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Travelling Across Australia for the Risk-Takers

Jupiters Casino

Jupiters Casino (photo:tripadvisor)

Do you love heart thumping adrenaline? Would you prefer to go bungee jumping than spend your day by the pool? If this sounds like you then you have to consider taking a trip to Australia. It is that time of year again, when we start looking at where we are going to spend our summer holidays. If, like many of us, you love a holiday that will take you out your comfort zone, then Australia has a wealth of activities that are not for the faint of heart. If you still need a little nudge to make the right decision for you, then here are three amazing things to do in Australia.

1. Try your hand at the high stakes

Australia is not, I’m sure, the first place you would think of when talking about casino destinations, but much like Las Vegas, it has some of the biggest and the best. Australia even has a town in New South Wales that is called Casino – that should give you an indication as to how much they love a good gaming resort.

Jupiters Townsville

Jupiters Townsville (photo:tripadvisor)

If you want to spend your holiday living the life of a high roller, then you should have a look at Jupiters Townsville, set at the edge of the Townsville breakwater. This casino resort, is very similar to those found in Las Vegas; it is decadent and luxurious and offers some of the best, high stakes Poker tables in Australia. It does, of course, house a hotel, bars, restaurants and a spa pool, all alongside the casino – so technically you could spend every day within the resort and never quite see it all. The casino boasts over 300 games machines, slots etc. and a variety of traditional tables for Roulette, Blackjack and Poker – all you do is play, play, and play the night away. It is an adrenaline rush like no other, you just need to spin the wheel and see for yourself.

2. Snowboard in Australia

Yes you did read that correctly, you can going skiing in the Australian heat!  The skiing plains are located between Melbourne and Sydney, perfect if you are planning to stay within one of these cities and they can only be used in the winter months of June – August. Let’s face it, it doesn’t snow a lot in Australia, but when it does, it is the perfect place to ride the slopes. The slopes are aptly named ‘The Snow Fields’, this is because they are exactly that, snow covered fields. Unlike the slopes of in the Alps, there really is only a short window of opportunity for snowboarding, so you really do have to book as early as you can.

Pericher Blue

Pericher Blue (photo:tripadvisor)

There are two main resorts that you can stay in: Perisher Blue and Thredbo. These are both small resorts, so if you are expecting the same as you find in North America, you will not get the community feel. However, what you do get is the chance to ski in the winter sun of Australia, which not many people can say that they have done.

3. Climb to the highest heights

No trip to Sydney would be complete without climbing to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is not for anyone with vertigo, but if you love the freedom that climbing gives you and relish in the feeling of having your heart dropping, then this is the right challenge for you. You will need to have a certain level of fitness in order to complete the climb, it takes approximately 3.5 hours, but longer if you are not as used to hundreds upon hundreds of stairs etc. The total distance is 2KM and safety demonstrations are given before hand, this is not the type of climb for the faint of heart. Remember though, what you will get from this climb is not only a sense of achievement, but also 360 Degree views of Sydney and the land beyond.

Harbor bridge climb

Harbor bridge climb (photo:tripadvisor)

There are 2 climbs that you can take part in – the gentler is the BridgeClimb, which takes you to the top and back down using the stairs and walkways. The second option is the DiscoveryClimb, this does the same thing, but also takes you inside the mechanical workings of the bridge itself. Enjoy whatever you pick!

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