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UK Working Holiday Visa – How can Visa First help you?

Posted on Sep 12, 2008 in UK Working Holiday, Videos, Working Holiday Visa |

Obtaining a visa to the UK keeps getting harder and harder. If you like to travel around the United Kingdom and work to support your travels the UK Working Holiday visa is the right choice for you. You can hold a UK visa in your hands in just a few weeks if you get things right the first time. That’s what we do here – help you make the rights steps, so you can enjoy 12 month as a working holiadymaker in the...

Can I apply for a UK Working Holiday visa while in Italy?

Posted on Sep 10, 2008 in UK Working Holiday, Working Holiday Visa |

The chat sessions would be very valuable for you, if you intend to travel around Europe and you need to obtain several Working Holiday visas. The client below wants to travel to Italy and the UK. She is from New Zealand, and it seems that she need s to go through a lot of planning before she can take the plane to Europe ;). Manesha: Hi Louise. Louise: Hi, how are you? Manesha: You are supposed to apply for your UK working holiday visa from New Zealand. Manesha: You can try contact the British High Commission in Italy and see if they can process it from there for you. They should be able to do this but it is will be more difficult. Manesha: We can get you an Irish working holiday visa. Louise: Okay, sorry. I’ve been trying to sort this all out for some time now … Louise: So to get a UK visa I am going to have to go back to NZ to get it?? Manesha: That is the recommended procedure. The British High Commission recommends you apply from home. How long are you in Italy for? Louise: I know if I apply for an Italian visa, I have to go back to New Zealand to apply, but I was under the impression to get a UK visa I can apply from Australia. I have been living here for nearly 4 years now, but I hold a NZ passport. Manesha: NZ passport holders can apply from Australia and vice versa. Louise: Well, I was going to try get an Italian visa also. Basically I want to travel all over Europe, and work as well. Manesha: Are you currently in Australia? When are you looking to go? Louise: Yes, I‘m currently in Australia, have been here for over three years now. Louise: I‘m planning on leaving end of November … 20 Jan 2009 at the latest. Manesha: I would recommend that you get your UK visa ASAP as it can take a while to get this visa. Louise: Once I get the visa it has to...

Australia Trip Video

Posted on Sep 2, 2008 in Videos |

In the previous video you saw how guys have fun while on working holiday in Australia. Now it’s time to see how girls have fun on their trip Down Under. Living life to the maximum – that what we call it! Working holiday, or just Holiday you won’t regret it! The soundtrack is quite perky :). The first song is by Third Eye Blind, it’s called “Semi-charmed Life“. The second one is a popular hit from the late 50s, it’s called “Shout“. The original is performed by The Isly Brothers, however this is Animal House’s...

Australia Working Holiday Video

Posted on Sep 2, 2008 in Videos |

This is one of the most cheerful videos we have ever seen! It seem a working holiday in Australia can be an experience of a lifetime if you are in the right company. One advice for all of you going Down Under – don’t let go of your...

Apply for second Working Holiday Visa from Australia?

Posted on Aug 23, 2008 in 2 year Australian Working Holiday visa, Australia Working Holiday |

Another question we receive a lot – “Can I apply for a 2nd year Australian Working Holiday visa from Australia or do I need to go home?” The answer here is straightforward – yes, you can apply for your second Australian working holiday visa from both inside and outside of Australia. Usually you don’t need to go home before applying for your extension. Anyhow there are many factors which take place under different circumstances. Sometimes it could be better option to take it after going home. Depending on your long term plans it might be even better to consider other options, a part from the second year Working Holiday Visa in Australia. VisaFirst Client: Hello. Manesha: Hi Joanne, VisaFirst Client: Can I apply for a Working Holiday visa extension from Australia or do I need to go home? Manesha: You can apply from within Australia or from outside, but it is best if you apply from outside of Australia. Manesha: If you apply from within Australia then you may need to get chest x-rays and medicals. VisaFirst Client: OK, if I apply from the UK do I need a medical? Manesha: If you apply after a month from departing Australia then you should not need to. VisaFirst Client: I am trying to get sponsored from a company, or a family member. How close does the family need to be? Manesha: Family member needs to be a direct relative. What is your occupation? Manesha: If you are looking to stay in Australia long term then you should apply from outside of Australia as it is generally a lot faster. VisaFirst Client: Have you any idea what I would need from the UK if a company was to sponsor me. I’m a beauty therapist. Manesha: You need to have formal qualifications and you qualifications will be assessed. VisaFirst Client: My friend said something about signatures from my teachers.  Would it be easier to get a second year working holiday visa, then try get sponsored with the company I’m already working for. Manesha: The easier option is the working holiday visa but...

New Zealand Working holiday visa over 30

Posted on Aug 22, 2008 in New Zealand immigration, New Zealand Working Holiday |

Is there a way to receive New Zealand Working Holiday Visa if you are over 30 years? The short answer is “No, you can’t.“. However that doesn’t necessary mean that you can’t go to New Zealand. Many people doesn’t realize that there are a lot more options to work in New Zealand except the Working Holiday. You can easily obtain either New Zealand skilled migration visa or General Work Visa and get there. Here is real example: One of our visitors had an interesting query about New Zealand Working Holiday visas.  In short the person is interested whether there is a way for him to travel on the Working Holiday Program despite the fact he is 34 years old. As you already read – he is not eligible for the Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand, however he has several alternative options. Please, read down to find out what they are. Veronica: Welcome to the Visa First live chat! How can I help you today? VisaFirst client: I will be traveling to New Zealand for holiday next month and wanted to know if there is a way to qualify for the Working Holiday visa if I am over 30. Veronica: We can help you get a visa through sponsorship or applying for residency. Veronica: Unfortunately you cannot qualify for the Working Holiday visa if you are over 30. VisaFirst client: I don’t really want to apply for residency, I only plan on being there for 6 to 9 months. What would I need to qualify for sponsorship? Veronica: What occupation do you hold? VisaFirst client: I have been in restaurant and retail management for the past 10 years. Veronica: OK, would you by any chance be able to find an employer in New Zealand willing to sponsor you? VisaFirst client: Probably, but not until I arrive there. Would I need to have a sponsor before arriving in New Zealand? Veronica: Unfortunately you will need to find one before arriving in New Zealand VisaFirst client: Would the position have to begin right after arriving in NZ? I was hoping to...

Two australian WHV with dual nationality?

Posted on Aug 8, 2008 in Australia Working Holiday, Working Holiday Visa |

Another interesting question – if you have dual nationality can you get two Australian Working Holiday Visas with each of your nationality (Known as “double dip”)? The answer to this question is – no, you can’t. The only way of getting second year Australian working holiday visa is to meet the conditions of getting one (harvesting/construction work for 3 months in specified regions). Last week we received such query on our Live Chat. The person had already traveled to Australia on a Working Holiday visa about 2 years ago, but for short time. He got the visa using his Irish passport. Now he wants to travel to Australia again. He plans to apply for another Working Holiday visa with his UK passport. Is he able to do so? Let’s see how the conversation went. Daisy: Hi Stephen! Daisy: Were you on working holiday visa in Australia? Stephen: Yes, I got that visa Daisy: This is a one time visa. Daisy: Although you have a different passport. Daisy: Have you done any harvesting/construction work on the first visa? Stephen: Yes, I have surrendered my Irish passport, and taken up my other. No i was only in OZ for two months. Daisy: In this case you are not eligible to apply for another Working Holiday visa. Stephen: Even with a different passport? Daisy: If you are willing to travel and work in Australia. You can try with the Australian Skilled Migration visa or the Sponsorship visa Stephen: OK, many thanks for you help. And here is one great video from the TV Show “Border Control” showing you what might happen if you try to cheat the system and apply for Working Holiday Visa under a second passport: Australian Working Holiday visas are perfect for GAP Year. If you wish to spend some time Down Under after graduating high school, there is no better solution for you. A lot of young people decide to take a year off, before going into college.  If you wish to spend more time (more than 12/24 months), you should consider the Skilled Migration visa. Updated: December...

Can I work more than 6 months?

Posted on Aug 4, 2008 in Australia Working Holiday, Work in Australia |

“Can i work more than 6 months for one employer while on Working Holiday Visa in Australia?” We receive this question a lot. There are many situations when you need to stay for more than 6 months with your employer. Maybe even your employer want you for more. Whatever the reason is – you can not work for the same employer for more than 6 months. In the best case scenario you could request extension of your employment from the Australian Government, anyhow, these extensions are granted under very specific exceptional circumstances. Even then you’ll be allowed to continue your work for less than month! The only workaround is if your employer’s company have branch in another city and you relocate in it. We’ll show you one real-life example on the subject: A client of ours asked us a question regarding his current employment. He is obviously happy with his current employer, thus he would like to work for him a bit more. Here is how the conversation went. Mike: Welcome to the Visa First live chat! How can I help you today? VisaFirst client: Hey – I have been working for almost 6 months in a company and because of the visa status I have to stop after the 6 month period. My boss has offered me another position within the company. Can I take that for another 6 months or must I move on completely? Mike: You can work for that company only if you change offices. For example if you are working in Sydney and the company offers you a work in Perth. VisaFirst client: What if its….a bar..and they offered me position of manager? I can’t take it…and no he’s not willing to sponsor me 🙁 Mike: The working holiday program is designed for young people to travel across Australia. And that is why there is condition for 6 months employment. In order to stay in the same city you will need to change the employer. VisaFirst client: Grand. One more question – If I started on the 8th March, when are my 6 months...

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