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Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 | 0 comments |

UK may introduce visa controls for EU nationals

The prime minster of UK David Cameron has given a hint that it is possible that UK introduces curbs on EU migration. Furthermore the UK immigration minister Theresa May stated that the government may hold a review on the UK migration policies. This move will be apart of the UK’s overall strategy to cut the amount of net annual migration from the current levels of 260 000 people per year to tens of thousands annually and will be motivated by the fact that a lot of the new immigrants in UK are actually coming mostly from EU countries such as Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Mrs Theresa May who is looking for a way to reduce the EU immigration for some time said that in case of collapse of the Euro, she is working on plans to introduce some kind of limitations to the movement of EU citizens. Some recent statistics shows that there are around 2,3 million of people from the European Union Living in the United Kingdom in addition to 4,9 million immigrants coming from non-EU countries. Furthermore Theresa May is considering to review the freedom of movement rights of non EU relatives of EU citizens, who want to come to United Kingdom.  In a recent review that she give to the Sunday Times she said “We are looking at the whole area of abuse of the freedom of movement…[The review] will be looking at where the decision making powers are between the EU and the UK how they are operating and what the impact of those are.. That will enable us to have a good evidence base on which to look at these issues.”

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