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Posted by on Jul 19, 2013 | 1 comment |

Stricter Canadian visa requirements may deter potential immigrants

CACanadian Diplomats have warned that a lot of short term visitors are avoiding Canada because of the very complex temporary visa application procedures. It is true that most of the visitors that cam from US, UK and most of the EU countries do not require Canadian visas, but many others need them. Therefore a lot of people are afraid that overcomplicated visa application rules may damage Canadian trade by encouraging potential businessmen, investor and entrepreneurs to go elsewhere. In order to receive Canadian visa all prospective applicants must fill in form with four sections that contain numerous questions. They must give information about their marriages, previous marriages and about their partners and children, even if the children and partner are not intending to travel to Canada. They are also asked to report on their affiliations to any political party that has ever advocated violence as the means to a political end. The Globe and Mail points out that many western democratic governments have advocated invasion of other countries for political purposes so applicants would have to record their membership of mainstream political parties. In addition to that applicants must state whether they have witnessed ill treatment of civilians. People from some countries are asked about whether they are employed by the local government. There are even such questions as when and how have the applicant’s parents died.

Many critics claim that the application forms ask for a lot of useless information that goes against the common sense. According to them Canada should make its visa application process similar to that of US, so that visitors can apply to visit both countries at once. The number of questions that stands on the application should be reduced drastically.

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1 Comment

  1. Yes if the Canadian government make some change in their visa process their will be a tremendous increase in visitor…………

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