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Posted by on Apr 22, 2014 | 0 comments |

UK Conservative party might lose votes due to its immigration policy

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The UK Conservative Party might lose some of its popularity during the next election due to the fact that its immigration policy is not popular among immigrant voters. According to the national newspaper Guardian the fact that British Citizens that belong to ethnic minorities do not support the Conservative Party might have unintended consequences on the upcoming elections. The conservative party currently attracts only 14% of the immigrant voters due to its aggressive policies on immigration. In constituencies where there are high numbers of ethnic minority voters, particularly British Asians, the opposition Labour Party holds an average lead of 16% over the Conservatives. The reason why Labour Party is more popular is because first-generation immigrants tend to earn less money than their British counterparts and they may prefer the leftist Labour party out of self-interest. At the same time however it is entirely possible that another part of the advantage is due to the fact that the Labour party supports more liberal immigration policies. There was a similar situation in USA during the 2012 elections when the anti-immigration policies of the Republican party alienated many voters from the Hispanic community, which led to the victory for the President Obama over Mitt Romney. Mr Cameron thinks that anti-immigration rhetoric is well-regarded by the general public in UK due to the fact that anti-immigration sentiments in the country ran high since the last general elections in 2010. As a leader of the coalition government he has implemented many policies that are designed to significantly cut the number of the new immigrants coming to the country. In particular, the Coalition has introduced a rule that no British citizen can bring a foreign spouse to live and work with them in the UK unless the British citizen is earning at least £18,600 per year. Many UK citizens who were affected by this policy may not support the Conservatives on the next election.

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