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Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 | 2 comments |

Why you should work in Australia?

Why you should work in Australia

You probably already know what Working Holiday is and how to get Australian working holiday visa. We write about it all the time. However there is one very important question which you probably ask yourself – Why? Why to work in Australia, why to travel in Australia… Why Australia?

Work in Melbourne

Melbourne is the nest city for living in the world for 2012 according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

That is actually very easy question to answer. Everybody talk about global finance crisis, a lot of countries suffer from it, but Australia remained relatively untouched by these negative effects. The extensive reserves of coal iron ore, copper, gold, natural gas, uranium, and renewable energy sources in Australia are attracting a lot of foreign investors and keep the economic in great levels. Also the country is leading tourist destination and its popularity is growing daily. This lead us to several reasons to work in Australia.

Make some serious cash!

Even tough the costs of living in Australia is high (higher than United Kingdom, Ireland and USA for sure) – the pay there is even higher! Australia offer one of the best average salaries in the world. You could easily make some serious cash, often double than your current one. In some job sectors the payment is even higher – one week wage is the same as one month in UK/USA. Even with the higher living costs there you could make as much as triple your average wage. Let’s be honest – this is pretty big reason to work in Australia!

Job opportunities

The unemployment rate in Australia is incredibly low – 5.2% (November 2012). While in other countries there is job shortage (several unemployed workers for one job opening), Australia has skilled workers shortage (more job openings than suitable skilled workers). This shortage gives lot opportunities to find good job with great payment. Even tough there is 6 month restriction for working with the same employer – finding good job twice for year in Australia is much easier than finding job in other countries (including United Kingdom/USA/Ireland). If you seek job in specific area you may have to send a lot of resumes, but if you just want to get job and you are not picky – well, than you shouldn’t worry, there are tons of jobs in retails, street marketing, telemarketing, hospitality and farm jobs (including fruit picking).

Work environment in Australia

Besides the great pay and job opportunities another benefit you’ll get when working in Australia is the great work environment. Australia, generally, provide great work/life balance (except the farm work where you could find yourself working much more than living). Most of the jobs are 9/5, usually the people there are incredibly friendly and they offer great perks (like Friday beer).

Work experience

If you get a job in your field you’ll get great experience working with another point of view. You also get some international work experience, which in any case is a good thing. The fact that you are in new place, new country, all by yourself, gives you great experience and even greater life experience.

Work Experience in Australia

You could gain valuable Work Experience in Australia, no matter what is your job there

Live in one of the greatest cities in the world

Except working for great salary you’ll probably experience living in one of the best cities on the world. This year list for top 10 World’s Most Livable Cities holds 4 Australian cities, with Melbourne on the top!  The Australian cities are filled with great parks, greater beautiful beaches nice public transport, easy navigation… Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, all of them claim “near-perfection”.

Explore the Australian culture

The best part of the Australian working holiday visa is the option to travel across the country whenever you want. Right after you save some money from some of your jobs you could start travelling, exploring the greatness of the country – whenever it is the big city life or the great Australian wilderness. You could even find a job involving some travelling and enjoy the country while gaining some money!


There are many other reasons to work in Australia, but we are sure these are enough to convince you. Great payment, a lot of job opportunities, fantastic environment, stunning nature, the best cities in the world.. what else could you possibly need?


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