paper work insurances and bureaucracy. In order to focus on your business tasks business travelers, need to have their documents arranged by professionals who know the requirements. In most of the cases traveling requires documents to be perfect and there are constant updates of Visa regulations and other permits needed for the specific country. As well as documents important aspect of the trip is to get familiar with the local culture and way of making business. In Japan for example it is considered rude to be late for business meeting. It is fine to be late for social meeting. In Middle East it is normal to begin a small talk before starting to negotiate or doing business on the meeting. Good practice is to get familiar with the local etiquette. Details like how to greet your partners or business colleagues could mean a lot to your business success. Learning the important gestures and mimics common for the given country can be crucial at times. “OK” gesture forming circle with thumb and index finger is a normal gesture in most countries but in France means zero and in Brazil is considered a vulgar gesture. Another important aspect of your business trip is to know the normal working week and time for different occasions. In the Near East normal weekend is considered Thursday and Friday instead of the well-known traditional Saturday, Sunday. Lunch time in some countries is normal to be between 2-4 hours unlike the common one hour. All this information should lead to the conclusion that neglecting small details could lead to huge hurdles and organizing a normal business trip is very important task. Starting with Visa documents and other...