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Posted by on Sep 19, 2013 | 0 comments |

Vinnie Jones has revealed that he disapproves liberal UK immigration rules

The Hollywood actor and former footballer Vinnie Jones has told in an interview that he disapprove the liberalized immigration rules in UK. He said that he does not anymore recognize UK as being the same place, as in his youth, because it is now an “European country” As a football player Jones was know for his aggressive style of play rather than his skills. He cultivated a “tough man” image which he later used in order to make a career in Hollywood. He was sent off twelve times in his career and was once given a yellow card for violent play after only three seconds of a match. Despite being born in Wales, Jones considers himself a “English-type” footballer. He currently lives in California. In his interview with BBC he revealed that he does not have intention to return back to United Kingdom. He said ‘People say you can get bored of the sunshine in LA. No, you can’t. I play golf six days a week.’ In addition to that Jones said that he believes that football in UK has been ruined by the influx of foreign players and foreign managers. According to him many foreign players cheat often by “diving”, that is they fall down on the ground simulating that a foul play has occurred against them. Jones clearly has a nostalgia for the days when English football was populated by English players who tried manfully to stay on their feet while Jones and the other ‘hard men’ tried, sometimes successfully, to break their legs. In the old days, the only reason why a player would fall down, is that he had been fouled, brutally by a player like Jones usually minding his own business far away from the ball

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