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Posted by on Mar 25, 2013 | 0 comments |

UK imposes restrictions on new immigrants

UK illegal immigrationThe Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron has taken the necessary measures in order to limit the access that new immigrants have to the country’s social benefits. He said that there won’t be any compromise for those, who come to Great Britain only to benefit from the country’s social system. The measures will be applied for everybody whether he comes from the European Union or not. Immigrants will be able to receive unemployment benefits only if they can prove that they are actively searching for a job and that they have realistic chance of finding one. All immigrants will lose their payments in six months if it turns out that they are not looking for a job.

Immigrants will have to wait for five years before being eligible for government housing. In addition to that they will need to have permanent address in UK for at least two years. Furthermore the new rules will put an end of the healthcare tourism as well. All patients will be required to present health insurance before being able to use the public healthcare system.

At the same time there the fines for companies that hire foreigners illegally will be increased to 20 000 pounds. According to Cameron all of the new measures stem from the mistakes that were made when Poland joined EU in 2004. The new rules will prevent incoming migration waves from Bulgarian and Romania, but they will be also applied for Croatian citizens when the country joins EU in July 2013.

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